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Internet theory and practical


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this complete notes contains 5 power point slide, first 5 give u a practcal information about internet, and another ms word file contains all theory information

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Internet theory and practical

  1. 1. Internet Notes 1 INTERNETINTERNET MEANING:A Network of Network is internet. Network means Communication betweentwo more computers using cables or other media devices like valves,satellite, and other electronic devices. Communication between the people or Nations or Institutions usingany devices like Mobile, Radio, TV, Newspaper etc. is called network.Types of Network 1. LAN – LOCAL AREA NETWORK- Communication Betweencomputers within limited distance.Communication Media: Cable 2. MAN - METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK- CommunicationBetween computers within a city.Communication Media: Telephone Lines or Radio waves 3. WAN - WIDE AREA NETWORK - Communication Between computersacross the world. Communication Media: SatelliteApplication of Network1) Printer Sharing 2) Files Sharing WEBSITES When we open the internet home page you can type the website namein address bar & then click enter button. Then that website will open. Thenyou can search & get the information.Ex. Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,
  2. 2. Internet Notes is a very popular website. It provides all type of information to youabout any matter including any social sciences, history, fashion designing,industry, entertainment, film, sports, computer etc. you can downloadimages, software’s, and other many matters site provides all kind of videos, movies, dance, fights and other culturalprograms.www.dhingana.comThis site will provide all kinds of audioswww.thatskannada.comKannada language is our mother tongue, Karnataka is our state. We are allproud of Kannada. This site provide kannada news Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,
  3. 3. Internet Notes 3www.vishnuvardhan.comVishnuvardhan is legend in kannada film industry, he entered the filmindustry in 1972 with the super duper hit Puttanna kanagal filmNAGARAHAVU , before he acted as a guest role in Vamsha vruksha.He is very smart & action king in film industry. He got the National awardto Muttina hara film & he has acted in other languages like Malayalam,Hindi, telugu & Tamil. Vishnu is my favorite hero.www.naukri.comNaukari website helps you to get the job through the internetThat requires you to update your resume & your qualification& experiancedetails in that website.Job providers check that and they contact with us.www.maruthivishnuvardhan.blogspot.comThis site gives all information about Kannada culture, Cinema, News.Vishnuvardhan and many other things. Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,
  4. 4. Internet Notes 4 WWW.YAHOO.COMYahoo com is very popular email websiteIt’s connecting the peoples with the help of free mails in internet.You can create your own id in and send a free mail to anycompany or person1) HOW TO CREATE YOUR E-MAIL ID?Open yahoo home page after you get 2 options 1) Sign up (create new email id) 2) Sign in “Sign up” is used create new mail “Sign in” is used to open existing mail If you want to create a new mail click on “Sign Up” or “create new mail id”  (after you getting one form (like a application form))Feed your information is requiredEX: Name, address, date of birth etc.Give the yahoo ID (example: - the secret password ******Retype the secret password******Select the security question example: what is your pet’s name?Your answer Ex: LionType the code shownDou you agree  Create my account  Congratulations maruthi… continue…Next go to inbox. Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,
  5. 5. Internet Notes 52) HOW TO SEND THE MAIL?Open your yahoo mail, next click on COMPOSE (or click on NEW)Type the to Address  & subject  application for the suitable jobType the message in mail boxIncase you want to send attachments click on Attach FilesBrowse -select the file  attach files  the following file has been attached to yourmail  Continue to message  continue to message  Send.Message sent sent to Chatting Chatting is when we are enter in intenet we send our wishes & greetings to internet friends using signs or short form letters. We are using different signs to expressing our happy, sorrow, angry, love &affection; Most users used this one entertainment. Software used for chatting:  Yahoo messenger  India times messenger  msn messengers  MIRC etc. Options: Create your chatting ID same like yohoo mail creation Messenger yahoo chat Join room Select chatting type Type the messages & send Short cuts used for chatting: :) - Smile :( - Sad Asl - Age, sex, location Ur - Your Ctc - Care to chat Pls/plz - Please B4 - Before Gtg - Got to go Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,
  6. 6. Internet Notes 6 Thnx - Thanks :-p - laughing Ic - I see Wht? - What? Bcoz - Because Oic - Oh! I ce Multimedia “Media” means a tool which used to communicating between the peopleor Nations, Institutions etc. its provide all type of information to whom dowant to know about that. Ex: News paper, Radio, TV, Internet, Mobile etc. How to open the movie in computer?Insert the Movie cd in cd drive  My Computer  CD rom  MPEGAV - avseqo 1  right click  open with  windows media player  ok. DVD films My ComputerDVD Video  Video TS VTS 0001right click and play. 6) How to play the Games? Insert the game cd  than open it  play Or Use Computer stored games to play Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,
  7. 7. Internet Notes 7This notes can be downloaded from Internet, websiteid is*************It’s not ending now starting************** Maruthi K.B.,Mob:9008435923,