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Kerry poet (1)

  1. 1. The Psychology of Everyday Things April 5, 2013 Kerry Phillips Sink FaucetsYou’re visiting a friend and helping to make dinner.First you need to wash your hands. You are anintelligent adult, so this should be easy. But if yourfriend has decided to dress up her kitchen with a fancynew sink faucet this could be more difficult than youhad imagined.Since we all use sinks every day we have a conceptualmodel for how we expect a faucet to work. You turn onthe water and turn the handle to the desiredtemperature. Yet these advances in faucet technologydon’t always work that way. Checkout.jpgNow you can find a faucet that you touch the faucet toturn it on. It might be normal to find a no touch faucet ina public restroom, but you can now find the sensor Self Check Outtechnology in a private home as well. Just looking at a Nowadays many grocery stores allow customersfaucet, with a sleek new design, does not indicate how to check themselves out, or to ring up their ownit is to be used. purchases. This is a great idea! If you have just a few items you can get yourself through the lineWithout a visible handle with the hot and cold sign with much faster and be on your way.directional indications, a simple task of washing yourhands could seem near impossible. Or it is great in theory and sometimes in practice, but it is not entirely “self” guided.While these new types of faucets attempt to make lifeeasier, by going against our conceptual model of how a When these lanes were developed there had to befaucet should work, our lives are a little bit more some features in place to protect the store fromconfusing. theft. Sensors in the bagging section is one. Once you scan your item you are to put it in the bag, and do it fast or you might get yelled at. Oh and don’t try to move things around because that will get you scolded by the machine as well. The system recognizes the weights of the items and if the weight doesn’t match then it is determined that you are trying to steal something from the store. This might be the case but there could be other reasons. Other issues arise when the scanner doesn’t pick up the code or you can’t find your produce on the list of items from which you can choose. Often times your solution for getting out of the store quick, backfires. faucet-nickel-brushed-finish-f0814s.jpg