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Weather and climate


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Weather and climate

  1. 1. Weather and Climate Md. Marufur Rahman Dept. of Disaster Science and Management University of Dhaka Lecture 2
  2. 2. Weather Weather is the day to day state or condition of atmosphere, it generally range from minute to week Atmospheric condition/state in weather is described by temperature, precipitation, humidity, air pressure, cloudiness, visibility, wind speed and direction etc All this phenomenon is called elements of weather
  3. 3. Climate Climate is average weather condition, measures calculating 30-40 years of data. The elements of weather and climate are same: temperature, precipitation, humidity, air pressure, cloudiness, visibility, wind speed and direction etc So, main difference between weather and climate is time. one describe short term atmospheric conditions other based on long term average of weather conditions
  4. 4. Paleoclimate Relating to or being a climate distinctive to a past geological age first use of the word paleoclimate is in 1893. A science dealing with the Climate of past is called Paleoclimatology -Merriam- Webster Study of the past climate prior to the instrument records. Good weather records extend back only about 130-150 years. Natural records of climate is studied to reconstruct past climate which is called proxy data.
  5. 5. Paleoclimate 1. Tree Ring Record 2. Pollen Study 3. Fossil And Rocks 4. Ice Cores 5. Isotope Study 6. Coral Reefs 7. Sediment Cores
  6. 6. Tree Ring Study
  7. 7. Ice Cores study for Climate Research
  8. 8. Why we study paleoclimate? Law’s of Uniformitarianism “The Present is the Key to Past” -James Hutton (1726-1797) The Past is the key to future
  9. 9. Paleoclimate Study of paleoclimate give ideas about past climate and how past climate turn in to present. Studying how the atmosphere has changed over the history help scientists to understand how our current climate may changed in future. And it also help to predict future change in the atmosphere/climate due to human activities
  10. 10. Weather and Climate Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get -Time Enough for Love – 1973 by Robert A.Heinlein⃰ Climate last all the time and weather only a few days -Mark Twain⃰ ⃰ Weather tell us what to wear on any given day, climate tell us what wardrobe to have Robert A.Heinlein was a American science fiction writer and was most influential and controversial one and was sometimes called dean of science fiction writer⃰ Mark Twain (1835-1910) was a famous American author and humorist⃰ ⃰
  11. 11. Weather VClimate Weather 1. Weather is day to day state or condition of atmosphere in a specific time in a specific place. 2. Weather consist of short term variations in the atmosphere (Minutes to days) Climate 1. Climate is average condition of weather over a long period of time in a specific area 2. Climate consist of long term average weather condition generally 30-40 years (of data analysis)
  12. 12. Weather VClimate Weather 3. Weather can change in between short time even in an hour or less 4. Weather consist of temperature, precipitation, humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility, wind speed and direction etc. Climate 3. Climate changes very slowly and take years 4. Climate also consist of similar elements including temperature, precipitation, humidity, visibility, wind speed and direction etc
  13. 13. Weather VClimate Weather 5. Weather generally cover small area than Climate. In a given time weather of two area may different although having similar climate 6. Study of weather is called Meteorology Climate 4. Climate cover larger area than weather. In monsoon season Dhaka may enjoy heavy rainfall but Comilla have sunny sky although both place have same climate but different weather. 5. Study of climate is called Climatology
  14. 14. Thank You
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