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Palma de mallorca


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Palma de Mallorca

Published in: Education
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Palma de mallorca

  1. 1. Palma de Mallorca By Juani T,G,Clemen,Facu and Santi
  2. 2. Shopping 🛍
  3. 3. Yachts In Mallorca to rent a yacht is very expensive but it worth’s the fight.
  4. 4. The climate The climate in Mallorca is usually really hot 🛍 but in winter usually weather cools out a bit.
  5. 5. The beach The beaches at Mallorca most of them have a ticket of 20 Euros 💶 but you can use that for “El Chiringuito” or in restaurants.
  6. 6. Streets In Mallorca you don’t usually have streets like in B.A
  7. 7. Location Mallorca belongs to a group of islands called “Baleares”.
  8. 8. Food They used to eat shrimp 🍤,crabs,lobsters and fish 🐟
  9. 9. Thank u For watching