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My oral presentation


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Board Sports

Published in: Education
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My oral presentation

  1. 1. Joaco’s oral presentation Hello, my name is Joaco and this is my oral presentation about board sports
  2. 2. The first Board Sport was definitely Surfing. The Polynesians guys from Tahiti invented this new sport. They were surfing on pieces of wood that were used to make canoes. Without doubts, Kelly Slater is the best surfer of the history. He won the World Surf Championship eleven times. Surfing
  3. 3. Skateboarding Thank to the surfers a new sport was born. They decided to take surfing to the streets. The first skateboarders were surfers who practiced their surfing skills going down hills and empty swimming pools. Tony Hawk is the bettest skater of the history. He was born in USA and won the first X Games Competition at 1995.
  4. 4. Snowboarding From water to land and finally to snow, the surfers conquered all types of land by inventing snowboarding. In 1965, Sherman Poppen made a toy “Snurfer” for his daughter by attaching two skis together to make the skis feel more like surfing. Without Knowing it, he invented Snoweboarding. Shaun White is considered the best snowboarder of the world.
  5. 5. A lot of Variations Board Sports are all around the World. Here are the list of all the different types of board sports: •Surfing •Windsurfing •Kiteboarding •Bodyboarding •Paddleboarding •Wakeboarding •Skimboarding •Riverboarding •Flowboarding •Skateboarding •Longboarding •Snakeboarding •Carveboarding •Castorboarding •All-terrain Windsurfing •Mountainboarding •Snowboarding •Sandboarding •And the future of board sport: Hoverboarding from the movie “Back to the future”
  6. 6. By my own way, I invented a new board sport: Board remote control car (If this video doesn’t work, please open direct from pendrive ) 20160522_170542.mp4
  7. 7. Thank you very much for your attention Joaco