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Eclipse presentation by luchi castagnino las cumbres_april 2017


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oral presentation

Published in: Education
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Eclipse presentation by luchi castagnino las cumbres_april 2017

  1. 1. ECLIPSE
  2. 2. An eclipse occurs when in their orbits the sun, the moon and the earth form a line.
  3. 3. There are two kinds of eclipses:
  4. 4. SOLAR ECLIPSE The moon comes in between the earth and the sun, causing a shadow on the earth.
  5. 5. SOLAR ECLIPSE The moon is smaller than the sun, so it can only be seen where the shadow of the moon falls.
  6. 6. SOLAR ECLIPSE There are three kinds of eclipses:
  8. 8. LUNAR ECLIPSE The earth comes in between the moon and the sun, blocking the sun´s light from the moon.
  9. 9. LUNAR ECLIPSE The rays of the sun are made up of:
  10. 10. • Eclipse is the greek word for downfall • A solar eclipse takes place 2 weeks before or after a lunar eclipse • You should NEVER watch a solar eclipse with bare eyes • The longest a total solar eclipse can last is 7 and a half minutes TRIVIA TIME