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Da Vinci


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my oral presentation

Published in: Education
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Da Vinci

  1. 1. LEONARDO DI SER PIERO DA VINCI By lucia garcia llano
  2. 2. LEONARDO DA VINCI • Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci was born in 1452 April the 15th in Anchiano Republic of Florencia. • And he died in 1519 May the 2nd with 67 years old in Clos - Luce’s castle (France). • He lived during florenting renaissance • He was called the “Renaissance Man”. • He was a polyimath, that means that he was many things at the same time like:
  3. 3. Painter: His three most famous paintings are ”La Gioconda”, ”La Ultima Cena”, and the “Sixtine Chapel”. PAINTER
  4. 4. ANATOMIST  Anatomist: He did not publish anatomy studies but did study a lot human bodies sketches. And compared anatomy.
  5. 5. ARCHITECTE Architecte: he studied architecture and made great contribution on urbanism
  6. 6. INVENTOR AND ENGENEER  Inventor: he was a great inventor. He invented things as parachute, hellicopter, bike, a fliying machine, sandals, tennis racket and the crossbow.
  7. 7. BOTANICS Botanic: He loved to sketches of the plant and animal and respected for the works of nature, he used these for preparing a larger painting or observing nature.
  8. 8. SCULPTOR Sculptures: The David, The Piedad, Horses and more
  9. 9. WRITER  Leonardo’s famous mirror writting: he wrote with a special kind of shorthand that he invented himself, he also mirrored his writing, starting at the right side of the page and moving to the left.
  10. 10. POEMS • Secrets of March 2 My love: Today I woke up happy because I know you have not forgotten that my mouth kissed your mouth, that my hands traveled your shy cereal waist, knocking down all the dreams, all the seas, all the times. Nobody knows that you exist. Nobody knows that I love you. No one knows that you love me. Just the birds are witnesses of our love. Nobody knows that I am yours, I love you body and soul, because I need to love you so that our love does not die. To taste the flavor of your fruit, feel the perfume of your body I have returned to life. But nobody knows that I love you. Oh darling! Nobody knows what I love your smile, your nails, your feet, your voice, your waist, Your ears, your eyes, your breasts, your hair, All your body
  11. 11. MUSICIAN Mucician: He made beautifull melodys with instruments that he invented . Here are 2 instrument sketches and 1 of his melodys.
  12. 12. SCIENCE Scientist: At age 17, Leonardo Da Vinci went to become an apprentice of painting with Verrochio in Florence. There he realized his love for science. He used science in his paintings and he studied the nature around him. He sketched much of the world around him, and studied rock formations, caves and fossils. He had a great impact on society after he died. One of his great contributions was that he started the Scientific Revolution.
  13. 13. PALEONTOLOGIST AND PHYLOSOFIST Paleontologist: One of his interests was the study of fossils. He studied the fossils, and investigated mollusk shells and corals. Phylosofist: He seemed to have the intuity faculty of prediciting future, because all of his invents and studies were used and proved lots of years later
  14. 14. HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!!!