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oral presentation

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. hurricane by ines fernandez calvo this are four hurricanes this is this is hurriacane hurriacane maria irma
  2. 2. this is this is hurricane hurricane katrina wilma
  3. 3. how hurricanes are made? Hurricanes form when a series of thunderstorms accumulate and move over warm ocean waters. In the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern Pacific they are called hurricanes, in the Bay of Bengal and in the Indian Ocean they are known as cyclones
  4. 4. hurricane I was in a hurricane in Miami Florida with my family we went by car to Naples but also the hurricane arrived. I went to Alabama afterwards when we returned to Florida, It was 20 hours by car and everything was quite destroyed
  5. 5.   this is the patricia hurricane is one of the strongest hurricanes in the world It was when the pole thundered. "Emiliano Zapata is in the region where the eye of the hurricane entered the continent, a coastal strip on the border between Jalisco and Colima, Patricia still arrived as a Category 5 hurricane in the Saffir Simpson scale, with winds greater than 300 kilometers per hour.
  6. 6. the most dangerous place of a hurricane The wall of the eye: it is the most dangerous part of the storm. It is the only area where the winds of the total force of the hurricane will be found, or the maximum sustained winds. ... These winds are still dangerous, but they are not the worst of the storm
  7. 7. t​his is the wave of a hurricane
  8. 8. thanks for watching it here I leave a video Hurricane | Cyclone | Typhoon video for kids