Out comes of democracy


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Out comes of democracy

  1. 1. Democracy is a better form of governmentIt is better than dictatorshipIt gives equality to all its citizensIt upholds the dignity of the individualIt improves the quality of decision making because deliberatediscussions takes place before any decision is taken.Makes provision for resolving conflicts
  2. 2. Democratic government are accountable to the people•Elected by the people•Starts overlooking the interests of the people•Is more concerned about the opinion, needs and e expectation of the citizens
  3. 3. Democratic governments are less affectiveDecisions are taken without much discussion and are implemented very quickly but they forget that these decisions are actually imposed on the people.It is right that decision making process is slow but democracy is based on idea of negotiation and deliberation. So details are inevitable.
  4. 4. Political out come of democracyIt is in the form of decentralization of power Divided from lower levels to higher levels
  5. 5. Economic outcome of democracyEconomic equality should be removed from the society.Economic problem that exist in the country l like unemployment, poverty tc. Country cannot persist if these problems are persist.Provide services like food, clothing , health education to remove economic disparity.
  6. 6. Social outcomes of democracyAll the citizens of the country should be given Social justice,No discrimination with any one on the basis of caste creed religion gender
  7. 7. Transpeacancy in democracyNorms and procedure are followed in decision making Citizens has right to know any information regarding the functioning of the government.Has the right to exam ion the decision making process
  8. 8. Various characters of democracyRule of the people Principle of equality Rule of majority Interest of the people
  9. 9. Reasons for preferring democracyIt is based on the public opinion It is based on principle of the qualityResponsible governmentStrong and efficient government
  10. 10. Outcomes can be expected from democracyEconomic equality Decentralization of power Active judiciarySocial justice