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Martin J. Pitasi
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Martin J. Pitasi

Staff Consultant
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   Designed and built the Te...
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Chronological Senior Mechanical Packaging Engineer Resume1 1


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Detailed Chronological Resume

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Chronological Senior Mechanical Packaging Engineer Resume1 1

  1. 1. Martin J. Pitasi 978-463-9495 (O) 42 Middle Road 978-270-1407 (M) Newbury, MA 01951 SUMMARY An accomplished, hands-on, Senior Mechanical Engineer with over 15+ yrs. of experience in designing and developing solutions to challenging, mechanical, and thermal-mechanical packaging requirements. A seasoned individual contributor with a broad background in engineering fundamentals who iterates solutions based on hand calculations/FEA studies and empirical validation techniques. A results-oriented listener, speaker, and presenter who collaborates with teams and individuals to deliver cost- effective solutions. TECHNICAL SKILLS Engineering Manager Thermal Management RF/Microwave Structures Proposals & Reports Heat Transfer Materials Failure Analysis System Architect Refrigeration FEA & CFD Analyst Inventor Packaging Heat Exchangers Test Validation Microsoft Office EXPERIENCE Owner/Senior Mechanical Engineer HTE Associates, Inc., Newbury, MA 1999-Present Introduced a state-of-the art liquid cooling technology that established a competitive advantage in system power, weigh, and size-BAE Led a BAE packaging team in developing a 1200w, 6Ux160mm PA/BF RF/Microwave module and its 52kw system design for an advanced avionics radar proposal Managed the ProE exploratory packaging effort for a Novel airborne Phased Array Radar system using VITA, VME, and COTs products and specifications-BAE Investigated the packaging viability of integrating GaN RF amplifier technology with POLYSTRATA microwave hardware using ANSYS-BAE Matured the cryogenic cooling design of a novel airborne laser proof-of-concept proposal that resulted in a funded proof-of-concept contract Pioneered and developed the methodology of high efficiency, low cost, pumped- refrigerant cooling systems used for precision thermal control. Formulated the design of miniature surface-to-refrigerant heat exchangers that demonstrated a cooling effectiveness in excess of 800 watt per square centimeter Designed, built, and tested prototypes for 10kw computer system, 400w computer on a chip, and 800w per square centimeter electro-optical coolers, etc. Designed, built, instrumented, and calibrated a one-of-its-kind two-phase test bench used for validating design concepts. Collaborated between sales, engineering, and customer to facilitate a multi-million dollar international sale of Teradyne‟s advanced 2½”disk drive testers. Assessed the cooling capacity of a disk drive factory; designed and managed a plan to increasing its capacity from 400 tons to 1600 tons. Supported Teradyne‟s operations team in bring up the first on-site system. Concurrently, identifying cost down mechanical packaging opportunities in excess of $1M.
  2. 2. Page 2 of 5 Martin J. Pitasi Staff Consultant Cadence Design, Chelmsford, MA 1995-1998 Assessed customer needs and facilitated contract negotiations. Technical/marketing advisor during pre-sales round-table discussions and negotiations Expert in the use of Cadence‟s DF/Thermax tool set. Spearheaded Cadence/Alcatel international physical hardware performance engineering team delivering As-Is assessment and To-Be proposal efforts. Facilitated the sale of a million dollar Cadence design tool Project Manager/Individual Contributor Hewlett-Packard/Apollo, Chelmsford, MA 1988-1995 Provided thermal design consulting services to internal and external customers Coached, developed, and supervised five direct reports and eight indirect reports. Managed risks and exposures, and initiated solutions to meet high-speed computer designs for commercial and harsh/hazardous military environments including RF. Used HP “Hardware System Product Life Cycle” specification to deliver mechanical packaging hardware system designed within budget, and on schedule. Consultant to R&D senior management teams to plan, budget, and schedule system packaging. Built, managed, and led cross-functional teams in power, cooling, acoustics, mechanical, regulatory (EMI), marketing, and manufacturing phases. Developed partnerships with organizations and vendors to ensure optimized delivery practices Created mechanical packaging concepts for HP/Apollo Series 710, 720, 750, and J100/9000 (Navy) workstation product lines Anticipated future cooling needs and developed long-term cooling strategies for high–speed electronics. Standardized thermal/acoustic test verification procedure Streamlined application for Pacific Numerix's “PCB EXPLORER” thermal analyzer (MCAD) and Flomerics flow analysis software (CFD) tools. Project Manager/Individual Contributor Teradyne, Inc., Boston, MA 1979-1988 Managed the development of lower cost high-speed thermal-mechanical packaging solutions Reviewed and made recommendations on variety of operational issues Reduced manufacturing cost of critical mechanism by 84%. Designed and developed a 7kw-refrigeration cooling system enabling the development of an advanced ATE board test system. Delivered solutions in the areas of mechanisms, materials, air conditioning and refrigeration, and pressure/vacuum systems Developed cooling concepts, performed feasibility studies, supervised the design, fabrication, and evaluation of ATE VSLI in circuit and functional board test systems. Provided thermal design support to PCB designers. Air cooling of PCB dissipating 400w was successfully managed at low velocities. Conceived and evaluated a highly effective, low profile, low velocity CPGA heat exchanger and CPGA/heat exchanger interface, in conjunction with AMD packaging engineers.
  3. 3. Martin J. Pitasi Page 3 of 5 Designed and built the Teradyne heat transfer laboratory that included instrumentation, data reduction hardware and software, and test automation hardware. Senior Mechanical Engineer American Science and Engineering, Cambridge, MA 1974-1979 Designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated passive and active thermal control systems required by High Energy Astronomy Observatory satellite systems (HEAO Missions 1 and 2). Responsible for correlating test and analytical data needed to establish accurate multi-mode computer models that represented the final flight hardware configurations. Developed, generated, and verified design, fabrication and installation specifications to ensure desired end-item thermal performance. Supervised the thermal vacuum testing of payloads, including the development of test procedures and instrumentation techniques. Coordinated thermal data with customers and subcontractors to ensure meaningful data flow between all contractual interfaces. Monitored post-launch thermal performance and developed rationale to determine basis for any observed thermal anomalies. Designed, developed, and evaluated thermal mechanical sub-systems, such as low heat transfer hinges, aspect sensor light shades, distortion free support brackets, and material interfaces. Designed, developed and evaluated state-of-the –art flat plate solar collectors, line collectors, and point collectors. Mechanical Engineer Raytheon Missile Systems Division, Bedford, MA 1966-1974 Designed, implemented, and evaluated advanced airborne phased array radar system. Duties included conduction and convection cooling of electronics packages at the component and system levels. Performed FEA thermal evaluation using radiation, convection, and conduction heat transfer for transient and steady state problems. Acted as field support and trouble shooter of various missile and ground support radar cooling systems. Developed, fabricated and evaluated test systems for simulating thermal nuclear pulses, and evaluating advanced airborne phase array radar antenna hardware models. Managed thermal test laboratory and performed tests to confirm design studies. Supervised scheduling, manpower loading, scheduling, and cost estimations for contracts and proposal efforts. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA Leadership in a Systems Organization, Hewlett Packard, Chelmsford .MA Management Time, Packard, Chelmsford .MA Project Management Fundamentals, Hewlett Packard, Chelmsford .MA Decker Presentation Skills, Decker Communications Inc, Chelmsford .MA Constructive Contention, The Bay Group, Chelmsford. Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS), ASME, Newbury, MA
  4. 4. Martin J. Pitasi Page 4 of 5 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS PUBLICATIONS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Thermal Design and Performance of Two-Phase Meso-Scale Heat Exchanger, Proceedings of the Heat Transfer Conference, Paper HT2005-727431 Pumped Liquid Multi Phase Cooling, Proceedings of the IMECE Conference, Paper IMEC2004-606691 DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY Ballistic Missile Innovative Radar and RF Products, Phase1 SBIR topic No MDA03- 052 HEWLETT-PACKARD A System Thermal Design Procedure, Proceedings of the Electronics Packaging and Manufacturing Conference. Testing for ASIC Thermal Characteristics, Proceedings of the Design Technology Conference MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Optimization of a PIN Fin Array Compact Heat Exchanger, Master of Science thesis advisor PHOTO-OPTICAL INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERS A Flat Plate Multiple Pass Solar Collector Using Aqueous Optical Properties, vol. 161 A Parabolic Solar Reflector for Accurate and Economical Productivity, vol. 161 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING Infrared and Thermal Evaluation of a Phased Array Antenna, Vol. XXIX, No. 9 material evaluation PATENTS 5,293,930 - Pumped Liquid Cooling System Using a Phase Change Refrigerant 6,519,955 - Pumped Liquid Cooling System Using a Phase Change Refrigerant 6,508,301 - Cold Plate Utilizing Fin with Evaporative Refrigerant 5,293,930 - High Efficiency ASIC Surface-to-Air Heat Exchanger 4,482,269 - Ceramic/Metallic Air-to-Surface Pin Fin Heat Exchanger
  5. 5. Martin J. Pitasi Page 5 of 5 RECOMMENDATIONS Barbara Hazard, Regional Sales Manager, Flomerics (business partner) was with another company when working with you “Martin Pitasi has a vast experience base designing electronics cooling solutions for a wide variety of applications.” December 29, 2008 Joe Wrinn, VP, Teradyne (colleague) managed you “I have know Martin Pitasi for over 25 years. In that time, Marty has worked on the most complex thermal problems I had. Our most recent project together involved working on a large, 125 KW system that required precise, distributed thermal control. This system was also going to be deployed in large numbers at our customer's facility. Marty was invaluable in getting our system done to spec and on time. He has great knowledge in the thermal area as well as excellent connections in the local fabrication infrastructure. In addition, Marty worked with our customer on sizing their factory cooling infrastructure for accepting the large number of high power systems they ordered. It is rare you find someone with the experience in thermal design and the work ethic that Marty has. If we face similar problems in the future, I will be back on the phone to Marty.” January 14, 2009 From: Villaume Associates LLC [] Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 3:57 PM To: Marty Pitasi Subject: REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR MARTIN PITASI We have dealt with Martin Pitasi professionally for more than fifteen years in a number of different roles or capacities. He has proven himself to be not only very competent and innovative as a mechanical engineer but an exceptional „good hands‟ person. This is a less and less common trait for members of the engineering profession. In the final analysis our designs have to work well and reliably for exceptionally long periods of time. As beautiful as computerized simulations can be they are not working products. „Hands-on‟ analytical skills are the final check and Mr. Pitasi‟s skills in this area are, in my experience, without peer. His in-depth skills and vast experience allow him to get to the heart of a problem quickly and offer a solution that is very practical and in almost every case the most cost effective. Mr. Pitasi‟s professional skills in the mechanical engineering field are very broad clearly demonstrating broad knowledge beyond the fixed boundaries of a mechanical engineer. He has maintained his professional inquisitiveness into most of the related topics that would be peripherally interesting to a practicing mechanical engineer such as materials and the metallurgical problems that fringe on our projects. Mr. Pitasi is a very challenging, interesting and accomplished-engineering associate. Henry F. Villaume Peter A. Villaume Villaume Associates, LLC Pox 97 Intervale NH 03845 603-867-3172 HFV 603-785-7383 PAV 603-356-6577 fax