Get Above The Fold - How to Build a Customer List Through your Website


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Get Above The Fold - How to Build a Customer List Through your Website

  1. 1. How to Build a Customer List Through Your Website
  2. 2. How to download this presentation A pdf guide that may also be of interest How to Build a Customer List Through Your Website Google Local Search Listings: Get Your Red Balloon Listed First on the Google Map Download here: Download here:
  3. 3. Permission v Interruption Cold calling Direct mail Telemarketing TV Advertising Email marketing opt-in Social media Search engine Viral videos New v Old
  4. 4. Gaining Permission A tick box “opting-in” to the newsletter
  5. 5. How E-mail Marketing compares 69% plan to increase spend on Email marketing
  6. 6. Build Your List: Offer a free product Free digital product as a taster
  7. 7. Build Your List: Subscribe to a Service Objective is to upsell products
  8. 8. Build Your List: Hold Webinars
  9. 9. Build Your List: Publicise Offers Amazon Offer
  10. 10. Build Your List: Polls and Surveys Vote for Your Nations Favourite Sweet
  11. 11. Build Your List: Newsletters
  12. 12. Build Your List: Include Opt-ins On visiting the Contact Us Page, get them to opt-in
  13. 13. Information to Collect Field How it is Used First Name (John) Dear John, Last Name (Smith) Dear John Smith, Mobile Number Database for Text Marketing Email Address Database for Email Marketing Preferences Relevancy - Filter the list of email recipients
  14. 14. Email Marketing Solutions Mailchimp Easy to use and free for up to 500 subscribers Simple guides worth watching >> Customer Relationship Management (CRM) More comprehensive solution. Includes an email marketing module Knowledge centre on CRM >> Plug In Solution >>
  15. 15. Relevant = High Open Rates Increased Relevance Increased Open Rates Spam News letter Sent to filtered List Regist ration Auto Email 1 Auto Email 1 Auto Email 2 Auto Email 3
  16. 16. Elements of a Good Newsletter Call to Action Link Personal style My name Catchy Subject Recognised address Short paragraphs Subject relevant to body Key message “above the fold”
  17. 17. Where Social Media fits Using permission marketing, build a following Then persuade your following to sign up
  18. 18. Text Marketing – an alternative Testimonials for the SMileS text service “ I urge all businesses to collect customer' mobile phone numbers and use them to keep in touch by text message” Ed Ryder – Chartered Marketer & Managing Director of Biskit “ I wasn't convinced text messaging would work, but spent £59 and got £4,000 worth of business. Great return” Mike Oller – Carpets Direct “ A simple but highly effective communication tool to get our message across to our customers – at the end of the day, everyone reads their texts!” Kim Binns – Spectacular Driveways
  19. 19. Get Started Now. We can set-up, manage and deliver your email marketing