Get Above The Fold~Grab Their Attention In 10 Seconds Understand How Visitors Read Web Pages


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Get Above The Fold~Grab Their Attention In 10 Seconds Understand How Visitors Read Web Pages

  1. 1. Grab Their Attention in 10 Seconds: Understand How Visitors Read Web Pages
  2. 2. How to download this presentation A pdf guide that may also be of interest Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn: Why Should I Bother With Social Media? Google Local Search Listings: Get Your Red Balloon Listed First on the Google Map Download here: Download here:
  3. 3. The F shape rule Heatmap showing strength of viewing About Page Product Page Google Results © Jakob Nielsen 2006
  4. 4. Key messages to the left 69% of time spent viewing left side of a webpage
  5. 5. 79% of visitors will scan your page Scannable text <ul><li>Punchy title to draw in the visitor
  6. 6. Compelling opening summary – retain interest
  7. 7. Inverted pyramid approach – key facts first
  8. 8. Highlighted keywords
  9. 9. Sub-headings acting as signposts
  10. 10. Bullet lists and images – break up text shape
  11. 11. Use precise numbers – focal points in a scan
  12. 12. One idea per paragraph
  13. 13. Half the word count of conventional writing </li></ul>
  14. 14. Example of a scannable page Keyword in title Inverted pyramid Bullets and exercise sheet break up text Informative subheading Short paragraphs Use of numbers
  15. 15. Not everyone scans, 16% “plough” Lower literacy users will read word for word
  16. 16. Teenagers – low attention span Use lots of images and very concise text
  17. 17. Show numbers as numerals Eyetracking studies show that Users scanning a webpage fixate on numerals Absolute numbers represent facts. Visitors scan for facts. “2004” is better than “two thousand and four” “2004” is better than “around 2000”
  18. 18. Know your audience Who are you targetting?
  19. 19. Get Above the Fold Most visitors spend time browsing above the fold The fold 80% 20%
  20. 20. Key messages above the fold Are your “Calls to Action” above the fold / scroll for all browser sizes?
  21. 21. Browsers give different views Get you key message seen in all browsers Use to check
  22. 22. Users only give you 10 seconds waiting... waiting... Slow loading means the visitor will go elsewhere
  23. 23. Web pages would make scanning easier Only use .pdfs for downloads
  24. 24. Will your own website grab their attention in 10 seconds? If you need help in your website usability, or for more help, visit our website: