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Get Above The Fold - Why Should I Bother With Social Media


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When should you bother with Facebook, Twitter & Facbook?

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Get Above The Fold - Why Should I Bother With Social Media

  1. 1. Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn: Why Should I Bother with Social Media?
  2. 2. How to download this presentation A pdf guide that may also be of interest Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn: Why Should I Bother With Social Media? Google Local Search Listings: Get Your Red Balloon Listed First on the Google Map Download here: Download here:
  3. 3. Imagine you write a column in the newspaper. And there is a “Follow” button at the end Which some readers will click Because they want to hear more of you Imagine you read a fantastic article And there is a “Follow” button at the end Which you click Because you want to hear more of them Move this online and you have Social Media Social media – it's nothing new
  4. 4. Balancing personal & professional <ul><li>Don't mix business & personal accounts
  5. 5. Don't hide information
  6. 6. Show your quirkiness
  7. 7. Reconcile your identities
  8. 8. Social media is about people connecting with people. Your true personality will come out. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Social media applications It's not just Twitter & Facebook
  10. 10. Build your customer list Build a following. Direct them to website. Add email & contact details to your customer list. “ Following” Customer Contact Details
  11. 11. Acquiring customers
  12. 12. I used to “network” in my local pub Pubs are closing. Why? Maybe because we spend time in Facebook groups? 332,000 followers
  13. 13. “My business is all word of mouth!” “Word of mouth” is increasingly done online Twitter “mention” Facebook “Like”
  14. 14. Yellow Pages? Save your money Google Local Search is preferred nowadays Emphasis now on getting lots of good reviews Unlike Yellow Pages, it costs nothing!
  15. 15. The power of video Google loves YouTube Promoted easily on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Costs nothing to do Use Viral videos – millions of page views very quickly >> Face to face or walk through guides
  16. 16. Create your own survey online Use alternative forms of social media to reach out to new prospects.
  17. 17. Get quality market research Facebook – free insight on followers Research that used to cost £000's
  18. 18. Loads of free market intelligence Create alerts for words to track when mentioned In news, websites and blogs
  19. 19. Set up autofeeds to post once Tools: & Tweet!
  20. 20. Don't miss the boat! He's waiting for a telegram
  21. 21. 90% who read this will probably do nothing. Be the exception and take action now. If you can't figure out the best social media for your business, we can help.