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Get Above The Fold - SEO For Beginners


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A basic guide on SEO

Published in: Technology, Business
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Get Above The Fold - SEO For Beginners

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners
  2. 2. How to download this presentation A pdf guide that may also be of interest Search Engine Optimisation For Beginners Google Local Search Listings: Get Your Red Balloon Listed First on the Google Map Download here: Download here:
  3. 3. Optimising to win 1. Searches in Demand 2. Little Competition 3. High Relevance 4. Searching to Buy 5. At the Right Time Know which keywords work A “keyword” is what someone types into Google
  4. 4. It's just like Fishing Find out if the river is good for fishing ( search demand ) Select your bait ( keywords ) Don't sit too close to anyone else ( competition ) Make sure the bait is what the fish like ( relevance ) And go at a time of day / year when there are the most fish around ( right time )
  5. 5. Rankings Page Rank Exponential ranking (0 – 10) of your webpage Anything over 3 considered pretty good Alexa Ranking Ranking of website based on Alexa-collected data Anything <1 million is worthy of their analysis.
  6. 6. Top Spot is the Jackpot Number 1 = 42% of clicks Number 2 = 12% of clicks Number 3 = 8% of clicks Number 4 = 6% of clicks Number 5 = 5% of clicks Number 6 = 4% of clicks Number 7 = 3% of clicks
  7. 7. 39% of people believe the Brand Leader is the website that appears Number 1 in Google Being Number 1 Brings Credibility
  8. 8. Music Instrument & Repair Shop Example Selecting a keyword to research... … what information is a potential customer entering into Google to find your Music Repair Shop ?
  9. 9. “Trumpet Repair” is popular Good Search Demand The Right Time Searching To Buy
  10. 10. Low Competition About 23,600 results Not Relevant In quotes Poor Alexa Rankings Ads show value of the Keyword
  11. 11. The Selection Criteria We Use Thumbnail Target - Over 1,000 Global Searches pm - Estimated cost per click over £0.30 - Under 30,000 results (in quotes) Plus... Keywords must always be relevant Watch the trends and choose the best time
  12. 12. “Longtail” keywords Consider extending into a “longtail” keyword Average length of any search term is 3 words
  13. 13. Inbound Links & Indexing To stay at the top of Google, a page needs inbound links and indexed pages. For increased traffic and authority <ul><li>Blogs
  14. 14. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  15. 15. Links from External Sites
  16. 16. Fresh Content on the page
  17. 17. Links from articles / PR's
  18. 18. Links from directories
  19. 19. Reviews of your product / service </li></ul>
  20. 20. Google Alerts Notified when your keywords appear in Google
  21. 21. Google Analytics Free detailed analysis of all your website activity
  22. 22. In Summary 1. Searches in Demand 2. Little Competition 3. High Relevance 4. Searching to Buy 5. At the Right Time Good Luck in catching fish!
  23. 23. You Now Have The Building Blocks to Get Started. Alternatively, we can do your keyword research and website optimisation for you. For more information, visit: