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Java 7 and Java 8 Programming Tutorial: Basic Java Syntax


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This section gives a whirlwind intro to basic Java syntax: loops, if statements, use of "main", strings, arrays, indenting, and so forth. Remember that this tutorial series is primarily intended for developers that have used another high-level language, so this section probably moves too quickly for those without previous programming experience. See for the full tutorial, associated code, exercises, and exercise solutions. You can also download PDF files of each lecture, for saving or printing. Changes in Java 8 are mentioned in this tutorial; topics specific to Java 8 are covered in a separate tutorial; see link at

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Java 7 and Java 8 Programming Tutorial: Basic Java Syntax

  1. 1. This Section is Obsolete • Start at Java tutorial at – And then follow the links to either the PDF or SlideShare versions • Or, start at – And click on Java programming tutorial in top left • And then follow the links to either the PDF or SlideShare versions All Tutorial Sections Have Been Updated to Java 8
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