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Incorporating video into international recruitment nafsa18 - linked in


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Learn how to incorporate video technology into institutional student recruitment strategies to reach student audiences where they live. This session presents tips, successes, and best practices in creating video marketing materials, hosting live video sessions, and establishing effective synergy between educational institutions and overseas partners.

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Incorporating video into international recruitment nafsa18 - linked in

  1. 1. Incorporating Videos into International Recruitment Strategies Session I: 11:30am Tuesday, May 29, 2018
  2. 2. Who We Are… • Marty Bennett, President, Social Media and International Education Consulting, LLC • Erin Yingling, Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions, George Washington University • Katia Scodova, EducationUSA Regional Educational Advising Coordinator, Europe/Eurasia • Jemma Davies, Postgraduate and International Marketing Manager, Birmingham City University, UK
  3. 3. Poll questions Are you responsible at your institution for social media outreach? Is your institution using video platforms to get the message out (FB Live, YouTube) to international audiences? Are you using native language content/subtitling/508 compliance?
  4. 4. What we’ll do… Provide case studies of video interview plans with alumni and current international students on campus that includes opportunities for multiple uploads to various third-party social media platforms. Provide Case Studies Share data on video usage, effectiveness, and potential for expanding an institution’s message globally to prospective students through networks and partners.Share Data Best practices and practical issues involved with live and on-demand examples of successful video marketing projects.Best Practices
  5. 5. Provide case studies
  6. 6. EducationUSA Belarus YouTube ● #5 EducationUSA YouTube channel in the EducationUSA network ● Interviews with admitted students ● Pre-defined themes ● Russian language ● Regional reach
  7. 7. Case Studies - EducationUSA Belarus Student Success Stories • 26 stories starting from 2012 • Playlist viewed - 3,866 • Total views - 22,488 • 1-3 challenges student overcame • Same basic structure • Includes inspirational message about studying in the U.S. • 2 – 4 minutes in length
  8. 8. Case Studies – EducationUSA Belarus • Conversational style • Personal experience • Connected to keywords • Shared through personal social media networks • Russian language
  9. 9. Case Studies - U.S. Embassy Tallinn, Estonia Facebook • Estonians talking about American culture • Americans talking about Estonian culture in English • Content duplicated on Russian language page • 1K-5K views / video
  10. 10. Previous Institution •5-6 students selected for videos •Less formal approach – I organized and filmed the videos •Done in native language with English subtitles •Questions were given in advance – responses were rehearsed but not reviewed in advance with staff •No ‘real’ budget – staff time for filming, editing, etc. Two Recent Video Projects = Approach #1
  11. 11. Two Recent Video Projects = Approach #2 Current Institution •1 student selected from India, specific reason and timing for selecting that country •All filming done in English with closed captioning •Contracted with professional videographers •Significant investment of money, less investment of staff time
  12. 12. Same End Goals Publish to YouTube Share to other social media platforms Share firsthand experience of programs directly from students or alumni Elevate the profile of the school or program overall and in specific markets/countries
  13. 13. Challenge = small budget, small team, lack of resource Video a growing medium Produce future proof content Consider the distribution channels Solution… Video content for a global audience
  14. 14. 5 second videos
  15. 15. Create 10 x 5 second videos Animated Translated Distribute & pay to boost Landing pages International Holidays
  16. 16. Share data
  17. 17. Institutional vs. Student Shares
  18. 18. Had 408 views, after 3 weeks online Published immediately before a recruiting and yield trip to India Shared in India with students and families “Student Spotlight” Video
  19. 19. Seek Valuable Insight from Website Analytics
  20. 20. “Overview” Video  Had 203 views, after 3 weeks online  Overview of our new Science and Engineering Hall, programs, technology  Features the facilities and programs, not a specific student
  21. 21. Seek Valuable Insight from Website Analytics
  22. 22. Tag the student in your posts with their video • Get permission first! 1 Consider the time of day of target audience when posting 2 Ask the students to share it to their networks 3 Share with relevant EducationUSA offices • E.g. based on the language/native country of the featured student 4 Ideas for Expanding Your Reach
  23. 23. YouTube – Social Media Market Share Top used platform 38.73% Top used platform 28.85% Top used platform 32.66% 2nd used platform 21.64% 70% of 13-16 y.o. use daily Social Media Data Source:
  24. 24. EducationUSA Belarus YouTube
  25. 25. EducationUSA Belarus YouTube – Belarus Channel Impact Survey • 61 responses - interested in MA/MS (64%), BA/BS (18%) and PhD degrees (16 %) • 92% - student videos provided motivation to purse U.S. studies • 66% - current members of Competitive College Club and Graduate Study Cohort and intend to apply to U.S. institutions • 15% already accepted to U.S. institutions • 5% currently studying in U.S.
  26. 26. EducationUSA Belarus YouTube – Belarus Channel Impact Survey Most valuable content: • 54% - Searching for financial aid • 32% - Program search and writing essays • 10% - Test prep • 4% - Communication with U.S. HEIs Least valuable content: • 49% - Description/history of an institution • 16% - Most successful alumni • 13% - Comparison to other institutions • 11% - Campus facilities
  27. 27. British Council IELTS – 1001 Ways app Goal: • to promote the visibility of the IELTS test around the test’s 25th anniversary through a mobile app
  28. 28. Launched October 2014 161,000+ unique users 1900 videos uploaded 249 countries and territories represented 1001 Ways Data
  29. 29. Work with agents Westminster approached 10 UK universities to film on their campus Produced a series of short TV programmes (16 mins) ‘UK Snap’ Hosted by a national celebrity/comedian In local language Thai Recruitment in Thailand
  30. 30. Thai current student video
  31. 31. 125,000 views on Facebook Almost 20,000 on YouTube 1,100+ Social Reactions Almost 300 social shares Cost £3,000 Applications from agent +633% Results
  32. 32. International Recruitment and Marketing Correct name of schools (visa) Logo use Lessons Learnt – Partnerships
  33. 33. Best practices and practical issues involved
  34. 34. Mission: Provide accurate, comprehensive, and current information about opportunities to study at accredited postsecondary institutions in the United States. Goal: Promoting the diversity of U.S. higher education to help international students find their best fit.
  35. 35. EducationUSA Recommendations ○ Add your #YouAreWelcomeHere videos ○ Add institutional videos (targeted toward international students) ○ Add student-focused interviews ○ Around one minute and must be compliant with Section 508 of the Disability Act of 1973 ○ Avoid rankings, focus on “fit”
  36. 36. EducationUSA Recommendations To EducationUSA advisers in target language/country/region for ideas and feedbackReach out With EducationUSA advisers visiting your campuses to meet with students for short interviews (in local language or English) Coordinate With current international students on campus from the target country/language group for local language content Coordinate With American students learning target languages to record videos (either on campus or part of study-abroad experience) Coordinate Students to share videos through their own social media channelsAsk
  37. 37. Think about your target audience – who are you trying to reach? • Students from specific countries • Students interested in specific degree programs • Other audiences (alumni? parents?) • Level of study In recent video projects, we have considered: • Mix of current students and alumni • Different areas of study or areas of focus • Countries considered priorities for recruitment • Mix of experiences (e.g. summer study, internships) Identifying Students and Stories
  38. 38. Prospective students are more likely to listen to current students or alumni than anyone else Videos often watched without sound, so subtitles are very helpful! Tell a story, end with a call to action - where can they go for more information or for next steps? Include keywords and a relevant title when posting and sharing Tag students - and be sure your settings allow sharing! Keep it short – under 2 minutes is best Best Practices for Reaching Your Target Audience
  39. 39. Availability of students 1 Budget – professional or in house? 2 Language of filming 3 Location 4 Media Release forms 5 Time for production & ideal timing for release of the final product 6 Practical Considerations
  40. 40. Be sure to have each participant sign a release waiver!
  41. 41. Vietnamese Student Video Chat  On the ground EducationUSA fairs in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, spring 2017  Connected with over 1000 students in person  Handed out cards with info for the chat, invited parents to join  Set-up live video chat with a current Vietnamese student two days later  253 students and parents participated in the live video chat
  42. 42. The Challenge • Keeping offer holders engaged • Academics desperate to be involved in conversion • Tried webinars but low attendance Our Idea • Set up a Facebook Group and invited offer holders in • Wanted to broadcast live to bring the campus to applicants overseas • Scheduled various pieces of content to engage offer holders Community Building
  43. 43. Facebook group +1,000 students We’re keeping the group active for this year recruitment Facebook LIVE received up to 400 views Student interviews revealed the Facebook community was an asset Students loved being able to see the campus before arrival The quick response times were reassuring Results
  44. 44. Keep it short for course selling Let it run if you’re getting engagement Try not to plan it so much it doesn’t come across as authentic Horizontal shooting not portrait Remember your audience (recruiting or converting) Mix up the content – campus tours, academic Q&A, student Q&A Duo’s make it easier for camera shy people Facebook LIVE lives on after you’ve finished filming and you can download the footage (do this straight away) Expected the unexpected – make a joke of the situation (if possible) Don’t do it by yourself – have a buddy to signal/write down ideas Lessons Learnt LIVE streaming
  45. 45. Thank you! Questions?
  46. 46. 49 Please complete this session evaluation NOW! Or FAVORITE now and EVALUATE later!