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Developing a Targeted Outreach and Communication Plan for Int'l Students


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Looking for tools to create a digital outreach and communication plan to reach international students? Check out this session from the NACAC international student recruitment pre-conference institute in Boston 2017.

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Developing a Targeted Outreach and Communication Plan for Int'l Students

  1. 1. #NACAC17 Developing a Targeted Outreach and Communication Plan for International Students Preconference: Fundamentals of Recruiting and Counseling International Students
  2. 2. #NACAC17 Moderator: Ronn Beck, Salve Regina University (RI) Panelists: Marty Bennett SMIE Consulting LLC (OH) Karen Karidoyanes & Susan Ohnemus Hogan Bentley University (MA) Sophia Meas Commonwealth School (MA)
  3. 3. #NACAC17 Marty Bennett SMIE Consulting LLC (OH)
  4. 4. #NACAC17 What students hear:
  5. 5. #NACAC17 Lay of the land • Global communication trends: web, social, mobile growth • EducationUSA perspective: social media & student stories connect best, website advice • Student survey data: concerns, needs, opportunities • What still works: “live” where audiences live, appropriate content, listening, re-engagement
  6. 6. #NACAC17 Global Trends
  7. 7. #NACAC17 Social Media Usage
  8. 8. #NACAC17 EducationUSA • Global Guide 2017 • Over 5.5 million social contacts/year on network’s social media channels • Webinars, Interactive series, virtual fairs
  9. 9. #NACAC17 What are international students thinking? Source: Hot Courses 2017 International Student Survey Photo courtesy of Intead
  10. 10. #NACAC17 Channels students use to research prospective colleges Source: Hot Courses 2017 International Student Survey
  11. 11. #NACAC17 Geographic variation in what students found most useful on different student engagement channels Source: Hot Courses 2017 International Student Survey
  12. 12. #NACAC17 Students Report Usage / Usefulness of US Higher Ed Institutions Source: CollegeWeekLive/EduVentures Going International Report, 2016
  13. 13. #NACAC17 What works?
  14. 14. #NACAC17 Engage prospective students virtually multiple times and win them over • Meet new sophomores and juniors starting the search, e.g. virtual open houses, themed live chats • Interact with seniors deciding where to apply, e.g. current student AMAs, academic department highlights • Target specific segments, e.g. hold country-specific session application workshops in top markets • Introduce enrolled students to campus resources, e.g. online pre-departure workshops, parent sessions • Invite admits to meet with reps & current students, e.g. admitted student virtual events/chats PROSPECTS INQUIRIES APPS ADMITS DEPOSITS
  15. 15. #NACAC17 What should shape your outreach and e-com plans? Live Where Your Audiences Live. Listen, Listen, Listen. Keep Them Coming Back For More.
  16. 16. #NACAC17 Thank you!
  17. 17. #NACAC17 Karen Karidoyanes Susan Ohnemus Hogan Bentley University (MA)
  18. 18. #NACAC17 Consider the audience • Generation Z: – Tech innate-5 screens at once – Communicate with images – Many are more money-conscious and entrepreneurial than previous generation – Prefer in-person communication and platforms that emphasize privacy (picme, whatsup) – 80% use FB and Instagram as main platforms and most have settings on private • This is not good news for printed communications! – Who reads print materials? Parents! • Native language, parent email – Cost and time of mailing; varies by region of the world – Put materials in digital form on web site and in email
  19. 19. #NACAC17 • Speaking of email… – Students prefer text communication to email • Does not use up data • Some countries will not allow access to some websites • Is more mobile-friendly • Presents complications; technology for texts is different than emails • Be cognizant of best practices when using text and other personal information • FERPA regulations are beginning to address social media • Is your website user friendly to international students?
  20. 20. #NACAC17 Technology • Is constantly changing • Prospective student are dictating communication methods – How to stay in front of change? • Read. Information is out there; pay attention to emails, webinars and newsletters • Talk. Ask prospective students, guidance counselors and your colleagues • Initiate. It is up to you to push your institution to provide the technology needed for international students. • Is your website user friendly to international students? – Consider a micro-site specifically for international students – Use locally recognized sites like .es, .ch, etc
  21. 21. #NACAC17 International Travel • Preparation – Do your research & collect data! • Based on findings assess trends and set goals – Formulate key strategies/enabling objectives – Develop action plans – Map out strategies – Become an educator
  22. 22. #NACAC17 Strategic Goals are formed by Data • Internal Data Sources – Institutional research – Historical analysis • External Data Sources – Census Bureau – CIA Factbook: – EducationUSA: – IIE OpenDoors Report – Publications: International Student Recruitment 2nd edition; Who Goes Where and Why? – UNESCO: Education Strategy 2014-2021
  23. 23. #NACAC17 Additional Research • What do you have control over? • What are the external factors? • What else are key factors?
  24. 24. #NACAC17 Direct Recruitment • Group travel • Individual travel • Conferences • Agent fairs
  25. 25. #NACAC17 Arm Chair Recruiting • Social Media • Chat & Email blasts • Digital Video Conference • Direct mail of materials • Letter writing campaign • Phone-A-Thon • Guidance Counselor Database • Purchase of Names • Independent Counselors
  26. 26. #NACAC17 Backyard Recruitment • Visit English Language schools • Visit Cultural Centers • Visit top feeder schools – Boarding Schools • Utilize students and staff • Go to cultural clubs on campus • Embassy visits • Independent educational consultant fairs
  27. 27. #NACAC17 Hybrid Strategy of Recruitment • Host populations on your campus • Keep your presence alive abroad
  28. 28. #NACAC17 Networks • Education's/IIE/Fulbright • Educational Agents & Consultants • Alumni networks • Private funding organizations (SABIC, ADIA, ARAMCO) • Conferences • Government Agencies (SENACYT) • Embassies
  29. 29. #NACAC17 Sophia Meas Commonwealth School (MA)
  30. 30. #NACAC17 The Student Perspective • CATS Academy Boston, one of 4 schools in the Cambridge Education Group • Grades 9-12, 94% international • U.S. boarding and day school (80% boarding) with a 10:1 student-faculty ratio • Approximately 400 students from more than 30 countries • 100% get accepted to 4-year colleges and universities
  31. 31. #NACAC17 The Student Perspective • Anna Merliakova, CATS Academy Senior, Russia • Livia Qeli, CATS Academy Junior, Albania • Uljad Berdica, CATS Academy Senior, Albania • Amber Gunther, Director of Admissions, CATS Academy • Sophia Meas, Director of College Counseling, Commonwealth School
  32. 32. #NACAC17 Discussion and Questions Developing a Targeted Outreach and Communication Plan for International Students Thank you