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Ultra sound technician


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Ultra sound technician

  1. 1.  An ultrasound technician uses diagnostic imaging to help a physician monitor the development of a fetus (unborn child). Unlike other types of diagnostic imaging, like x-rays, the ultrasound technician uses a sonograph to make these images. The sonograph utilizes sound waves rather than radiation to create the image.
  2. 2.  Programs usually take 1-2 years to finish Georgia schools Athens Technical College Coosa Valley Technical College Medical College of Georgia Non-Georgia schools Keiser Career College Central Florida Institute Barry University
  3. 3.  Piedmont Hospital Emory Healthcare Southern Heart Specialists
  4. 4.  Georgia salary $67,000 U.s salary $53,000
  5. 5.  und-Technician-Job-Description/Page1.html eorgia/ technician-schools-in-florida/ technician_5?where=georgia nician&l1=national