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Classroom Technology Applications


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This showcases some of the technology I use in my math classroom on a daily basis.

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Classroom Technology Applications

  1. 1. Classroom Technology Applications
  2. 2. • Correct 5-6• Questions on 5-7• Daily L to J• Lesson 5-8 (p.374-376) Use quadratic functions to model data. Use quadratic models to analyze and predict.• Assignment 5-8
  3. 3.• Textbook Pages – Easily zoom in and out – Class reference – No need to recreate drawings, data, etc.• Example: Algebra II – Lesson 5-8
  4. 4.• Assignment Questions – Ask anonymously – Can easily see the common questions• Daily Feedback – Anonymous feedback on the class – Positives and things to adjust• Example: Give it a try!
  5. 5.• L to J – Work on gaps identified in L to J quizzes• Absent Students – Work ahead or catch up• Questions – Don’t want to ask in class, but will watch a video• Substitute Teacher – Can teach even when out of the building!• Examples: Alg II – Chapter 5 Videos Mr. Brandl’s YouTube Channel YouTube Education
  6. 6.• Online Graphing Calculator – Free – Works great on SMARTBoards & iPads – Can save and share graphs – Very interactive – Doesn’t work in IE 8 • Website: