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Slogans and Brands

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  1. 1. Some advertising slogans work and some fall short. What determines whether a marketing slogan will succeed? See what the experts say and take a look: at some of the most successful marketing slogans of all time. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE CERTAIN SLOGANS?
  2. 2. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE CERTAIN SLOCANS? According to a study undertaken by researchers at the Texas Tech University, there are three main factors that determine whether people like a given slogan: THE 3 FACTORS THAT COUNT slz v- CLARITY OF MESSAGE CREATIVITY FAMILIARITY WITH THE BRAND Greater message clarity More creative slo ans Slogans that are brand appropriate will will result ilnkhigher slogan will have higher Ii ing be deemed more llkaabla I ing THE 10 MOST LIKED SLOGANS
  3. 3. a , , ' I/ g “ Melts in your mouth, not in your hand 35 M&MIS 3 R we L C 011.5 ' aaéuclou ‘ 5 What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 9 5 LAS VEGAS “ Thef , theproud, C marmes '35 US. MARINE CORPS 33i‘§ii‘é‘; {“; taua “ The happiest place on the earth 5 9 DISNEYLAND
  4. 4. COVERGIRL Easy breezy laeautful cover girl COVEHGIHL 7 Reel Bull gives you wings REDBULL SUBWAY 8 TACO BELL Think outside the bun TACO BELL
  5. 5. 9 10 Got milk Get in the zone l, '»'«LlFi;1.3’~"l| A i"i. =', l_: " l-"PC‘l3EE7.'l§': "7. t3LU'«: ElD »1‘, lTLiZC’liE
  7. 7. V Just (to it l'm lovin' it NIKE MCDONALDS Have it your way Melts in your mouth. not in your hanct BURGER KING M&M‘S
  8. 8. 41 OK 5?; Cot milk? :3 ig Ml Eatfiesh 9 lg" CALIFORNIA MILK PROCESSOR BOARD SUBWAY 7 8 / v famp% (Q) It it Mmm mmm goocll Ill ii ‘I ‘I You're in good hands with Allstate 2; 3 CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY ALLSTATE
  9. 9. TACO BELL ‘ ‘ Think outside the Ioun 5 5 TACO BELL I0 ‘ ‘ The ultimate driving machine 5 5 BMW
  10. 10. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY Here are the thoughts from some of the leading experts in the field of marketing and research on what makes an effective marketing slogan:
  11. 11. “. ..Best advertising slogans are the ones that truly describe what a brand, or a company. stands for In the shortest catchphrase possible; something that sticks to the consumers mind and helps the product to stand out. " w-i : °«ru www. adverglze. oom “it's true that the best tagiines are simple and memorable, but they're also something else: functional. A tagllne should explain your product or service to potential customers or capture what it is that makes your business different than your competitors’ businesses. " Brittany Hodak zinapak. com/ told inc. com
  12. 12. “imagine you owned a small piece of your buyers’ brains. And every time they thought about making a purchase, your product or service came to mind. ..That‘s what the marketing slogans from Budweiser, Burger King and Motel 6 do, they help people remember a product and increase their propensity to buy. " Charlie Cook's Mairketingforsuccess www. rnarketlngforsuocess. com “A slogan that is merely an endiine or sign-off to an ad is unlikely to make a contribution to the success of either the advertising or the brand; the creative must integrate the brand and slogan in such a way that the slogan can strengthen branding, or have some other effect. ” 9 Millward Brown www. miiIwardbrown. com
  13. 13. “A tagllne needs to say a lot with a little. For example. at Astonish, our tagllne is "The Best Friend of the Local Agent. " it speaks to our audience and says a ton. it says we care, we are here, we will support you in your time of need, we will celebrate with you in your time of success, a friend of yours is a friend of ours, and an enemy of yours is our enemy, too. That's a powerful tagilne! " Adam DeGraide www. astonish. com/ told inc. com “A good slogan gets ingrained in consumers‘ heads the first time they are exposed to it. A good example of this is a local air conditioning company that uses controversy for its tagllne: "Your wife is hot. " CITGO grabs attention by leveraging the play on words ‘Fueling Good. “ The same goes for an energy company that kills two birds with one slogan: "Changing the Current. ‘ ‘W ENDFTGON Superior Web Services Logan Lenz endagon. com/ told inc. com
  14. 14. FACTS AND FIGURES ON SLOGANS — i— - 44°/ o 35°/ o 7°/ o —i’t“ “ ' _— L I_ ‘ V, . According to a study. among all Slogans are most likely to be Over the past 20 years, there has TV ads that include slogans, 44 % remembered when they are been a decline in the use of include the brand name, 36% included in a jingle. advertising slogans in both the include slogans that have been U. S. and the UK. used before. and 7% include slogans set to music. 0 _' Slogans that have no brand name A study found that while repeated included are deemed to be more exposure can help people Iikeable. remember a slogan better. people are unlikely to have a more positive reaction to it simply because they have seen it more frequently.