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Job fair

  1. 1. Running head: JOB FAIR 1 Job Fair Martha Powell Psy 210 February 05, 2012 Carlos Alcazar
  2. 2. JOB FAIR 2 Job Fair Overtime Eddie’s Ribs A FUN PLACE TO WORK! Do you enjoy outdoor cooking? Do you often wish that you worked in a fun andenergetic atmosphere? Do you feel that you are creative and have ideas to share? If you cananswer yes to these questions then Overtime Eddie’s is the place for you. A FAMILY RESTAURANT
  3. 3. JOB FAIR 3 Company Information: Overtime Eddie’s Ribs is a family restaurant with an old time feel. The company is set upwithin a functional structure. Each operates separately. There is a full service restaurant with alimited menu. Our restaurant will be dedicated to customer service. We will offer orders that ourcustomers can place, in advance, that can be cooked at the customer’s convenience, or one of ourservers will cook them at any event. We will also cater large events. Alternatively, you can justbring the family and enjoy a home cooked meal. Our restaurant culture values employees who are motivated, energetic, and creative.Every day team meeting will help us to gather these creative ideas so that we can offer thecustomer exactly what he or she wants. Valuable input that leads to growth will be generouslyrewarded. Employees must be trustworthy, team players, and customer service oriented.Employees will also be provided a uniform that must appear neat at all times. Neat appearance isnecessary. We want our customers to know that we will meet their needs on the highest levels. Job Fair Brochure In this paper, the subject will describe the structure, business model, and culture of thefictitious company Overtime Eddie’s Ribs. Overtime Eddie’s is a restaurant that will cater to thatbarbecue Rib enthusiast for any event such as bachelor parties, picnics, and even that familyouting. The customer could place orders for their special event and have one of our teammembers help cook them at time of event. The customer could also just come to the restaurantfor a meal without the worry of clean up with friendly family orientated team members. Structure
  4. 4. JOB FAIR 4 Overtime Eddie’s will operate under a functional structure. This will be beneficial to therestaurant it will allow each area to become specialized. Specialized areas will provide highlevels of customer service. The cook and his team will be one specialized area. The servers at therestaurant will be another and those cooks and servers who go to homes will be another. Eacharea will be assigned a supervisor who will report to the owner. The owner will make all majordecisions based on the recommendations provided by the supervisors. Under a functionalstructure, the owner will be better able to monitor the activities of employees who will help hisbusiness grow. A functional structure will also make it easier for each area to make dailydecisions. Supervisors will be able to assist their respective teams. Supervisors will also be in theposition to reward staff to keep motivation levels high. High motivation levels will helpemployees achieve the goals of the business model. Business Model The business model of Overtime Eddie’s Ribs focuses on providing a service to seriousRib enthusiast who enjoy eating and cooking them. We will sponsor some summertime contestsfor those who enjoy family gathering. The owner may even show up to family functions or eventto ensure that the customer is highly satisfied with the quality of the product. The owner will alsoencourage his supervisors to have contest between the servers to see how much business than canbring to the restaurant. All of these elements will help to fulfill the needs of the customer whohas never had this type of service. The culture of the restaurant supports the business model. Culture The culture of the restaurant focuses on providing a fun and energetic experience for thecustomer. Employees are to treat the customers as most valuable persons. Employees mustmaintain a clean appearance. Employees are to be trustworthy as they will be responsible for
  5. 5. JOB FAIR 5cash handling and making customer oriented decisions. Employees earn rewards for submittingcreative ideas to lower costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. Employees whoprove their usefulness will have an opportunity for promotions. Employees must also berespectful to each other, management, and most important the customer. Their supervisorrewards employees who exemplify the culture of the company. This type of culture is importantto cultivate in social setting such as some ones home. If the employees enjoy themselves theywill want to put forth their best effort. An energetic atmosphere will be beneficial to the staff andcustomers. If a customer enjoys the company of the restaurant they will want come back to spendmore money. The culture is the tone that a company sets for both staff and customers.