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eCommerce for Retailers - Why It Makes Sense?


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eCommerce in India - Some Anecdotes:

* A camera merchant sold 200 cameras /day with promotions – That’s equal to his one month sale
* An apparel merchant got 70,000 fans on Facebook in 4 months
* Products worth over Rs . 50,000 being sold with EMI option
* Even mangoes are being sold online

Therefore,Connect to your customers across all channels – offline, mobile, social, web and Utilise Digital Media to Customer Acquisition.

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eCommerce for Retailers - Why It Makes Sense?

  1. 1. Digital media is influencing consumers & businesseseverywhere E -commerce for retailers - Why it makes s ens e?
  2. 2. A little bit of backg round• A decade of e-commerce• 1000 retailers• Platform & s olutionsA ty p ic a l le tte r fr o m a r e ta ile r Should I do e-commerce? Why? How costly is it? Can I do it? Is this the right time? Can you explain how?
  3. 3. E-commerce in India – A quick overview 5 years 2005 2010C hin 17xa USD 2 bn USD 33 bn growth 2007 2011 4 years 2015India 6x Rs.7,800Cr Rs.47,000Cr growth ??? E-tailing or retailing e-commerce Electronics Jewellery S hoes Fas hion B ooks Home Appliances Flowers Mobiles C omputers Toys G ifts 2011 Rs.4,000Cr Up 6x in 4 years
  4. 4. What is driving e-tailing ?C ons umer C ons umer s ees C apabilities ofconfidence value retailers Technolog y In a box B R AND
  5. 5. Indian cons umer behaviour overview E x a m p le c o n s u m e r flo w In -s to r e S o c ia l Omni- channel W eb commerce M o b ile P ost R e s e a rc h & T r ig g e r P u rc h a s e p u rc h a s e s u g g e s tio n s s h a r in g
  6. 6. Why does it make s ens e for Indian retailerstoday? Over 10C r Internet us ers and 2C r s ocial networking us ers in India – a real bas e! Mid-s ized as well as larg e retailers are s eeing Opportunity s ucces s in India R etailers and cons umers all acros s India are Partners offer active in dig ital commerce – Tier 2 & Tier 3 capabilities cities as well Exis ting offline cus tomers are your s tarting C ons umers look point – you already s tart with cus tomers ! for you C ons umers extens ively s earch for retail names (offline retailers ) when s hopping online It’s not too difficult! 3 out of 5 org anized retailers that we talk to are cons idering dig ital as s erious channels In US , 90+ out of top 100 online s tores belong to offline retailers
  7. 7. C as e s tudy – A mid-s ized fas hion retailer • A mid-s ized fas hion retailer with 7 s tores in Hyderabad • S trong in ethnic fas hion and g ood local brand pres ence • In-hous e operations team • S hould we s tart e-commerce and if yes then how? Expectations on Day 1 My online store should be like the S amsung website I want to get 1000 orders within 1 month Expectations on Day 5 B uild an online store that will appeal to my target audience B uild a repeatable and scalable model to sell online
  8. 8. What they did? Merchandis Top s elling Promotions Promote e products & offers g ifting as s ortment Online s tore – reflect brand, focus on categ ories … Flexible Link online & Obs erve, plan, G ood delivery payment offline s cale, repeat experience options O n lin e le a d s fo r S c a le u p to 2 0 C r e d it/d e b it c a r d s , o fflin e s a le s , c itie s a n d th e n a S ta r te d w ith 1 0 N e t-b a n k in g , C O D o fflin e p r o m o tio n s to r e fo r U S c itie s e tc . o f o n lin e c u s to m e r s … B udg et for 1 year - R s . 4 0 0 ,0 0 0 + R s . 4 0 fo r s h ip p in g e a c h p a c k a g e + 2 .5 % p a y m e n t p r o c e s s in g c h a r g e s + 3 % a ffilia te
  9. 9. A look at the whole s etup Web Facebook Phone Walk-ins Offline promotions are now online promotions too! Online s tore Technolog y Payment Log is tics s upport platform from proces s ing from by B luedart MartJack HDFC B ank 1 retail s tore acting as fulfillment center Partner s upport for In-hous e des ig n & related operations team activities 7 retail s tores
  10. 10. Avoiding pitfalls & increas ing the chances ofs ucces s Plan, focus on cus tomers & Effectively S cale Provide Focus on Provide a rich acquire new flexibility to cus tomer experience cus tomers cons umers s ervice Manag e your cos ts efficiently C os t of C os t of C os t of C os t of Technolog y Advertis ing Operations S upport R emember – etailing is retailing Focus on your Promotions & K now your B e where the as s ortment cus tomer targ et audience cons umer is ! s treng ths eng ag ement
  11. 11. S ome s pecific as pects of e-commerce forbrands “58% of the consumers ranked manufacturers’ website as the most preferred destination for product and purchase information” • R ich product experience acros s own, dealers ’ & retailers ’ online s tores • C omplete product details • R ich experience with videos , brochures , imag es etc. • S yndicate content to retailers ’ as well • C ons umers often s earch for brands – direct to cons umer online s tores make s ens e • Allow your dealers & retailers to participate in e-commerce – connected experience for your cons umers • Dealer locator is now “S hop now from your nearby dealer” • C onnect to cons umers acros s channels – offline, mobile, s ocial, web
  12. 12. Partners hips – R eaching a larg er cons umerbas e Affiliate channels XYZ S ervices R e a c h c o n s u m e rs w h e r e th e y a lr e a d y C ons umers a re ! D e a ls fr o m Your XYZ News o n lin e XYZ Media s to r e
  13. 13. E-commerce in India - S ome anecdotes• A camera merchant s old 200 cameras /day with promotions – That’s equal to his one month s ale• An apparel merchant g ot 70,000 fans on Facebook in 4 months• Products worth over R s . 50,000 being s old with EMI option• E ven mang oes are being s old online Looking around the world V illa g e r s in Q in g y a n L iu V illa g e w e r e o n c e a ll fa r m e r s In 2 0 0 9 , Q in g y a n liu v illa g e r s e a r n e d 1 2 1 m illio n U .S . d o lla r s fr o m th e ir o n lin e s a le s !
  14. 14. Thank you You too can be s ucces s ful at e-commerce provided you Leverag e Are Play to Plan, s ell, ready to pres ent your s cale, us e acros s s treng ths repeat… s olutions channels