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A Beginner's Guide to Taxonomy


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Jessica DuVerneay and I presenting at World IA Day in Ann Arbor, February 9, 2013. The sessions are also available on YouTube. This talk starts at the 2:00 hour mark in the video, but it was an awesome day, so watch it all.

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A Beginner's Guide to Taxonomy

  1. 1. A Beginners Guide to Taxonomy Presented by Jessica DuVerneay & Marti Gukeisen
  2. 2. A Beginners Guide to Taxonomy Presented by Jessica DuVerneay & Marti Gukeisen
  4. 4. Tales of Two Taxonomists Part 1: Some Context Case Study ‘A’: Pragmatic Project Walkthrough Part 2: Some Specifics Theory, Tips & Advice Part 3: A Deeper Dig Case Study ‘B’: Back to Reality – In the Middle of It All
  5. 5. Client: American Society forAesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
  6. 6. 1 4 2 53 5
  7. 7. Statement of Work (SOW)
  8. 8. uuuuhhhhh… Statement of What?!?• Understanding • Polyhierarchy?!? Taxonomies?!? • Synonym Mapping?!?• Search Engine • Governance Plan?!? Keyword Market?!?• Comprehensive System?!? 24…aaaand I had this much time: Hours !?!
  9. 9. The Problem Glossary of Terms Injectables and Dermal Fillers • Amphadase • Acquamid • Anesthesia • Anika CTA • Anti-viral • Artecoll • ArteFill • ArteSense • Axillary • Belotero • Betacaine • Bio-alchamid • Bioplastique • Botox • Botox Cosmetic • Botulinum Toxin • Botulinum Toxin Type A • Botulinum Toxin Type B • Bovine Collagen • Calcium hydroxylapitite • Captique • Carboxytherapy • Cellulite • Collagen • ETC…
  10. 10. Breast ImplantsMore Problem Breast Augmentation Breast Enhancement Breast Enlargement Breast Surgery Implants Silicon Implants Saline Implants Gel Implants Subpectoral Breast Surgery Mammoplasty Breast Replacement Breast Revision Breast Reconstruction **Boob Job **Pectoral Implants
  11. 11. Polar Bear Book Says: • Categories should be mutually exclusive, unless they are polyhierarchical. • Consider the balance breadth and depth, erring on the side of broad and shallow for new sites. • Taxonomy = a slow layer, while navigation may be slightly faster
  12. 12. Which exact word should be used?Where does it go in relation to the others?What are the exceptions?That’s all I have to do? NEAT!
  13. 13. Strategy & ActivitiesTaxonomy (in this case) needs to be:• User Centered • Not exact in term construction (vs.• Scalable Exact)• Comprehensive • Learnable• Cross Channel • SEO Preferential• Aspirational • Polyhierarchical
  14. 14. Activity 1: Existing Taxonomies Glossary of Terms Injectables and Dermal Fillers • Amphadase • Acquamid • Anesthesia • Anika CTA • Anti-viral • Artecoll • ArteFill • ArteSense • Axillary • Belotero • Betacaine • Bio-alchamid • Bioplastique • Botox • Botox Cosmetic • Botulinum Toxin • Botulinum Toxin Type A • Botulinum Toxin Type B • Bovine Collagen • Calcium hydroxylapitite • Captique • Carboxytherapy • Cellulite • Collagen • ETC…
  15. 15. Activity 2:LightweightKeywordResearch **Note: Site Search log files would have been nice too but the client didn’t track it and now was not the time to start.
  16. 16. Activity 3: Existing User Research & Vernacular Ashlee: The Lifestyle Patient - "Seeking Perfection" Experienced Consumer / Immediate or Recent DETAILS: Age 29, Part time dental hygienist, Married, Soon to be mother, Extensive procedure history, Motivated by beauty, Detail oriented, Technology proficient Representative Activities: Understanding detailed info on procedures, Understanding a procedure lifecycle, Pursing a complex procedure, Finding a doctor near her, Researching the best way to find the best doctor, Keeping up to date on aesthetic news, Participating in online social aspects, account features, and creating user generated content Tonya: The Potential Patient - "Seeking Comfort" Novice Consumer / Far Future DETAILS: Age 36, Higher education administrator, Single, No children, No procedure history, Not motivated by beauty, Seeking general information, Technology proficient Representative Activities: Researching basic procedure information, determining if a procedure is the right option, researching commonly asked questions, investigating a more complicated specific medical concern Loren: The Occasional Patient - "Seeking Rejuventation" Intermediate Consumer / Future DETAILS: Age 49, Lawyer, Dating with two college age children, Injectable history but no procedure history, Motivated by appearance, Seeking comparative and specific information, Technology savvy Representative Activities: Comparing multiple options to solve an aesthetic concern, addressing a post procedure experience, locating male specifi c procedure information for a male companion
  17. 17. Activity 4: Term Sorting / Affinity Diagramming
  18. 18. Activity 5: Competitor’s Approaches SOURCES:
  19. 19. First Stab – Word Doc
  20. 20. Activity 6: SEO & SME Validation, Client ApprovalOptions: Winners!• Rhinoplasty, Nose • Rhinoplasty Job, Nose Surgery, Nasal Enhancement• Chin Lift, Neck Lift, Jowl • Neck Lift Lift, Saggy Neck Surgery• Phalloplasty, Penile • Penis Enlargement Implant, Penis Enlargement, Penile Surgery
  21. 21. Activity 7: Synonyms & PolyhierarchyLiposuction = Eyelid Surgery =Lipoplasty, Body Blepharoplasty, DroopyContouring, Fat Eye, Droopy EyeReduction, Liposculpture Surgery, Eyelid Lift, Eye, Fat LiftRemoval, Lipo, UltrasonicLiposuction, UltrasoundLiposuction, TumescentLiposuction, PowerAssisted Liposuction
  22. 22. Final Product
  23. 23. Applications• Sitemap • News Categories• Content Inventory / • Search Filters Build Guide • URL Structures• Navigation • Glossary• Wireframes • Content Creation• Node Tagging Roadmap • Non-web Properties
  24. 24. PROCEDURES PROCEDURES INJECTABLES FOR MEN PLANNING TOOLKIT ASK A QUESTION SELECT A DOCTORBREAST BODY HEAD & FACE SKIN & HAIR COMPLETE SOLUTIONSBreast Augmentation Body Lift Brow Lift Cellulite Treatment Facial RejuvenationBreast Lift Buttock Implants Ear Reshaping Chemical Peel Mommy MakeoverBreast Reduction Buttock Lift Eyelid Surgery Eyelash Enhancer Plastic Surgery After Weight LossBreast Revision Fat Transfer PROCEDURES Face Lift Hair TransplantRevision Breast Augmentation Labiaplasty Facial Implants Hand Rejuvenation Liposuction Neck Lift IPL / Photorejuvenation Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Rhinoplasty Laser Hair Removal Spider Vein Treatment Laser Skin Resurfacing Thigh Lift Laser Tattoo Removal Tummy Tuck Microdermabrasion Upper Arm Lift Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Permanent Makeup INJECTABLES FOR MEN PLANNING TOOLKIT SELECT A DOCTORAll Injectables Body Lift Getting Started Find a DoctorDermal Fillers Calf Implants Beauty at Every Age Find a Skin Care SpecialistFat Injections Head & Face Ask a Doctor How to Choose a DoctorLip Injections Gynecomastia Cost How to Choose a ProviderPerspiration Reducer Injectables Facts & Stats Credentials, Training & CertificationWrinkle Fillers Liposuction Safety Planning an Office VisitWrinkle Reducers Non Surgical Fat Reduction Planning Resources (Checklists) Pectoral Implants Patient Stories Penis Enlargement Aftercare & Recovery Skin & Hair Complications Thigh Lift Tummy Tuck Upper Arm Lift
  25. 25. Governance PlanEnsures the Taxonomy remains useful as businessneeds, content, vendor input, or user expectationschange or scale• How it’s used • How it’s updated• Who uses it • Who updates it• Why & When it might • Version tracking & be updated archival considerations
  26. 26. Value to ASAPS• User Centered, learnable • Explicit support of business navigation goals (ie: Men, Taxonomy)• Uniform Language guide • Roadmap for content for internal content creation due to holes creators & vendors across pointed out by aspirational all consumer channels taxonomy• Repositioning controlled • Improved Findability – vocabulary in alignment SEO, navigation, site with brand – medically search, tagging authoritative but approachable by average • Created a consumer valuable, living, manageabl e taxonomy that will be used
  27. 27. ASAPS Taxonomy Project Lifecycle Governance Understand the Application Problem Polyhierarchical Understand Purpose Mapping of Taxonomy Synonym Generation Strategy Assess Existing Client Approval Taxonomies SEO Validation Keyword Research User Research & Term Sorting Vernacular Competitors Approaches
  28. 28. Main Point: Doing It Once = Governance Understand the Application Problem Polyhierarchical Understand Purpose Mapping of Taxonomy Synonym Generation TAXONOMY Strategy IS AWESOME! Assess Existing Client Approval Taxonomies SEO Validation Keyword Research User Research & Term Sorting Vernacular Competitors Approaches
  29. 29. Some Quick Context why does taxonomy even matter?
  30. 30. the better we match the way people THINKthe faster / easier / better [more lucrative] the UX
  31. 31. Everyone else is doing it:when peer pressure can be a good thing
  32. 32. Search Term AnalysisInternal External
  33. 33. The More You KnowCard Sorting, User Testing, Interviews, Contextual Inquiry understand how YOUR USERS say it
  34. 34. Other Taxonomy Movers & Shakers• How will the nurse/doctor say it?• How do they say it in the brochure?• How do they say it in real places (signage, etc)?
  35. 35. Will users get lost when they CROSSOVER?
  36. 36. Brand-speak vs. Common Man aka the fight between brand messaging and plain language and how user experience wins
  37. 37. Tension is Good• WRITERS want to say it differently. – differentiate the message from competitors – have an emotional impact – branding• USERS want to see the most obvious word so they can get where they want to go QUICKLY.• Everyone wants the user to seamlessly and effortlessly get to the part where they hand over a big stack of cash.
  38. 38. Know when to brandify ™&When to say it straight
  39. 39. Current Project Healthcare System Website
  40. 40. Holy Dropdown Menu, Batman!
  41. 41. Find a Doctor. Go ahead. Temporomandibular Joint DisorderAblations External Disease Internal Medicine Podiatry Chemical Dependency (TMJ) Neuropsychology Adult & Pediatric Foot & Ankle ReconstructionAcoustic Neuroma Facial Pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia) Interventional Cardiology Premenstrual Syndrome Management Child & Adoles. Psychiatry Therapeutic Endoscopy Neuroradiology Internal Medicine/Pediatric MedicineAcupuncture Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interventional Endoscopy Preventive Cardiology Chronic Pain Injections Therapist, Family Neurosurgery Orthopedic and Sports TherapyADHD Family Medicine Interventional Nephrology Preventive Medicine Chronic Total Occlusion Intervention Therapist, Marriage Neurosurgery, Brain Tumors Orthopedic OncologyAdolescent Dentistry Family Medicine & Obstetrics Interventional Oncology Primary Care Clinical Lipidology Thermachoice Neurosurgery, Neck and Spine Orthopedic Surgery Primary/Metastatic Tumors of the Brain &Adolescent Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner Interventional Pain Management Spine Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG/EEG) Thoracic Surgery Neurosurgery, Neuro-vascular Orthopedics, GeneralAdult Congenital Heart Disease Fetal Echocardiography Interventional Pain Medicine/Pain Management Psychiatic Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Clinical Psychology Thyroid & Parathyroid Neurotology Ped. Genetics & NeurodevelopmentalAdult Neuropsychology Foot & Ankle Interventional Radiology Psychiatry Cochlear Implant Evaluation/Fitting/Aural Rehab Tics Newborn Hospitalist Pediatric Allergy/ImmunologyAdult Scoliosis Functional Medicine Invasive Cardiology Psychiatry, Addiction Cochlear Implants Total Joint Replacement Newborn Services Pediatric AnesthesiologyAdult Strabismus Gastroenterology Joint Replacement - Elbow/Wrist/Hand Psychiatry, Adult Colon & Rectal Surgery Tourettes Sysndrome Non-Invasive Cardiology Pediatric Audiology TherapiesAdult Transthoracic Echocardiography Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery Kidney Transplantation Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Complex Spine Surgery Transesophageal Echocardiogram [TEE] Non-Operative Spine Pediatric Bone Tumor General Hand and Wrist ArthritisAllergy/Immunology Reconstruction Knee Psychology Comprehensive Dentistry Trauma Novasure Pediatric Cardiology Computed Tomography Coronary AngiographyAnesthesiology General Medicine Lacrimal Surgery Psychopharmacology (CTA) Travel Vaccines Nuclear Cardiology Pediatric Cardiothoracic SurgeryAneurysms General Orthopaedics Laparoscopic Hysterectomies Pulmonary Disease Congenital Defects and Birth Injuries Trigeminal Neuralgia Nuclear Medicine Pediatric CraniofacialAnkle Arthroscopy General Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery Pulmonary Medicine Congenital Heart Disease Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Adult Pediatric Critical Care MedicineAnkle Implantation General Vascular Surgery Laser Treatment for Nail Disease Pulmonology Congential Deformities Upper Extremity Fracture Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Pediatric DentistryArrhythmias Geriatric Medicine Low Testosterone Syndrome Radiation Oncology Congential Hand Differences Urogynecology Occupational and Preventive Medicine Pediatric DermatologyArthroscopic Knee and Shoulder LigamentReconstruction Geriatric Psychiatry Lymphedema Therapy Radiology Congestive Heart Failure Urology Occupational Medicine Pediatric Development & BehavioralArthroscopy and Sports Medicine GYN Surgery Maternal Fetal Medicine Radiology, Diagnostic Cornea Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) Occupational Therapy Pediatric ElectrophysiologyArthroscopy-Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Gynecologic Oncology Medical Ethics Rearfoot and Forefoot Surgery Coronary artery disease Uveitis Oculo Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Pediatric Emergency MedicineArtificial Disc Replacement, Lumbar and Cervical Gynecology Medical Informatics Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery Cosmetic Dermatology Varicose Veins Oculoplastics Pediatric EndocrinologyAspergers Syndrome Hand & Microvascular Surgery Medical Oncology Reconstructive Joint Surgery Cosmetic Eyelid & Facial Surgery Vascular Interventional Radiology Oncology Pediatric ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Hand and Upper Extremity Menopausal Management Reconstructive Microsurgery Cosmetic Surgery Vascular malformations Oncology Rehabilitation Pediatric Foot CareAudiology Hand Surgery Microvascular Surgery Reconstruction Reflux Surgery Craniofacial Vascular Neurology Oncology, Medical Pediatric GastroenterologyAutism Hand Therapy Migraine and Neuromuscular Diseases Refractive Critical Care Medicine Vascular Surgery Oncology, Radiation Pediatric Hand SurgeryBalloon Valvuloplasty Head & Neck Cancer and Reconstruction Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery Renal Transplant Cytopathology Vestibular Medicine Oncology/Hematology Pediatric HeadacheBariatric Anesthesiology Head & Neck Surgery Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Replantation and Microsurgery Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Vestibular Rehabilitation Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Pediatric HematologyBariatric Medicine Head and Neck Cancer Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery Reproductive Endocrinology Dental Implants Vitreo-Retinal Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Pediatric Hematology/OncologyBariatric Surgery Headaches Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Retina Dentistry, General Voice Therapy Ophthalmology Pediatric Hemostasis/ThrombosisBehavioral Medicine Health Psychology Minimally Invasive Surgery Retina Vitreous Disease & Surgery Dermatologic Surgery Women and Heart Disease Optometry Pediatric Hospitalist ServicesBiomechanics Hearing Aids Mirena and Implanon Rheumatology Dermatology Womens Neurology Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Pediatric Infectious DiseaseBone Dysplasia Hearing Loss Mohs Micrographic Surgery Risk Factor Modification Dermatopathology Wound Care Orbital Surgery Pediatric Intensivists Wrist, Elbow and ShoulderBone Tumor & Soft Tissue Oncology Hearing Services Mohs Surgery Robotic Surgery Diabetic Charcot Foot Reconstruction Reconstruction Orthodontics Pediatric NephrologyBotox for Pain & Spasticity Management Heart Transplant Movement Disorders Salivary Gland Care Diabetic Foot Electrophysiology Orthopaedic - Upper Extremity Pediatric NeurologyBrachial Plexus Reconstruction Hematology Multiple Sclerosis Scoliosis Diabetic Limb Salvage Emergency Medicine Orthopaedic Neck & Spine Pediatric NeuropsychologyBrain Mapping Hepatobiliary Surgery Muscular Dystrophy Shoulder Diabetic Wound Care EMG/NCV Testing Osteopathic Manipulation Pediatric Neurosurgery Endocrinology, Diabetes andBrain Tumors Hepatology Musculoskeletal Shoulder and elbow surgery Diagnostic Radiology Metabolism Otolaryngic Allergy Pediatric Occupational TherapyBreast Surgery Hepatopancreaticobiliary Myocardial Biopsy Skin Cancer Dilation and Curettage (D&C) Endodontics Otolaryngology Pediatric OphthalmologyCardiac Angiography High Risk Obstetrics Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Skull BaseTumors Ear Medical & Surgical Care Endometrial Ablations Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Pediatric OrthodonticsCardiac Pathology Hip Neonatology Sleep Apnea and Snoring Ear Medical Care Endoscopic Ultrasound Otology-Neurotology Pediatric Orthopedics Pacemaker, Defibrillation Implantation, &Cardiac Resynchronization Hip and Knee Surgery Nephrology Sleep Disorders Ear, Nose, Throat Endovascular Medicine Management Pediatric Orthopedics & SpineCardiology Hip Arthroscopy Nerve Injuries and Fractures Sleep Medicine Echocardiographic Telemedicine Epilepsy Pain Management Pediatric Otolaryngology/ENTCardiothoracic Surgery Hopitalist Services-Carmel Hospital Neuroanesthesia Speech-Language Pathology Echocardiography ESSURE Tubal Ligations Palliative Care Pediatric Palliative CareCardiovascular CT & MRI Hopitalist Services-St.Vincent Heart Center Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Elbow Surgery Esthetician Palliative Medicine Pediatric PathologyCardiovascular Disease Hospice Neurohospitalist Spinal Diagnostics and Theraputics Electrodiagnostics Stroke Pancreas Transplant Pediatric Physical Med. and RehabCardiovascular Imaging Hospitalist Neurointerventional Radiology Spinal Disorders Electroencephalogram [EEG] Surgery, Eye Parkinsons Disease Pediatric Physical Medicine and RehabilitationCardioversion Hospitalist Services-Indianapolis Hospital Neurological Rehabilitation Spine Surgery Electromyogram Surgery, Foot and Ankle Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Pediatric Physical TherapiesCardothoracic Anesthesiology Hysterectomy Neurology Spine Trauma Pediatric Spine Surgical Critical Care Pathology Pediatric Plastic SurgeryCartilage Restoration Infectious Disease Neuromuscular Disorders Spine Trauma Surgery Pediatric Sports Injuries Surgical Endoscopy Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Pediatric PsychiatryCatheter ablation Infertility Neuro-Ophthalmology Spine Tumor Surgery Pediatric Surgery Surgical Oncology Percutaneous Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs) Pediatric PsychologyCerebral Palsy and Spasticity Injured Nerve Problems Neuropathy Sports Injuries - Elbow/Wrist/Hand Pediatric Urology Stress Echocardiography Periodontics Pediatric PulmonologyCerebrovascular Disorders Certified Nurse-Midwife St.Vincent Faculty Practice Sports Medicine Pediatrics Pedicatric Hemophilia Peripheral Vascular Disease Pediatric Radiation OncologyPhysical Therapy Pediatric Sleep Disorders Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology Therapies Sports Performance/Sports Medicine Pediatrics, Critical Care Medicine Plagiocephaly Physiatrist Pediatric RadiologyPediatric Radiology, Diagnostic Plastic Surgery Physiatry Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Pediatric Residency
  42. 42. Initial Approach for Service Areas• reduced number of options in service area dropdown• eliminate redundancies• group some areas together• ‘like’ groupings rather than alphabetical, hybrid approach• all services page > catch all
  43. 43. Where It’s At
  44. 44. Next Up• GUESS best specialty labels (more general groupings of very specific titles)• Map specialties to service areas (harder than you’d think)• User Testing
  45. 45. Taxonomy Takeaways• Taxonomy helps • Search analytics and user consistently and research can help you meaningfully organize understand how users talk words about things• Be strategic & thoughtful • Branding & culture has a about how you approach place in deciding how to your taxonomy creation say what you say• Jump in and try it, it’s not • Remember all the cross scary, it can be fun, and channel places your users adds tangible value to a might see the taxonomy project