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This project has a $50,000 budget. This project has a $350,000 budget. This project is for your Mom’s book club, to be paid in tea cakes and Sunday dinners. How do you resize your user experience research, efforts, and deliverables to match the scope of the project and the size of your (client’s) wallet? And how do you keep user experience top of mind when there isn’t room for it in the top of the budget? Hear tips and tricks for loving your users at any price point.

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  • I stole this image from: Source is an article about the importance of handshaking.
  • No theft credit. That is actually me. Actually at work. Cause that’s how we roll at Enlighten. Thank you web cam.
  • Get it, those are UX people! From the UX people widget library! Based on the peeps in the butterfly book by Peter Morville and Jeff Callender! Get it here:
  • I stole this image from: Scrumptious rub recipe.
  • I stole this image from: Source is an article about the importance of handshaking.
  • I stole this image from: Note that I am pro-berries, and do not agree with the assessment offered in this blog post.
  • That’s a Duracell battery, because marketing works, and typing “consider this” makes me think of their commercials. Why doesn’t someone put a charge indicator on rechargeable batteries? I stole this image from:
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  • A latin travel blog. Personally, I have not yet hung out with this guy. real life, that is a seriously large picture. Called “The Icebergs” by Frederick Edwin Church. On display in the Dallas Museum of Art. Wikipedia is not going to do this one justice.
  • Resize your UX

    1. Resize your UXUX UX How to deal with big jumps in project scope & budget, while maintaining a core process that keeps UX central.
    2. RESIZE YOUR UXHigh Level IA for this Talk1. Get to know you2. The problem3. My solution4. Shortcuts5. Dontcuts6. The One Slide you MUST see!7. Q&A @UXmarti #MWUX12 2
    3. RESIZE YOUR UXGet to knowyouI <3 U + UX@UXmarti #MWUX12 3
    4. RESIZE YOUR UXAbout MeFirst digital memory:playing monkey math game on AtariFirst email address:smurfette_of_oz@yahoo.comFirst job in digital:department website at my undergradwork study jobOfficial training:MIS in HCI from University of MichiganName dropping:Levis National Institute of Health NuStepWhirlpool Giant Eagle Inland JergensBiore John FriedaCurrent Affiliation:Enlighten, a born digital agency Marti Gukeisen Information Architect Interaction DesignerBrand Loyalty: Senior User Experience DesignerMac at home, PC at work, ipad, androidphone, commute on a Cannondale @UXmarti #MWUX12 4
    5. RESIZE YOUR UX About YouWhat do you do? Where do you do it? student  In-house I don’t do real work yet for a single brand/entity IxD / UX / IA call it what you want, you UX  Agency lots of different clients I am a UX+ _______ visual design, coding, etc.  Solo consulting, contracting consultant i.e. criticize other people’s work Outlier chair tester, rocket scientist, etc. @UXmarti #MWUX12 5
    6. RESIZE YOUR UX The problemSo what’s the rub?@UXmarti #MWUX12 6
    7. RESIZE YOUR UXBudgets vary, but your taskseldom does: create an outstanding user experience @UXmarti #MWUX12 7
    8. RESIZE YOUR UXOr rather… create an outstanding, intuitive, innovative, user experience that dwarfs competitors and can be livein a month for next to nothing @UXmarti #MWUX12 8
    9. RESIZE YOUR UX UX Artifacts & Deliverables (a partial list) Analytics Assessment  Heuristic Evaluation  Scenarios Card Sorting  Identify Business  Search Term Analysis CMS content model Objectives  Site Diagram / High level Competitive Review  Identify Stakeholders IA Consumer Trends  Identify User Objectives  Story Cards /  Interview reports Storyboarding Content Inventory  Interview scripts  Task Diagrams Content map  Messaging framework  Use cases Cross-property Activity Analysis  Needs Analysis  User Flows Ethnographic Research  Online Surveys  User Segmentation Feature Cards  Paper Prototyping  User Task Analysis Feature Set  Personas  User testing analysis and reports Focus group plans  Prototypes  User testing scripts Functional requirements  Reports  Wireframes / Page level IA Functional specifications  Review Research @UXmarti #MWUX12 9
    10. RESIZE YOUR UXWithout a plan, this list canbecome… Knock, Knock. Who’s there? High Level IA UX.Wireframes UX who? Functional Specifications Yeah, that’s what I thought. @UXmarti #MWUX12 10
    11. RESIZE YOUR UX My Solution Because sometimes it’s not cheating when you share answers. Uh, no. This is not aprove-that-math-matters kind of moment. @UXmarti #MWUX12 11
    12. RESIZE YOUR UXMy Hypothesisstructuring your deliverable selection can help youmanage variability in project size & scope @UXmarti #MWUX12 12
    13. RESIZE YOUR UXAspects of UX Determine Goals Business objectives, user motivation, other stakeholder goals. Understand the Environment Brand context, competitive space, user expectations & habits. Plan the Interaction What states & steps are needed? Validate & Assess Ask, test, iterate. Document the Plan Facilitates shared understanding for everyone involved. @UXmarti #MWUX12 13
    14. RESIZE YOUR UX Determine Understand the Plan the Validate / Document the Goals Environment Interaction Assess Plan Identify Content Inventory Scenarios Heuristic Evaluation Site Diagram StakeholdersUser Segmentation Competitive Review User Flows Online Surveys Wireframes Analytics Needs Analysis Task Diagrams User testing scripts Story Boards Assessment User testing analysis Consumer Trends Review Research Use cases Content map and reports Cross-channel Functional Personas Feature Set Interview scripts Analysis requirements FunctionalSearch Term Analysis User Task Analysis Feature Cards Interview reports specifications Identify User Ethnographic Card Sorting Prototypes CMS content model Objectives Research Identify Business Paper Prototyping Objectives @UXmarti #MWUX12 14
    15. RESIZE YOUR UXAllocating your time &picking your deliverables Whichdeliverables will best meet the needs of you and your team? How much attention does each aspect of the project deserve? @UXmarti #MWUX12 15
    16. RESIZE YOUR UX Consider this… Lifespan  Novelty Project will be up for days? Months? (More=More understanding the Years? (More = More everything) environment, validating, assessing) Screens  Timeline or pages/states (More=More time (Less=Less something) planning, documenting)  Budget Complexity (Less=Less something) Linear? Decision Tree? Star chart? (More=More documentation)  Who Else is Involved (More=More documentation) User Inputs (More=More interaction planning) @UXmarti #MWUX12 16
    17. RESIZE YOUR UXTask Table Determine Understand the Plan the Validate / Document Goals Environment Interaction Assess the PlanTimeTasks Needs more cowbell. @UXmarti #MWUX12 17
    18. RESIZE YOUR UXTask Table Example Determine Understand the Plan the Validate / Document Goals Environment Interaction Assess the PlanTime 2 days 2 days 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks Business kickoff Review existing Scenarios Prototype testing Functional meeting (1/2 day) client survey data (2 days) (3 days) specifications (1/2 day) (2 weeks) User Interviews Feature Set Interpret results (1 day) Review Analytics (1 day) (2 days) (1/2 day) Flow diagram Informal (2 day)Tasks competitive review (1 day) Wireframing (1 week) Updates (1 week) @UXmarti #MWUX12 18
    19. RESIZE YOUR UXShortcutsBecause there’s neverenough time.@UXmarti #MWUX12 19
    20. RESIZE YOUR UXWhen is it okay to cut corners?…when you (or somebody, or everybody) alreadyknows the answer.  Use existing information, industry reports, repurpose personas for the same user segment.  Don’t re-invent the wheel (or the comment box, or date picker, or search results…)  Borrow from existing paradigms whenever it’s appropriate. @UXmarti #MWUX12 20
    21. RESIZE YOUR UXAssessment & Validation:User Testing on a Shoestring Focus on the 20% that’s different, not the 80% that’s the same the wheel works, trust me. I ride a bike. Quick and (relatively) cheap online testing such as Guerilla UX invade and conquer in your local coffee shop Ask your mom or at least someone who isn’t on the project @UXmarti #MWUX12 21
    22. RESIZE YOUR UXDontcutsBecause there’s alwaystime for regret.@UXmarti #MWUX12 22
    23. RESIZE YOUR UXWhen it’s not okay to cut corners…when it means you are skipping a stepcompletely. UnderstandDetermine Plan the Validate / Document the Goals Interaction Assess the Plan Environment @UXmarti #MWUX12 23
    24. RESIZE YOUR UXThe One SlideYou MUST seeWell not this slide, the nextslide. And the next one.@UXmarti #MWUX12 24
    25. RESIZE YOUR UXSummaryObjective: Meet the challenge of scope that changeswith every project, and keep UX core to your processMethod: Use a task table to plan how you allocateyour time and choose the correct deliverablesConsider: lifespan, screens, complexity, user inputs,novelty, timeline, budget, who else is involvedDo: take shortcuts when it means you arentduplicating others workDont: skip steps; youll end up regretting it @UXmarti #MWUX12 25
    26. RESIZE YOUR UX Marti Gukeisen @UXmarti martivg@umich.eduQ @UXmarti #MWUX12 26