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E portfolio

  2. 2. THE CITY MANAGER SAIDTHAT THE CENTER WASCOSTING THE CITY MONEYAND WAS NOT BEING USED.The city wanted the center to become self-supportingI accepted the challenge
  3. 3. COMMUNITYCOMMUNICATIONS Community relations
  4. 4. I SET OUT TO FIND OUT WHY COMMUNITY GROUPS DID NOT USE THE CENTER I INTRODUCED MYSELF TO CIVIC GROUP LEADERS TO INQUIRE AS TO WHY THEY DID NOT USE THE CENTERNumber one response: they did not feel that thecenter management cared about their concerns butonly cared about clean-up requirements which thegroups considered far too strict.
  5. 5. MY FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS, DISCONTINUE THIS CLEAN-UP REQUIREMENT.Since the Center could not asyet afford a cleaning crew, Ibecame the cleaning crew.
  6. 6. It Worked. COMMUNITY GROUPS BEGAN TOJOIN THE CENTER AS THEIR HEADQUARTERS. Then began renting the Centerfor their fund raisers. Also the members of the groups began renting theCenter for their private functions
  7. 7. Boy Scouts joined theCenter
  8. 8. Girl Scouts join theCenter
  9. 9. The Jaycees and aKarate Club join theCenter.
  10. 10. The VFW joins theCenter.
  11. 11. Lions Club joins theCenter.
  12. 12. Adult Exercise Classes andHunter Safety Classes.
  13. 13. The Huron Valley Yellow Jackets join the Center a youth sportsgroup
  14. 14. It becomes A COMMUNITY CENTERafter years of being unused
  15. 15. Dances for the young and older.Youth dances Senior Citizen dances
  16. 16. Rock Concerts began to book atthe Center
  17. 17. So Much Happening
  18. 18. Keeping the community informed of somuch happening
  19. 19. Now with a Center that they can callhome, community groups begin toorganize ways to raise money fortheir projects
  20. 20. More fundraisers
  22. 22. Worked with the County to bring aCounty Commissioners meeting to theCenter and to get the PR out to thecommunity concerning the meeting W o r k e d w i t h t h e C o u n t y t o b r i n g a
  23. 23. Worked with the County Executive‟sOffice to hold a public forum to discussthe proposal to raise taxes to enlargejail space Worked with the County Executive‟s office to hold a public forum to discuss the proposal to raise taxes to enlarge jail space
  24. 24. ForgingRelationships betweenCivic groups to createcommunity COMMUNITY COMMUNICATIONS
  25. 25. The Historical Societyrequested permissionto place a holidaytree at the Center. Isuggested that it be acommunity tree andallow all theorganizations that callthe Center home to beinvited to putdecorations on thetree. It became ayearly tradition.
  26. 26. Groups began working together todesign tours and educationalopportunities for the public
  27. 27. People from the youth sports programcalled requesting an emergency blooddrive. I worked with the Red Cross toget the community involved.
  28. 28. The community came together The Com munit y came toget her
  29. 29. A parent of a disabled child telephonedme and asked me if the Center woulddevelop a program for children like herslike the Center has the youth sportsprogram. After much thought I decided toask the adult exercise leader if she wouldconsider doing such a program. Betweenher and I and few parents we created anexercise program for the disabled.
  30. 30. It worked, and was successful
  31. 31. Her is a quote from The Huron ValleyTimes concerning this program‟s success “This is an example of listening to the public and creative thinking. After listening to two mothers of disabled children explain that their children cannot participate in the Center‟s youth programs, Martis Goodwin worked with them and some professionals to create this program. It is the first such program in Michigan, possibility the nation. In addition to individuals twenty-two residential homes signed up the first day. Recreational Directors and Residential Home Directors from three states have already come to the Center to talk with Goodwin and study his program in efforts to start programs of their own.” The Huron Valley Times
  32. 32. In appreciationthe groups that used theCenter began to giveback by giving donationsto the Center
  33. 33. The Yellow Jackets donate aTrophy Case to the Center
  34. 34. The Rotary Club donates a projection screenand venetians blinds to darken the roomwhen using the screen to the Center  Rotary Club gives the Center a Project ion Screen and Veneti ans Blinds to Darken the room when using the screen
  35. 35. One day I gave a simple drawing of a sign forthe Center to the Mayor. I said that I would liketo get the community groups that use the Centerto work together to build the sign. He tossed thepicture back at me and said that it would neverget built because no ones cares about the Centerenough to pay for it. I started asking the groupsif they would be willing to help. Every group toldme that that would contribute. The Rotary Clubvolunteered to spearhead the drive. Ithappened. Much to the amazement of the mayorand council.
  36. 36. The sign drive starts
  37. 37. Here is a picture of the 16‟ by 12‟ sign inan article in the Downriver MagazineThis is apicture ofthe sign inan articleabout theCenter inthe„DownriverMagazine‟
  38. 38. The sign becomes a landmark, groups and individualstake their picture standing in front of the sign  The Rotary Club pose in front of the sign
  39. 39. Now the challenge was to recruit paying customers.The Brand Equity of the Center workedagainst me. Business people did not thinkthat the Center would be suitable fortheir purposes.They told me.“Isn‟t that just a place for baby showers?”
  41. 41. Business Leaders had other doubts also. * Nobody has heard of the place. * Nobody knows where it is. How would anybody find it? * It is too small for anything serious.
  42. 42. Also working against me was businessleaders automatically booking theRenaissance Center or the Joe LouisCenter. I was Persistent. I talked about the Center everywhere. I started a aggressive public relations campaign. „Before you book, look at the Center for your next event.‟
  43. 43. I needed to develop selling strategies The first strategy I developed was: an organization that rented the Rockwood Center for their exhibit or trade show would receive more attention and help than they would from either the Renaissance Center of the Joe Louis Center.
  44. 44. Finally, it worked. Kelly Services beganusing the Center for its monthly out-services
  45. 45. Then I received thechallenge of myfirst commercialtrade show A Michigan, Indiana, Ohio regional lawn care trade show and exhibit organizers contacted the Center. They doubted that the center could meet their needs but they said they would let me try.
  46. 46. I went to work I measured out the center to plan where they could exhibit all their lawn care equipment, placement of information booths and a comfortable passage though the show.
  47. 47. I bookedtheir tradeshowThe firstcommercial exhibitat the Center
  48. 48. I went to work to make sure the exhibit gotheavy PR
  49. 49. It was a success. The fears that the Centerbeing unknown and no one knew where it wasproved unimportant. People found the placecoming from more than three states.The doubt that it was too small to do a tradeshow was also proved wrong.The Center was no longer viewedas “just a place for baby showers”
  50. 50. THEN SOON CAME A NATIONAL SHOWThe National CockerSpaniel Dog Show
  51. 51. As the articlestates, this dogshow alwaysused theRenaissanceCenter before,but I “nailed itdown” for theCenter
  52. 52. After thedog show theDetroitCockerSpaniel Clubjoined thecenter
  54. 54. Worked with the State Police and various civicgroups to plan the 50th anniversary of theMichigan State Police.
  55. 55.  With the Center filled with the Commander of the Michigan State police and all the post commanders in the State of Michigan, numerous Mayors and State Officials I was informed by the kitchen staff that smoke was coming into the kitchen and feared a fire. I checked out the Center as quickly as I could and soon discovered that the smoke was from the Commander‟s helicopter coming in the kitchen air intake vent. I calmly handled the problem with nobody knowing that there had been a problem
  56. 56. Worked with numerous service groupsto coordinate an exhibition forsenior citizens
  57. 57. I helped plan statewide events likethe Michigan StatePolice anniversary,regional eventslike the seniorexhibition andlocal events likethe yearly MayorExchange Day
  58. 58. Then I plannedan internationalevent
  59. 59. Worked with the Cityand Countygovernmentalofficials bodies andthe JapaneseCompany (PenstoneInc.) executives inplanning thiswelcome toRockwood‟s IndustrialPark.
  61. 61. “The Center took in more revenue in the first six monthsof this year than in all of last year.”
  62. 62. “Rentals and usage are upat the city‟s center”“Rockwood‟s Center is thebusiest in the southernDownriver area”“Rentals increased two thirdslast year”Before Goodwin “it (theCenter) was used little, if atall. At one point it satempty, completely unused”“He (Goodwin) took the bullby the horns and ran with it „said the Mayor”
  63. 63. When Goodwin took over the Centerthe only activity was a senior lunchprogram. He has added severalactivities”
  65. 65. “Mr. Goodwinhas created a climateof support, trust andrespect between theCenter and thecommunity”““Out of the 54Centers in WayneCounty only one otherhas been honored withthe Focal Point Award”
  66. 66. “Martis Goodwin,Director of the Centerwas praised for creatingan atmosphere at theCenter thatacknowledges the valueof human life andaffirms the dignity andself-worth of the olderadult”
  67. 67. Letters to the editor concerning my work at the Center.“Mr. Goodwin maintains excellentcontrol. The kids like him and look up “Mr. Goodwin’s smile andto him. I felt my kids were safe excitement express someone who’sbecause of the rules Mr. Goodwin headstrong , concerned and aware ofupheld” everything that is going on. He has a positive and coolheaded approach”
  68. 68. Quotes from other articles “Revenue tripled in the first year” The Huron Valley Times “The Wayne County Health Department during its last two inspections gave the Center 100 percent ratings, up from 60 and 70 percent ratings prior to Goodwin taking over” The Huron Valley Times
  69. 69.  “Because of all the programs Goodwin has developed at his Center, it is the only Center in all of Out-Wayne County which serves 10 percent or more of the population in its service area. No other city comes anywhere near to that number.” The Monroe Evening News
  70. 70.  “Martis Goodwin is very visible in South- Eastern Michigan. He has proven himself aggressive, creative and compassionate. He has also proven to be a strong and capable spokesperson for South-Eastern Michigan. However, few people know that in private, Martis Goodwin is a quiet, kind, low-profile man.” The Huron Valley Times
  72. 72. “As a student this young manexhibited a most unusual patternof study: first , he set aboutthoroughly covering therequirements of the course until hehas assured himself a top grade;then he conducted his ownintellectual inquiry carryinghimself well beyond anyinstructor‟s expectations „“I heartily recommend him,especially for activity thatrequires a higher level ofintellectual ability”
  73. 73. “He (Martis Goodwin)is thoroughly reliable,dedicated to ethicaland intellectual values,perceptive andsensitive in hisrelationships withother persons. Irecommend him to youwithout qualification”
  74. 74. “He (Martis Goodwin) is ahard-working individual whotook his responsibilitiesseriously”“Martis had to master a newand complicated “tradelanguage” as well as a hostof complex procedures. Inboth respects, Martisdemonstrated quickcomprehension and a solidretention of new terminologyand concepts”
  75. 75. “He (MartisGoodwin) hasbeen aconscientious,dependableemployee. Heworks equally wellon his own orworking withothers”
  76. 76. “His (MartisGoodwin) abilityto work withnumerous people,superiors, peers,subordinates, tobring an activity toclosure isexcellent.”
  77. 77. “He (Martis Goodwin) functionedextraordinarily well with my staff.His energy or aggressiveness iscontained in far more subtle jobskills.-a listening ability of no meanproportions-calm detachment reflects hisobjectivity-tenacious about fact finding andable to make practical applicationsof complex situations in written form-understands how to manage conflictby developing consensus”
  78. 78. Thank you for takingthe time to review mye-portfollio. I lookforward to workingwith you.