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Social Media Barometer by Martin Waxman


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media Barometer by Martin Waxman

  1. 1. Social  Media  Barometer    PRSA  Western  District  Conference  Mar$n  Waxman   April  19,  2013   © 2013 Martin Waxman. All rights Reserved. @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  2. 2. Good  to  meet  you  IRL     tinwaxman @mar@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  3. 3. Search  me…  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  4. 4. Search  me…  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  5. 5. Search  me…  Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny Is  seman$c  search   the  end  of   serendipity?    @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  6. 6. The  new  genera$on  gap  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  7. 7. I’d  like  that  to  go   Mobility  means  never  having   to  say  you  can’t  reach  me  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  8. 8. The  face  of  new  media   We  do  the  programming   but  we  don’t  get  paid  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  9. 9. Digital  first   Beyond      publicity…     Time  for    PR  to  lead  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  10. 10. …puPng  things  in  focus  @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  11. 11. How we get there 1. Strategy 2. Training 3. Content@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  12. 12. Barometer 1.  Search me – semantic search…is it the end of serendipity? 2.  Generation gap – 35 is the new dividing line 3.  I’d like that to go– mobility means our online connections are always with us 4.  Face of new media – we’re the programmers yet we don’t get paid 5.  Digital first communications – media’s adapting. PR can no longer sit idly by…@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  13. 13. @martinwaxman #PRSAWDC
  14. 14. Contact: Martin Waxman Blog: myPALETTE Twitter: @martinwaxman Inside PR@martinwaxman #PRSAWDC