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Ceh Training Courses Penetration Testing Pronetexpert


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CEH Training Courses and Penetration Testing Classes

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Ceh Training Courses Penetration Testing Pronetexpert

  1. 1. Penetration Testing/CEH How secure is your network? Barely a day goes by without news of security ProNetExpert Ltd breaches, identity theft and malicious attacks on networks and end systems. Hudson House, 8 Albany Street Recent figures indicate that more than 90% of all IT systems are Edinburgh, EH1 3QB vulnerable to attacks. Tel: 0131 473 2384 ProNetExpert Ltd offer training and consultancy on two key areas – Certified Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing - enabling you to be protected against today’s ever increasing cyber crime threats and to comply with latest Web: government IT regulations. Mail:
  2. 2. The training courses we offer are: Certified Ethical Hacker The Certified Ethical Hacker course offers a vendor neutral solution to security problems and network integrity. The concept behind the technology is to stop hackers by thinking just like them - if you know their methods, then you are better placed to prevent them. The Ethical Hacker is trusted to legally attack a system himself, to test its defences and identify any vulnerabilities. Penetration Testing Penetration Testing is very similar to ethical hacking, in that the security measures of a network will be actively tested to evaluate their performance and highlight any weak spots. This will not only enable you to proactively manage any vulnerabilities and the required budget for any implementation deemed necessary, but will also prevent financial loss through fraud and safeguard your organisation against failure. Both of these courses are ideal for: • Security officers • Site and system administrators • Security professionals • Auditors • Anyone concerned about the integrity of their network Candidates will be offered the chance to work in an interactive environment where they are shown how to scan, test and hack their own systems. They will also gain cutting edge security knowledge about the ever-changing security threats and available tools. ProNetExpert offer these courses as standard ‘off the shelf’ deliveries, or they can be tailored to your individual requirements to ensure that your staff can implement the protection you need. ProNetExpert Ltd We can also provide remote or onsite consultancy where a highly skilled PNE Hudson House, 8 Albany Street consultant will identify vulnerabilities on your network, enabling you to eradicate Edinburgh, EH1 3QB security weaknesses and protect your infrastructure. This results in a comprehensive Tel: 0131 473 2384 report that details the recommendations that will eliminate your system vulnerabilities. Consultancy is charged at an hourly or daily rate, depending on the Web: extent of the work required. Mail: Contact us for pricing today! Let ProNetExpert discover your network weaknesses in a safe, trustworthy environment…before a malicious hacker gets there first.