Ywsw 2011 Workshop Descriptions


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Ywsw 2011 Workshop Descriptions

  1. 1. An Audience with Mike and Martin Q & A Panel The Future of Youth work 2Mike Pilavachi and Martin Saunders share We’ve gathered together a group of practitioners A second opportunity to hear Mike Pilavachi andstories from their worlds and invite you to ask from a range of areas of youth and children’s Martin Saunders share stories from their worldsquestions from your context. ministry – come along and join in the discussion and to ask questions from your context. and add in your questions.The Key - Part 1 The Key – Part 2 The Key – Part 3The KEY is a foundational training course to The core aims of The KEY are: The style of the three sessions of the KEY areequip all those who work with children and - To reflect on why you work with children interactive and full of games, quizzes,young people and is primarily aimed at or young people. (Part 1) reflections, ideas, practical advice and groupvolunteers. Delegates will need to participate in - To explore learning styles, programme work.all 3 sessions to complete the course. planning and resources (Part 2) - To be aware of the basics in safeguarding and good practice (Part 3)Introduction to Spirituality: Exploring the Bible: Boys, Girls and God:We will explore some of the latest research into Exploring how to use the bible with integrity with Exploring a biblical perspective on gender, howspirituality and young people and see how we children and young people and share bible boys and girls experience life differently and howcan best nurture and encourage them in their stories with imagination and impact. we can encourage children and young people tofaith journeys. develop without using damaging stereotypes.Church on the Edge: Listening Skills: Going the Long Haul:Exploring what church is and how we can reach A practical workshop in which we will practice a Exploring the benefits of being in for the longchildren and young people who do not currently variety of listening skills on each other, using haul, the challenges of doing so and theengage with church. Josh McDowell’s book ‘Counselling Youth’ as a immense privilege we have to work with children guide. and young people.Building Relationships: Discipleship: Growing Young People as Leaders:Exploring the vital importance of building Exploring the context of discipleship with young Exploring ways we can seek to mentor youngrelationships with children and young people. people and how to see transformational growth people into leadership roles in our localLooking at the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. In a variety of in their lives. churches.contexts, including; open youth clubs, detachedyouth work and others.Children and God: Connecting with Schools: 101 Ideas for Youth Work:Exploring a range of practical ideas and Exploring the thinking and ethos behind schools Exploring a wide range of practical ideas andresources to help you support children in their ministry and gaining an understanding of the resources for immediate use in your work withjourney with God. context of education. Learn about the young people (11+). opportunities for supporting your local school(s).