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VYS Devon News May 2011


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VYS Devon News May 2011

  1. 1. THE NEWSLETTER FOR ALL THOSE INVOLVED IN YOUTH WORK IN DEVON AND PRODUCED BY VOLUNTARY YOUTH SERVICES Issue 5 – MAY 2011 YOUTH NEWS CIRCULATION CONTENTS Devon/Regional NewsDue to the fact that VYS will no longer be funded Eventsby Devon Youth Service from the end of June it Training Courseswill be reviewing its ability to circulate Publications and Resourcesinformation, particularly Youth News, to those Grants / Awards / Competitionswho are not member organisations. This is to National News & Informationinform you that the June issue of Youth Newsmay be the last one that you receive unless your VYS is inviting members of Local Youthorganisation is, or becomes, a member of VYS. Networks to become members so that they can continue to receive the full benefits thatCurrently VYS membership is FREE to voluntary they had previously received from VYS asand community groups who are encouraged to part of the Service Level Agreement thatjoin and so benefit from: VYS had with the Devon Youth Service. ♦ free subscriptions to the monthly newsletter (Youth News), which provides There has been a good take up of this offer information on training, funding and in the first few days since this was analysis of key policy issues as well as advertised and it is hoped that many more practical advice; local groups will join in the coming month or ♦ e-bulletins giving updates on events, so to ensure that they don’t have an publications and good practice issues interruption to the services they access from around the network; from VYS. ♦ discounted training including child protection training; For those who are interested in continuing ♦ the opportunity to have your voice heard to access Youth News but are ineligible for and influence County Council policy VYS membership the intention is that it through VYS advocating on your behalf becomes available via subscription – this is on issues that affect the work of the in the process of being set up. Contact the voluntary and community youth sector. VYS office for further details on any of the above. VYS, YFC Centre, Retail Park Close, Marsh Barton Road, Exeter EX2 8LG Tel / Fax: 01392 250976 E-mail: Registered Charity No. 1054442
  2. 2. THE FUTURE OF VYS - THE ORGANISATION THAT SUPPORTS AND REPRESENTS YOU Come to the AGM 7.00 pm on Monday 20th June at the YFC Centre, Exeter to show your support to the VYS Executive and to contribute to the discussion about the future role of VYSAs many of you know, VYS has had all of its funding withdrawn by the Local AuthorityYouth Service as part of the required budget cutbacks and the VYS Executive has beentrying to ascertain why VYS has been singled out for a 100% cut in funding and has alsosought clarification about how the voluntary youth sector will be involved in shaping thefuture policies that will affect the work that you do in the future. There are still outstandingissues that the County Council have failed to respond to, but VYS intends to continuesupporting its members in the remainder of the financial year by drawing on its reserveswhilst looking at options for a sustainable future.The Annual General Meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the current situation and,along with the results of its consultation exercise, to determine the way forward for VYSand where it should focus its future priorities - which according to the initial results of theconsultation with member organisations include the following top priorities: ♦ To ensure that the views, the needs and potential of the voluntary youth sector are represented and articulated to policy makers ♦ To hold policy makers accountable for the decisions they make that affect the voluntary youth sector ♦ To provide help and advice regarding funding and resources for youth projects and provision ♦ To enable your organisation to access information and advice, relevant to your needs e.g. YOUTH NEWS ♦ Develop ways of ensuring that provision in the voluntary sector is of a high standard and that examples of good practice are disseminated ♦ Ensure information relating to workforce development is accessible to voluntary sector workers, so that they have the necessary skills and knowledge.It is therefore most important that you support VYS – the organisation that represents youand which supports the valuable work that you do – at the Annual General Meeting. Weneed to hear your views about the way forward from the current situation, what our futurepriorities should be in relation to the needs of VYS members and how best we can supportthose needs in the future.Remember - the members of the Executive are all volunteers who give their timefreely to support the work that you do and to represent your interests – pleaseshow your support by coming along on the 20th June. Thank you and I look forwardto seeing you next month. Paul Allan, Chair 2
  3. 3. DEVON NEWSJOB VACANCIES - Visit the VYS website which is updated with new vacancies on aregular basis – see Assessment Framework / Team Around the Child – The shape of thesupport provided to professionals as part of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)and Team Around the Child (TAC) processes in Devon has changed. The AXS staffsupporting CAF/TAC over the last four years are no longer in post and all organisationsmust now seek to “mainstream” as much of the CAF/TAC activity as they can within theirexisting resources. A letter from Anne Whiteley, Executive Director of Children & YoungPeoples Service, provides information about these changes, including the supportavailable with contact details. See: Protection Training – VYS is once again running one day Group 2 Child ProtectionTraining. The course aims to define child protection, looks at signs of abuse and neglectand provide information on reporting strategies. The course will help you to recognise andknow what to do if you believe a child is at risk. There will be a charge of £20 percandidate for VYS (Devon) members and £40 per candidate for non-VYS (Devon)members and dates are as follows: ♦ 9 July 2011 in Exeter ♦ 24 September 2011 in Okehampton ♦ 15 October 2011 in Barnstaple ♦ Newton Abbot – date and venue to be confirmed. ♦ 3 December 2011 in Tiverton ♦ 28 January 2012 in ExeterFor details about VYS (Devon) membership or for further details/booking form contactVYS on 01392 250976 or - numbers are limited and on a strictlyfirst come first served basis.Community Council of Devon - Elaine Cook has been appointed as the new chiefexecutive of the Community Council of Devon. She has been Chief Executive at theCommunity Council for Berkshire since 2003, but now lives in North Devon. She hasprevious employment and trustee experience in local and national voluntary organisations.Jay Talbot’s final day will be 22nd June and Elaine will start formally on 25th July.Dartmoor Centres Special Offers - Visit Dartmoor this summer and take advantage ofthis fantastic special offer for youth and community groups. ♦ Pixies Holt - Fully catered, £20 per person per night. Accommodation for up to 36 people is warm and comfortable in bedrooms of 4–6 beds with en-suite hand basins. There is a large common room with small kitchenette for group use, a separate dining room and modern toilet and showers facilities. Set in private grounds there is there is ample parking for cars and minibuses. Only £80 per person for 4 nights fully catered accommodation. ♦ Dartmoor Training Centre - Self catered, £10 per person per night. Accommodation for up to 45 in 2 dormitories and 3 separate leaders’ bedrooms. The centre has a large common room/dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and ample toilets and showers. Set in private grounds there is ample parking for cars and minibuses. Only £40 per person for 4 nights self catered accommodation. 3
  4. 4. ♦ Exciting adventurous activities only £25 per person per day. Whilst staying at the centres you can choose to take part in some exciting Dartmoor activities... Climbing & abseiling • Caving • Forest orienteering • Mountain biking • Bushcraft • Moorland exploration.Minimum group size of 15 people. Offer not available to National Citizenship Schemefunded residentials. To enquire about availability phone 01364 631500 or Community of the Year is a new annual award from the Community Council ofDevon, launched to mark their 50th anniversary, in partnership with Plymouth Guild andCommunity and Voluntary Action Torbay. It is open to any Devon group, town, village, orsociety, that thinks like a community and acts like a community and has worked toimprove their physical or social environment. The winner will be a community which hasbeen inspirational in what it does, and the way it has come together to improve the lives oflocal people, and will be awarded £500. In addition there will be two special categoriesand the winners of each will be awarded £250: ♦ Healthy community of the year – sponsored by NHS Devon ♦ Green community of the year - sponsored by South West WaterFor details go to and thedeadline for entries is 30th June.South Hams Local Youth Network Fund – Voluntary youth groups in the South HamsDistrict are invited to apply to the LYN for grants to support youth work with young peopleaged 13 to 19 years. Grants are available towards salaries, running costs and equipment.Ring 01752 893040 or email for a grant pack. Deadline forapplications is the 10th June, with decisions made two weeks after by the YouthBank.Youth Network training funds - This year, in recognition of the changes to area andcentral structures for Devon Youth Service, the Youth Network funds will be allocated asbelow: ♦ A six month allocation of £3000 will be available to groups who are members of an Area Youth Network and bids will be made using the same format form as previous years, updated for 2011/12 ♦ Bids will need to show how training supports the delivery of quality youth provision and benefit to young people needs to be identified as part of the application ♦ Funding will be given to courses running between the 1st of April 2011 and the 30th of September 2011 inclusive ♦ IYWT Introductory Youth Work Training will be paid for in full for the staff and volunteers of YN groups; new groups can access this benefit whilst in the process of joining the YN ♦ The training fund does not cover costs of minibus training or associate costs for driving permits ♦ Currently under 18’s are not included in the scope of this fund, organisations are expected to cover the provision for young people internally ♦ Grant requests for courses already attended in April and May 2011 will be accepted.Over the next few weeks the functions and the mechanisms for Youth Network supportwill be considered including the training fund. In recognition of the changes to the YouthOpportunity and Youth Capital funds (nationally no longer available) the work of YouthBanks alongside the local reach of Devon’s UK Youth Parliament will be reviewed. The 4
  5. 5. review will seek to enhance the voice and influence of all young people in decision makingand informing the development of youth provision; maximise working together processesand increase accessibility by ensuring appropriate and attractive offers to young people;explore support needs for adults providing youth opportunities and the best means tomeeting those needs; maximise the resources available to processes that provide foryouth participation and involvement in communities. If you have any thoughts orcomments or wish to share best practice please contact your local Youth Network contact.Youth service savings - Children & Young People Now asked five councils "to explaintheir thinking as they strive to make savings to youth services" and one of these was acontribution from Cllr Christine Channon on the position in Devon. June Tendering through Partnerships & Consortia is a one day workshop to helpVoluntary and Community Sector organisations adapt to the shift towards beingcommissioned to deliver services through partnerships and consortia. It is being held atExeter CVS and is being subsidised by the Devon Consortium VCS CommissioningProject. There is a £10 deposit charge refundable on attendance to cover catering andadministration. For details email or ring 01392 202055.9th June Funding Your Organisation is an event being run for those who are looking forfunding and would like to know what funders are looking for. The speakers are MarthaWilkinson, Chief Executive of the Devon Community Foundation, on “getting it right fromthe funders perspective” and Julian Wills, South West Regional Manager, Sported, on“how to plan for successful funding”. There will also be interactive workshopson: Demonstrating that you can deliver and the difference you make – an ‘Outcomes’approach; Improving your funding application; and Alternative Fundraising ideas thatwork, involving events, businesses and an ‘out of the box’ approach. The cost is £20.00per person to include lunch. Contact Carole Chesterton on 01626 215907 June Emergency First Aid at Work - A practical course leading to a HSErecognised qualification that is valid for three years. This is being held in Newton Abbotand for details contact June Introduction to fundraising is a training course from ETN being held inBristol. It will give a sound introduction to the principles of fundraising from statutory andnon-statutory sources, the tools for understanding key donors and what you need todevelop a successful fundraising strategy. For details ring ETN on 0121 359 2113 or see June Focus on Outcomes is a full day workshop being held in Ashburton with twoexperienced outcomes champions. How effective is your organisation? Can youdemonstrate the differences you make for your community? Are your funders askingabout outcomes? Come and learn how to apply an Outcomes focus to YOUR 5
  6. 6. organisation. £25.00 per person (includes up to 4 hours follow up support). For details ringSouth Hams CVS on 01803 862266 or email June First Aid for the Outdoors 16 hours (2 day residential) course being heldat Pixies Holt Outdoor learning Centre. This course covers the basics of First Aidincluding the new Emergency First Aid at Work syllabus and is designed to giveparticipants the necessary skills to respond to common accidents and incidents at work, inthe home and outdoors. A particular emphasis is placed on casualty care in remotelocations. This course meets the requirements of NGB awards such as ML, SPA,SWMMLTS etc. To book go to or ring 01364 63150022nd June Twitter Fundraising and Social Network Fundraising courses being run inExeter. The morning course is on fundraising successfully using twitter and will cover howyou can maximise the potential of Twitter as a fundraiser. It will look at a range of ways tomake your Twitter activity effective, complement and enhance other fundraising andintegrate with your current strategy. The afternoon course is on fundraising using socialnetworks and will cover how as a fundraiser you can maximise the potential of other socialnetworks to Twitter. It will look at Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites and ways you canuse them to improve your fundraising. Both courses come complete with a CD Rom withall notes in PDF format for the course, key exercises to enhance your work and links tothe most useful sites to help and enhance your fundraising. Cost £49 plus VAT for eachsession. See or ring 01388 51770328th June Supporting your staff - effective supervision & appraisal is a trainingcourse from Cascade Training to be held at Sparkford, near Yeovil. This workshop isaimed at team leaders and managers who want to focus on the topic of staff developmentand learn how to support staff more effectively. Carrying out regular supervision andappraisal meetings with staff are a crucial element of staff development but this can be anuncomfortable task - particularly if you are dealing with awkward working relationships andbelow par work standards. This workshop will explore the supervisory and appraisalprocess in detail to help you understand how to manage the process with your staff andhow to deal with potential problems. See or contactLauren Evans on 07854 208369 or email July Surviving and Thriving: change and continuity for rural youth work – thisRural Youth Network Conference, being held in Coventry, aims to explore issues thataffect young people and those that work with them in rural areas. It will explore:Transitions for young people; Working together; Places to go, things to do; and Hearingthe voice of Rural Young People.TRAININGCommunity Council of Devon Training ♦ 23rd June Funding Your Vision “The Steps to Success” is a training day that will take you through key steps in achieving and developing a more successful funding base for your organisation. It is being run by the Community Council of Devon at Newton St Cyres. ♦ 29th June Funding your Community Enterprise which will introduce participants to the social enterprise model. This is being run at Topsham. 6
  7. 7. Both these events are free including buffet lunch funded by the Big Lottery Fund, TotalSupport project, for the Devon Consortium. Participants are required to make a £10refundable deposit. Contact Eleanor Rutley, Community Council of Devon, on 01392383443 or Violence Training – ADVA are now partners with Devon SafeguardingChildrens Board as Working Together to Safeguard Children training providers andcourses up until the end of July are now available to book from its and follow links for Professionals and Training Courses. Any queriescontact Claire Birch on 01392 382567 or email Training – a new training programme for this summer is now available. See Aid Training - The South Devon YMCA offers a whole suite of first aid courses. Thetraining is very flexible, for example, although the Paediatric First Aid is a 12 hour 2 daycourse, they can deliver it over a number of smaller sessions to suit a group’s needs. Thetraining can also take place at the group’s own premises.See contact Peter Bowles on 01803 551578 Email: 2 Certificate in Youth Work – this is a new pilot course being run by Petroc inBarnstaple starting on 4th July. These qualifications have been developed to enablecandidates to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become a youth support workeror a youth and community worker. You will need to be involved in youth work, either paidor voluntary, to complete the qualification. The cost has been reduced to £95 for the pilotscheme unless you are in receipt of Jobseekers or active benefits. For more details ringTracey (tutor) on 07960 149740 or the office on 01271 338050.PQASSO: the essentials – a FREE online course that will enable you to find out aboutthe benefits of PQASSO, learn how to carry out a self-assessment and have step-by-stepguidance on how to achieve the PQASSO Quality Mark. See,EJHO,12IC1X,15XCV,1. In addition the Next Steps in Quality: PQASSO inPractice has been updated and introduces the 12 quality areas, describes the self-assessment process, and highlights the key elements involved in successfully gettingstarted and keeping motivated with PQASSO. The new edition contains thirteen extrapages packed with insights and tips on how to make PQASSO work for your organisation;including case studies and insider knowledge from organisations that have made ithappen. Available to download free from:,EJHO,12IC1X,15W3T,1.They have also produced a series of helpful and informative podcasts which will answermany of your questions on PQASSO. See:,EJHO,12IC1X,15W3T,1Voluntary Sector Online Management Courses - GLOBE is an e-learning academydelivering a range of online management courses for new, aspiring and experiencedmanagers working in the third sector. Created by PNE Development, a selection of tastercourses is available at no cost - see 7
  8. 8. PUBLICATIONS AND RESOURCESCharity Commission Guidance – the guidance on insurance has been revised. See and Safety - the HSE has created a new web section for voluntary organisationsmanaging low risk activities. Body, My Choice - The Scout Association has launched a sexual health andrelationships programme designed to encourage young people to learn aboutrelationships and sexual health with their peers and trusted adults. The new educationalmaterial is available for leaders to use in a relaxed and informal environment. It is a followup to initial guidance produced in 2008 and reflects the growing demand from both adultleaders and young people for more support in this area. Upon a Group: A guide to running and participating in successful groups is ashort guide aimed at the beginner and would work well as an accompanying workbook forthose joining or setting up groups. See Communities is a new website from Play England that provides information,advice and resources for anyone interested in developing play provision in their localneighbourhood. See has a range of resources for youth work professionals covering topics such ashousing benefit advice, legal issues and an interactive board game for groups to think andtalk about housing and homelessness. They also produce advice leaflets for youngpeople. See or ring 0844 515 1155.Snippets – the May edition of NCVYS’s workforce development e-bulletin is available todownload from Training Resources - professional, affordable training resources that are idealfor any organisation looking to train volunteers or support staff. Each title in the range isan easy to use, timed session with all the preparation done, saving valuable time andmoney. Fund Innovators is a funding scheme from IdeasTap, an arts charity established tohelp young (16-25) creative people at the start of their careers. During this funding roundthe Ideas Fund Innovators aims to offer ten projects £1,000 each to help get them off theground. In the past, Ideas Tap has funded everything from dance and film projects tomusic videos and photography collectives. Applications from any creative field will beconsidered. The closing date is 20th June. 8
  9. 9. NCVYS Young Partners Award - The nominations for this years award are now open forall voluntary and community youth organisations and projects. If young people are activelyinvolved in the decision making processes within your organisation or project then why notnominate your organisation and be in with the chance of receiving great prizes. Theseinclude a £500 small grant towards developing a youth participation project and a yearsfree NCVYS membership. To request an application pack please complete the brief onlineform. Closing date is 10th June. Harrison Foundation Opportunities Through Sport is a programme to supportsporting activities or projects which provide opportunities for people who are disabled orotherwise disadvantaged to fulfil their potential and to develop other personal and lifeskills. Grants will often be “one off” grants for capital projects. It will also consider revenuefunding for a new project or if funding is key to the continuing success or survival of anestablished project. See Playing Fields is a new funding stream from Sport England as part of thePlaces People Play mass participation legacy. The £10m fund will see hundreds of sportsplaying fields across the country protected and improved. The deadline for applications forthe current round is 6th July. Charity Trust Community Awards Scheme provides one-off donations ofbetween £500 and £4,000 to local projects that support children and their education andwelfare, elderly people and adults and children with disabilities. Film Fund - First Light Movies provides grants to projects that enable youngpeople to participate in all aspects of film production. The funding is available toorganisations such as community and voluntary groups that work with young people agedbetween 5 and 18. Grants are delivered through two different funding streams, these are: • The Studio Awards which provides grants of up to £30,000 for between two and four films of up to 10 minutes. • The Pilot Awards which provides grants of up to £5,000 for one short film of up to five minutes in duration.See Person’s Volunteering Fund is SITA Trusts funding programme for volunteeringprojects owned by 14-25 year olds. It can support projects in any of 90 funding zonesaround qualifying waste processing sites operated by SITA UK. SITA Trust can provide upto £10,000 towards agreed project costs. See NEWS AND VIEWSA child-centred system is the final report on child protection from Professor Munro. Itclaims that too many forms and procedures are preventing professionals from being ableto give children the help they need. The report makes a total of 15 recommendations,including a call for professionals to have greater freedom from government controls andthe ability for local areas to develop their own child protection services. Senior figures in 9
  10. 10. the childrens sector have given a cautious welcome to these proposals to shake-up childprotection, calling on the government to back key reforms. See: 1.nsf/0/93F7519401791A2A8025788C004EB800?OpenDocument protection-services-freed-unhelpful-targets/ sector-welcomes-final-reports-proposals/Big Society Bank - The government has approved proposals for the Big Society Bankdrawn up by the venture capitalist Sir Ronald Cohen and the investment banker NickODonohoe. In a letter to the two men, Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, saidhe would back their proposals, subject to further development work, agreement from fourhigh-street banks that will provide £200m of initial capital, and approvals from theFinancial Services Authority and the European Commission, which must agree that thebank does not break its rules on state aid. Newswire - this service, operated by Media Trust with the Press Association,which circulated news from voluntary organisations across the media, has closed due tofunding cuts. They are actively seeking replacement funds to restart it.CRB Checks – The government has taken a U-turn on plans to scale back the age limiton vetting and barring arrangements for childrens professionals. Professionals workingwith 16 and 17 year-olds will not be exempt from vetting arrangements. Under theProtection of Freedoms Bill the arrangements would have no longer applied to thoseworking with only 16 and 17 year-olds. The original CRB website has now closed andinformation can now be found at Aid - HM Revenue and Customs has issued new Gift Aid forms, including therepayment claim form R68. See White Paper: Making it easier to take part in a bigger, stronger society - TheGiving White Paper has been launched and contains a number of measures aimed atencouraging a stronger culture of giving. It includes proposals for a £10m Social ActionFund, and other measures include £30m to support voluntary sector infrastructure, a year-long campaign to promote payroll giving, and ‘challenge prizes’, which will rewardschemes that encourage volunteering using mobile phones. The paper says governmentministers will also give one day a year to volunteer at a charity or voluntary group of theirchoice, and the government will hold a giving summit in the autumn aimed at generatingnew fundraising ideas. young people - The Court of Appeal has ruled that local councils have a legalobligation to provide homeless teenagers with ongoing care and support beyond simplehousing support. The judgment said that 16- and 17-year-olds need to be assessed bysocial workers rather than housing officers. Also, housing and social services departmentsneed to ensure they have a joint protocol in place for dealing with homeless teenagers. 10
  11. 11. Your Future Happen is a new public information campaign that the Governmenthas launched for prospective students and their parents about changes to the studentfinance system in 2012. The campaign links students and parents to a new micrositewhich describes how the tuition loan system will operate, how to get a student loan, helpwith living costs and what support is available from government. the Impossible: Making a Start – this study by the National Foundation forEducational Research (NFER) for volunteering charity V said there is still no evidence tosuggest youth volunteers carry on volunteering in later life and become active citizens intheir communities. But the study found that youth volunteering is associated with positiveoutcomes particularly when it comes to obtaining higher education qualifications, whileyoung people who do not undertake voluntary work between the ages of 11 and 25 maybe harming their "participation in the social and economic spheres of life, both now andlater in life". health promotion and mental illness prevention: The economic case - TheDepartment of Health and the London School of Economics have published this reportwhich found that every £1 spent on parenting programmes to prevent chronic childbehavioural problems saves the UK £8 over a childs lifetime. It found that specialist earlyintervention teams working with children during their first episode of schizophrenia orbipolar disorder save £18 for every £1 invested and suicide training for GPs saves £44 forevery £1 spent. People, Responsible Society - The Commission on Big Society, set up by TheAssociation of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) and chaired by theLiberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard, has published this report which recommends thatthe government should repeat the £100m Transition Fund, but target it at the mostdeprived communities. It also made recommendations around guidance on council cuts tothe voluntary sector, commissioning, service-user involvement, banking and VAT. Ambition - The Big Lottery Fund is looking for a partner to help it deliver thisnew £25m programme aimed at reducing youth crime. The programme is designed tofund replicas of projects that have been successful in diverting young people from crime.A statement from the BLF said the UK partner was likely to be a group of organisationsworking together and would be led by a major voluntary and community sectororganisation. The programme will identify 20 to 30 programmes across the UK that havehelped people aged from eight to fourteen who are at risk of offending. Youth Employment - overview of the Coalition Government’s Approachis the new publication from the Government which draws together existingannouncements and policies and re-confirms the priority set by the coalition of supporting 11
  12. 12. young unemployed people. There are five core areas where the Government is planningto work with businesses, the voluntary sector, local authorities and communities in orderto help support young people: promoting skills; encouraging more work experience,apprenticeship and internship opportunities; supporting the most vulnerable; providing theright financial and non-financial incentives; and restoring growth. The Government willpublish a cross departmental Participation Strategy later in the year setting out how theyintend to maximise participation of 16-24 year olds in education, training and work andtackle the long-term consequences of young people being NEET. See and the Looking Glass is a report from the think-tank Demos that shows that girlsare significantly more successful than boys in making the transition to adulthood: they dobetter in their exams, more of them go to university, and those aged 22-29 earn 2.1 percent more than their male peers. But it shows that teenage girls experience worse rates ofbinge drinking; have worse levels of physical inactivity; and have higher rates of teenpregnancy than their European counterparts. Good Neighbours - The Cabinet Office has published this Big SocietyDeregulation Taskforce report examining how to cut red tape for small charities, voluntaryorganisations, and social enterprises. The report identifies some of the barriers thatdiscourage people from giving time and money to civil society organisations and exploressome of the ways in which public engagement can be increased. The report says that,rightly or wrongly, fear of litigation is a major preoccupation among volunteers, and someof the key recommendations include considering reforms to the law to clarify the liability ofcharity trustees and volunteers and displaying information prominently in all Jobcentresencouraging volunteering and emphasising that it does not affect benefits. Otherrecommendations include simplifying fundraising licensing and on insurance the TaskForce has claimed a victory on the issue of volunteer drivers, with the Association ofBritish Insurers promising to revise its definition of social driving, addressing concernsaround the cost of volunteer driving insurance. Review Response - The Department for Education has published its response tothis review of vocational education and announced that it has accepted all therecommendations. It said that all young people will study maths and English to age 18until they had obtained a good qualification in them - ideally a C grade or better at GCSE.League tables and funding rules will be amended to remove perverse incentives that haddevalued vocational education. – VYS (Devon) accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions.Whilst every effort has been made to ensure details are correct, VYS (Devon)cannot endorse events or items mentioned in this newsletter. 12