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Torbay Opportunity Fund for Youth (Individuals)


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Torbay Opportunity Fund for Youth (Individuals)

  1. 1. New Things To Do New Places To Go Individual Application Form
  2. 2. This is our TOFFY admin box– please leave it blank ! Project no: ___________________________________ Date received: _________________________________ Request: YCF£______________ YOF£_____________ Approved: YCF£______________ YOF£_____________ Who are you? This section is for you to tell us a little bit about yourself and the support you are getting. 1 Torbay Opportunity Fund for Youth Information about you We need this so that we can get in touch with you if we have any questions. Also it will help us to make sure that a variety of young people from across Torbay have been able to apply to TOFFY Name Date of Birth Ethnicity Asian Black Chinese Dual heritage White Other Address Town Postcode Telephone Male Female Age What is TOFFY? TOFFY is “Torbay Opportunity Fund For Youth” We are a group of local young people who give out money from the Government (the Youth Op- portunity Fund) to other local young people. We want to make sure the money gets to the right people — people who would not be able to have “New Things To Do, New Places To Go” unless they had money from TOFFY. Please fill in this application form to let us know why you want TOFFY money. Thank You Who is your supporting adult? How do you know them?
  3. 3. What is the money for? This section is for you to tell us about your project idea(s). This is your chance to tell us how you would like to spend up to £500! Tell us what you want to do! (you can use an extra page if you need more room) When do you need the money? 2 If your application is successful, how will the TOFFY money make a difference to you? Stay safe (e.g. safe from bullying, from crime, from anti social behaviour…) Be healthy (e.g. physically / emotionally / mentally healthy, healthy lifestyle…) Enjoy and achieve (e.g. to enjoy life, learn new skills, learn about yourselves...) Achieve economic well-being (e.g. learning skills to help you earn money...) Make a positive contribution (e.g. making a difference to the community or environment) The government asked young people across the country about the things which most important to them. The answers were put into 5 categories known as the Every Child Matters Outcomes. Which of the following Every Child Matters outcomes does your project / activity fit with? ( any of the boxes) How often will it happen?
  4. 4. Who is the project for? This section is for you to tell us a little bit more about yourself. Would you describe yourself in any of these ways (please tick any of the boxes you feel happy with—everything you tell us will be keep strictly confidential). Young person with a physical or learning disability Lesbian, gay, bisexual Transgender young person Looked after young person Black and ethnic minority Young person Young care leaver Young person from the traveller community Young offender Young refugee Young carer Young person in general 3 Do you currently go to any of the following? (Please tick any of the boxes that apply to you) School Training College Work (part time of full time) None of these If you go to school or college, please tell us what it is called.
  5. 5. 4 Money for activities– the Youth Opportunity Fund. This money is for the things you need to make the project / activity happen. For example, sports kit or arts materials, travel costs, trips, activities, staff costs…. Item Cost TOTAL for Youth Opportunity Fund £ Money for objects or facilities– the Youth Capital Fund. This money is for the things that might be more expensive, or will last for more than 1 year. E.g., computers, special equipment... Item Cost TOTAL for Youth Capital Fund £ GRAND TOTAL (1a +1b) ~ This must be no more than £500) £ The money bit! This section is for you to tell us how much money your project / activity will need and how much money you would like from the Youth Opportunity Fund – you can apply for up to £500.
  6. 6. 5 The Youth Opportunity Fund has been split into two. The first part (the Youth Opportunity Fund) can be used for local activities and projects for young people. The money is there to be spent on things that you’d like to do, but haven’t had the chance to do. The other part (called the Youth Capital Fund) can be used to buy bigger “things” that will last after the project has finished. The maximum amount of money any individual young person can apply for is £500. Where is the money coming from? Amount of money 1. Your own funds £ 2. Youth Opportunity Fund (please fill in section 1a on the back of this sheet) £ 3. Youth Capital Fund (please fill in section 1b on the back of this sheet) £ 4. Somewhere else (please tell us where below!) Were you successful? How much did you get? £ How much will the project cost in total? £ The money bit! If you need more space for your budget, you can always send us an extra sheet...
  7. 7. Reporting and follow up This section is for you to tell how you will tell us about what you have spent the money on. We have to show the government that their money has been spent properly, and that it was spent on what it was applied for. 6 If your application is successful, we will send you a form to fill in to let us know how it all went! Please keep any photos etc. as we’d love to see them! How else will you tell us about how you have spent the money (e.g. a video, a letter, photos…) One way you could celebrate the success of your work is by earning rewards or certificates for being involved in the project. Will you be able to get an award or certificate? (For example Millennium Volunteers, Make a Difference, Made a Difference, or another award from the organisation you are part of?…) Would you be willing to be involved in any publicity for TOFFY? (e.g. a radio or TV interview, or a newspaper or magazine article, …) We will help you with this! Yes No
  8. 8. Supporting adult form This section should be filled in by the person you told us about on the first (blue) page. This person is your supporting adult, who will hold the money for you and make sure your project is safe and achievable. By completing this form, you (the adult) are agreeing to be the legal representative for this application. Name Organisation Job or role Address Town Postcode Telephone Email 7 To ensure the safety and well-being of young people, we require certain policies and procedures to be in place. If you have any queries about any part of this, please contact Torbay Youth Service on 01803 208278. They will try to provide you with any help and support you may need. Please can you confirm the following by ticking the appropriate boxes: All staff and volunteers involved with this activity have a valid enhanced CRB check Please can you also confirm that your organisation has the following: A health and safety policy A child protection policy An equal opportunities policy Relevant insurance for the activity / project Risk assessment for the activity A bank account that can be used if the application is successful (we will require the details for this when the grant is processed) Signature Date Finally, please will you sign this box below to confirm the information on this sheet is correct. If you have any queries or need any help on this section, please contact Torbay Youth Service on 01803 208278
  9. 9. The final page! WELL DONE! You have nearly finished. We just have a couple more questions for you. 8 Name of person Organisation Please can you tell us where you got this application form from? (if you don’t know the person’s name, just let us know the organisation e.g. Connexions, your school, or the group you are part of.) Torbay Opportunity Fund for Youth That’s it– you have finished your application! Please make sure EACH section is completed, and then pop it in the envelope and post it to us! The TOFFY Panel will meet in the middle of each month, and we will get back to you as soon as possible after that to let you know the result. Name Signature And finally!!! Please can you, as the lead young person, write and sign your name in the boxes below to confirm that as far you know, everything that you have written in this pack is true! Date Thank you– we’ll be in touch soon!