Archbishops' Council Appointment


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Archbishops' Council Appointment

  1. 1. Most of the work of the Church of England is carried out in the dioceses and parishes.But there are important functions which can only be carried out effectively at a nationallevel. The Archbishops’ Council was established in 1999 to strengthen the effectiveness ofthe Church’s central policy and resource decision-making, helping the Church face thechallenges of the future. The Council’s statutory object is ‘to co-ordinate, promote, aidand further the work and mission of the Church’.MeMbeR oF The ARChbishops’ CounCilFrom 1 January 2012 for a period of 5 yearsThe Archbishops of Canterbury and York wish to appoint an individual who will be part of the leadership of theChurch at national level. As one of its 19 members (6 of whom are appointed), you will help develop the Council’sstrategic direction and goals and promote its policies. The Archbishops have chosen to run an open recruitmentprocess to encourage applications as widely as possible from committed members of the Church of England orChurches Together. Membership of the Archbishops’ Council also brings with it membership of the General Synod.The Archbishops are especially keen to appoint someone who is closely involved with youth work or work withchildren and able to take a broad overview of the Council’s range of activities. You will have a lively Christian faith,be expected to contribute to the mission and ministry of the Church and be able to commit at least three days permonth. The post is unpaid, but expenses associated with attending meetings will be reimbursed.Currently women and people from a minority ethnic background are under-represented on the Council andapplications from within these groups would be warmly welcomed. This appointment is subject to anoccupational requirement that the holder be a communicant member of the Church of England or ofa Church in communion with it under Part 1 of Schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010.For further information about the Church of England, please visit www.churchofengland.orgTo apply, please visit call 0844 880 5154 quoting Ref: C2216-246-1.Closing date: 08/04/2011. First interviews: 05/05/2011.