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Who is sentis


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Who is sentis

  1. 1. WHO ISSENTIS?Sentis is a global business dedicated to creating sustainableorganizational change in the world around us. Our mission at Sentisis to assist individuals and organizations change their lives for thebetter and we do this through the application of psychology tosafety, leadership and well-being in the workplace.
  2. 2. 9 6 %Up to 96% of Our range of services includes: § Assessments § Training § Coachingincidents are a result Sentis is an organization that is genuinely § Specialist Servicesof the choices that passionate about people, safety and well-being. With our team of psychologists, NeurosafetyTM Sentis will actively engage with you so that wepeople make… and organizational culture professionals, we pride ourselves on enhancing safety, cultural can get to know you and your people, your organization, your goals, and your challenges. Our services and solutions target a range of and leadership performance within the mining, organizational issues, and drawing on our global resources, construction and utilities sectors.Are you willing to The word Sentis originates from the Latin words cross-industry professional and psychological skills, we will develop a unique solution forchallenge traditional For more information, visit Securus Mens Mentis which means safe mind. you that will achieve positive change specific The human mind is our focus and we believe the to your business.thinking about safety mind is an individual’s most important safety and performance tool. Our solutions include the services of a highly experienced research team who are dedicatedleadership and move What we do to assessing your well-being and safety culture before, during and after solution implementation,beyond a simple At Sentis, we understand the psychology behind what drives attitudinal and behavioral change at thus allowing you to track the impact of our services against your organizations outcomes.focus on behavior both the individual and organizational level. We use this knowledge to push the boundaries of It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we’ll conventional approaches to safety and employee get there and we’ll partner with you to enhanceto establish a culture well-being to create lasting and impactful the safety and success of your workforce through solutions that transform cultures and enhance genuine empowerment and increased internalof safe choices? organizational performance. motivation of your leaders and workforce.
  3. 3. to everyWITH YOU& PARTNERthe globecorner ofWe can comeSentis works with a variety of organizations across a number of sectors including themining, oil and gas, construction, energy, manufacturing, explosives, transport and freightindustries. We partner with clients who have a genuine desire to improve their workplaceculture and achieve optimal safety, well-being and leadership performance.
  4. 4. We have worked with the following companies: GE Oil & Gas Agnew Gold Mine Genesis Energy Aker Solutions Gladstone Power Station (NRG) Aker Solutions - Boddington Gold Goldfields International Services Mine Expansion Project JV Driver Projects Alliance Marine Harvest Anglo American Capcoal Meridian Energy Anglo American Moranbah North Maryborough Sugar Factory Barrick - Kanowna Orrcon Steel Bechtel Australia Power and Water Corporation BHP Billiton Aluminium South Africa Queensland Mine Rescue Services BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa Queensland Nitrates BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal - Dendrobium Coal Preparation Plant Queensland Rail BHP Billiton Mt Arthur Coal Rio Tinto Alcan - Boyne Smelter BHP Billiton New Mexico Coal Rio Tinto Alcan - Bell Bay BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Rio Tinto Alcan - Tomago BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina Rio Tinto Iron Ore - Paraburdoo (including Efficiency & Growth Rio Tinto Alcan - New Zealand Expansion Project) Aluminium Smelter BHP Billiton Aluminium Mozambique Sedgman - Coal and Metals For more information, visit BHP Billiton Iron Ore SibelcoOur clients are located across the globe: Australia, BMA Norwich Park Skorpion Zinc Boeing Australia SPARQUSA, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ireland, Fiji, Centralines Consolidated Minerals Stanwell Corporation St Ives Gold Mining CompanyNorway, France, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Duane Arnold Energy Center Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific & Americas Teekay Marine Services Troy ConstructionMozambique, Namibia and South Africa. Energex UGL Ergon Energy Ulan + AllianceWe can come to every corner of the globe whether on a rig in the middle of the ocean, at an underground mine in a Exxon Mobil WDS - Delco and Divconremote part of Africa, or around the corner in your office downtown. If you prefer, we can also provide our services Fiji Electricity Authority Wesfarmers Curraghremotely using a range of interactive technologies. Finning Canada Willbros Construction Services
  5. 5. THE CHANGEPROCESS Pre-contemplationImplementing a safety, well-being or leadership cultural change process necessitatesan understanding of the psychology behind the change process. ContemplationThe Stages of ChangeModel1 provides an Contemplation: The person acknowledges that there is a problem with their current behaviorexplanation of change or practices, however they are not ready or are uncertain that they want to change. Creating an Maintenance: A person shows a continued Preparationat an individual level. argument for change and providing motivation will assist them to Preparation. commitment to sustaining the new behavior (and not falling back into old habits). The change has progressed from the cognitive to the practical,The Model identifies the predictable and necessary Preparation: A person has made the and new ways of operating are the norm.stages that each individual will progress through commitment to change and is taking thein order to achieve sustainable attitudinal and necessary steps to prepare themselves for action Sentis’ approach to cultural change parallels this Action process, tailoring the implementation of a changebehavioral change. and to support the change in the long term. process around a number of phases designed toPre-contemplation: A person does not see Action: This is where the change is put into place. motivate and guide individuals, and ultimately aa reason to change. To initiate the change An individual starts to think and behave differently. business through these stages with the goal ofprocess and drive individuals to Contemplation, An individual passes into the Maintenance stage developing a culture that values safety andthe individual’s thinking must be challenged by through the ongoing application of these new well-being. This process is represented by the Maintenanceproviding a motivation to think and act differently. attitudes and behaviors. three phase ZIP flow model.1 Prochaska & DiClemente (1987)
  6. 6. ation Organiz rocess into oach P mework § ZIP C tion of ZIP Fra tools ship ra § Integ s systems an d Leader busines Secondly, Sentis works with you to prepare your sions ent ses organization for change, using activities such e ngagem ership hing as assessing impacted groups, establishing § Lead ip coac ual § Le adersh ing Process sponsor roadmaps and steering committees, and Individ § Peer Coach developing a communication plan as well as a ssions plan to counteract resistance. ation se t an d educ ess gemen ut proc PHASE 2: IMPLEMENTATION § Enga t and close o hif § Pre-s er sessions Managing Change sh § Refre nance Mainte The change process begins for the workforce using a layered approach targeting three areas: n entatio Individual, Leaders and Organization. Activities Implem Mainte nance could include: ation Action Prepar tion § Training for Leaders and Teams ZIP Prepara tion (and ZIP Coaches) Co ntempla ntem plation § Individual coaching for senior leaders and Pre Co group coaching for front line leaders § Implementing strategies and plans created se in the ZIP Preparation Phase ee PhaThe Thr Model PHASE 1: PREPARATION § Ongoing data collection and regular progress reporting and meetings Preparing for ChangeZIP Flow PHASE 3: MAINTENANCE This phase identifies the “what” and the “how” of the change process. Reinforcing Change For more information, visit Firstly, Sentis seeks to develop a genuine The final phase involves measuring, supporting understanding of your business and the nature and sustaining the changes made, while of your current safety culture – to tailor the way better preparing the business to respond we work to suit your business, your needs and to opportunities to drive further change and your goals. Activities could include: improvement. Actions could include: § Quantitative and qualitative scoping that § Monthly, quarterly and/or half yearly provides a baseline against which cultural consultation services change can be assessed § Refresher programs and quarterly campaigns § Identifying and prioritizing the most important § Ongoing coaching for Leaders and opportunities to achieve quick wins ZIP Coaches § Undertaking a pilot program to test the § Ongoing assessment and feedback, including suitability of the proposed approach post implementation evaluation
  7. 7. SAFETYREDUCEINCIDENTSATTITUDES IMPROVEWORKPLACESentis’ Zero Incident Process (ZIP) has proven effective in reducing workplace incidentsand injuries and improving safety attitudes and behaviors. ZIP delivers this through a focuson individual attitudinal change, the enhancement of the safety or well-being culture in anorganization and the development of psychologically-focused leadership skills.
  8. 8. The Zero Incident Process (ZIP) is a psychologically based process forachieving long-term sustainable individual and organizational change in theculture and performance of a business in relation to safety and well-being.ZIP Safety ZIP Well-beingZIP Safety is not a program in “what” is safe, nor From an organizational perspective, the goalis it instructions on “how” to follow procedures. of ZIP Well-being is to strengthen productivity,What keeps a person safe most of the time is their engagement, resiliency, teamwork, and ZIP Coachskills, knowledge and attitudes towards safety. efficacy in the workplace, as well as reduceZIP Safety focuses on the link between safety An important element of any culture change absenteeism, improve retention and increaseattitudes and safety performance. initiative driven by an external organization is the openness to change. transition phase whereby the client becomes anZIP Safety applies a framework for enhancing It is well known that the leadership of an independent driver of the process. This is whereyour organization’s safety systems using the latest organization directly impacts on the well-being the ZIP Coach process comes in, either duringneuroscience developments with the goal of: culture and performance of a business. Therefore, or at the completion of the ZIP Safety or§ increasing the level and quality of individual the leadership component of ZIP Well-being will ZIP Well-being training programs. employee engagement with safety tools and provide your leaders with: practices, and reinforcing effective attitudes The goal of ZIP Coach is to ensure that the § opportunity to reflect on their own the necessary expertise has been developed within and personal responsibility for safety; well-being attitude and choices, and how this your organization to ensure further gains and a§ supporting leaders to directly improve safety impacts the people they lead; strengthening of culture is driven internally. performance in their team and enhancing the § a foundation in the neuroscience of leadership; culture of leadership within your organization; You choose the key individuals within your § framework to directly influence the psychology a organization who have the scope and authority to§ creating and maintaining a cultural framework and attitudes of the people they lead; and facilitate change when needed. These individuals that supports ongoing improvement in safety and performance. § information and tools to assist leaders to become your internal ZIP Coaches and will assist encourage their team members to make better in achieving long-term goals across the safety For more information, visit www.sentis.netOur research shows that clients who have well-being choices. culture of your organization.integrated ZIP into their safety programs haveachieved positive results across a number of At an individual level, outcomes we have seen in Each ZIP Coach receives advanced training inimportant safety outcomes. participants in the ZIP Well-being process include: high level influencing and coaching skills and is § Reduced stress and increased resilience provided with ongoing support through coachingThe outcome is a reduction in incident and injury by Sentis coaches.rates and the associated costs incurred when § Increased conviction to take on challengessomeone is injured in the workplace. This is often and deal with changeaccompanied by a positive shift in employee safety § Improved health ZIP Support Materialsattitudes and the safety culture of the organization. § Improved organizational commitment A range of support materials is available toZIP has also demonstrated positive well-being enhance the learning and retention of core § Enhanced confidence and self-esteemoutcomes for a number of clients, in terms of information provided in the ZIP training. Theseimproving stress levels and psychological health § Increased job satisfaction include workbooks, focus statements, coachingreported by employees. § A healthier family and community diaries, factsheets, posters and other visual aids.
  9. 9. leader individual,target theassessmentORGANIZATIONsERVICES THATWhether you are interested in a complete implementation of the ZIP Safety or Well-beingtraining programs or you are simply interested in gaining an increased understanding ofthe forces that influence beliefs, attitudes and behaviors within your organization, Sentisadopts a consultative approach to design and implement an effective assessment solution.
  10. 10. The Safety Culture SurveyThe research and Psychological forces within an organization can influence the beliefs, attitudes and behavior of Operating Attitude, Stress Management and Professional Orientation. The results of the ZS-Sassessments employees, and the complex interplay of individuals, teams and departments can provide insights into individuals’ thinking patterns regarding safety and whether these attitudes,team at Sentis determine the extent to which an organization realizes its safety performance goals. Sentis offers which drive particular behaviors, either help or hinder their ability to stay safe.includes registered a Safety Culture Survey that is designed to assess shared perceptions of safety-relevant factors in The ZEROScale-Well-beingpsychologists, data operation within organizations. Following analysis of the data, organizations are provided with a Similarly to the ZS-S, the ZEROScale-Well-being (ZS-W) is an assessment tool used within theanalysts and business tailored report and feedback presentation to guide strategic planning and the development ZIP Well-being process for individual personal development. The ZS-W assesses a core setleaders who offer a of specific interventions. of well-being attitudes that have been linked to important health, safety and well-being outcomes Site Scoping Processdepth of experience The Site Scoping Process is a multi-faceted for individuals and organizations. These well-being attitudes consist of Brain Tools (Well-being Locusin research and process designed to thoroughly assess a site across a number of elements, including Practices, of Control and Directed Attention), Risk Awareness, Operating Attitude, Stress Management andanalysis. Environment, Leadership and Person factors. The Scoping Process involves comprehensive time Professional Orientation. 360º Feedback and Assessment on site, firstly, to observe and collect data againstThis experience allows us to offer both standard a range of activities including site meetings, risk 360º assessments are feedback tools designedand tailored assessment tools to suit a client’s assessment processes, inductions and training to obtain the perspectives of key stakeholdersparticular needs. We work closely with our clients activities, and secondly, to interact with and around an individual. Typically, they includeto develop a genuine understanding of their collect data from a number of key site personnel. ratings from an individual’s manager, peersorganizational context so as to provide a research The resulting Assessment Report incorporates and subordinates as well as a self-rating. 360ºsolution that is both practical and meaningful. information and ratings from the Site Scoping assessments are designed to increase levels of For more information, visit www.sentis.netWe offer a range of assessments that target the Process with the data obtained from the Safety self-awareness and reflection and can promptindividual, leader and organizational level, as Culture Survey. This report will comprise a detailed positive behavior change, particularly when theoutlined below. explanation of the current safety climate, strengths process is facilitated effectively with professional and development opportunities for the site, and challenging feedback sessions.Safety Leadership Survey as well as recommendations for both short and Customized SurveysLeadership is a key predictor of safety in the long-term improvements.workplace. The Sentis Safety Leadership Survey Sentis can create tailored surveys designed The ZEROScale-Safetyhas been designed to measure the safety- to gather information specific to client and/orrelevant behaviors of leaders that may influence The ZEROScale-Safety (ZS-S) is an assessment site requirements. Sentis partners with clientsan organization’s safety culture and the behaviors tool utilized as part of the ZIP Safety process for in a consultative manner to discuss surveyand attitudes of employees. This short 20-minute the purposes of individual personal development. and reporting requirements and will create asurvey measures perceptions of safety behavior It measures individual’s personal beliefs customized survey, support the data collectionand attitudes of frontline leaders across eight regarding safety – specifically across five core process and create a targeted and comprehensivedistinct safety leadership dimensions. safety attitudes: Safety Control, Risk Awareness, Assessment Report.
  11. 11. COACHING Training forms a significant componentTrAINING of our approach in assisting organizations to achieve their safety, well-being and leadership goals. Sentis offers solution-focused, The basis of all our training events is the application of psychology and neuroscience to performance, or practical skills-based improving work-based results. With a strong focus coaching with a short or long-term on engaging participants in the change process, we offer the knowledge and skills to achieve the focus dependent on the stated safety and well-being goals of the individual and goals and desired outcomes of the the organization. individual and the organization. We offer training programs for all levels of your organization, including: Any coaching process is most effective when § Safety programs for teams, supervisors and tailored to the needs of the individual and the senior leaders (including our Zero Incident organization. Accordingly, our approach targets Process (ZIP) programs) the different needs of senior and executive § Well-being programs for teams and leaders leaders, through to middle management and front line leaders. Coaching is provided in either § Organizational Coach development and training individual or group settings, and we also offer § Project Health Safety Environment Community adaptive solutions such as site-based or remote (HSEC) Inductions for Supervisors coaching to give you greater flexibility. § Project Workforce HSEC Inductions For more information, visit Our coaches, the majority of whom have a Sentis can also work with you to build customized background or registration in psychology, training events to align with your specific have significant experience in motivating and organizational objectives. Our facilitators are supporting individuals inside of change initiatives experienced in working across all levels of an across a broad range of settings. This expertise organization across a range of industries and provides an effective foundation for guiding and cultures, having delivered training to more supporting your leaders and teams through the than 50,000 people within mining, resources, individual and organizational change process. construction and utilities organizations. Furthermore, our evidence-based approach in Furthermore, as our facilitators predominantly the coaching process will assist your people to have psychology backgrounds, they are experts develop greater skills in managing the challenges in both the delivery of training and the facilitation they face in their roles, whether they be related of processes that achieve individual and to safety, organizational change, or individual and organizational change. team performance.
  12. 12. SpecialistSERVICESThrough the effective application of psychology and neuroscience to specific organizational and safety challenges, our SpecialistServices rely on a one-to-one consultative approach to develop tailored solutions to assist your organization resolve or managethese challenges more effectively. We support ongoing adaptation and transition in response to such challenges. We aim to deliver For more information, visit unique solutions Commencing in 2011, Sentis is proud to customized to your announce a significant expansion in its advisory team. We now offer holistic performance and unique challenges cultural support for your organization through our global team of advisors. and opportunities. Whether it is a teamwork, safety, cultural, We are also proud to announce the expansion employee attraction, retention, or organizational of our advisory team to include translation and development challenge, Sentis is happy to provide bilingual services encompassing English, French, you with an end-to-end solution. Spanish, Portuguese and German.