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Training for black belt certification


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Training for black belt certification

  1. 1. Training for Black Belt CertificationBy Martin RaffolYou can accumulate many belts as a karate student, but the black belt requires mastery of numerousforms and intense physical training, making it your most difficult test to date.You can prepare for your black belt test by starting a training regimen three to four months in advance ofyour test. Alternate weeks between aerobic and strength training exercises, such as crunches, running,and free weights.Begin each day of exercise with a warm-up period before beginning your moves. You can then runthrough the forms and moves on which you expect to be tested. Some of your peers are likely preparingfor their black belt tests on or around your test date. Consider organizing training sessions whereparticipants can help each other learn difficult moves and engage in sparring sessions.About the AuthorFor the past two years, Martin Raffol has served as the Area Director and Business Broker for MurphyBusiness & Financial Corporation, one of North Americas most successful brokerage firms. Mr. Raffolsresponsibilities entail partnering with business owners to increase their companies’ value in preparation tosell. In his free time, Martin Raffol studies karate. He earned his black belt from Fred Villaris studio.