Skills Needs for "Enterprising Oxfordshire"


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Presentation given to Oxfordshire County Council Education Scrutiny Committee 12th July 2011

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Skills Needs for "Enterprising Oxfordshire"

  1. 1. Skills Needs for “Enterprising Oxfordshire” <br />Dr Martin Dare-EdwardsChairman of Oxon-LEP<br />
  2. 2. Outline<br /> Oxfordshire LEP Introduction<br /> Oxfordshire LEP Current Priorities<br /> Skills needs for “Enterprising Oxon”<br /> Next Steps<br />Skills Needs for “Enterprising Oxfordshire”<br />
  3. 3. Oxfordshire LEP Introduction<br />Seizing our opportunity to provide vision, knowledge and strategic leadership to drive sustainable private sector growth and high value job creation in Oxfordshire.<br />“Touchstone” for all our activities:<br />To increase the number of Sustainable,High-Value-Adding jobs in Oxfordshire<br />Coordination for Coherence and Synergism:<br />Sharply Prioritising our efforts to where we can add value(Row / Steer / Cheer approach)<br />Will not impose on existing successful partnerships, but will strongly promote “unifications” or explicit collaborations<br />Act as forum for issues that need assistance to resolve<br />
  4. 4. Oxfordshire LEP – Current Priorities<br />Priority Work Themes:<br />Supporting Inward Investment<br />Identifying and Promoting “Clusters of Excellence” <br />Supporting Existing Businesses to Innovate and Grow<br />Specialised Supply Chains in High Growth Sectors<br />Securing Investment for Enabling infrastructure Projects<br />Next Generation Broadband Access<br />Transport-Connectivity for Growth Hot Spots & “East-West”<br />Addressing Skills Mismatches<br />Raising aspirations and tailoring provision to business need<br />Spatial Priorities <br />Science Vale UK - National & International excellence for Science & Innovation<br />Bicester – Drive to establish coherent Housing and Employment-based Development, inclusive of the Eco-exemplar<br />Oxford – Continue to support our inward investment as world-class centre of education, research and innovation<br />
  5. 5. Skills Needs for Enterprising Oxon<br />Skills to support Oxfordshire’s Clusters of Excellence<br />Space Technology<br />Cryogenic Technology<br />Biotechnology<br />Automotive and Motor Sport<br /> Collectively = Engineering Technical, Laboratory, IT and Mechanical, but important to be multi-skilled and flexible<br />Skills to support the special requirements of Oxfordshire's huge and critical SME sector<br />“Combined-skills”, (Life-Skills), Adaptability, Resilience, Self-reliance, Self-motivation...…as well as the "obvious" entrepreneurship attributes!). <br />In both domains we also need to raise the aspirations of many of our young people, vs our enterprise growth needs! <br />
  6. 6. Skills Needs for Enterprising Oxfordshire<br />Next Steps<br />
  7. 7. Oxfordshire LEP<br />Backup Slides<br />
  8. 8. Oxon-LEP Executive Board<br />Chairman<br />Dr Martin Dare-Edwards – Infineum UK<br />Executive Board Vice-Chairs<br />Adrian Shooter CBE – Chiltern Railways<br />Prof Ian Walmsley - University of Oxford<br />Cllr David Robertson – Oxfordshire County Council<br />Executive Board (Champions)<br />James Dipple - MEPC<br />Jonathan Lloyd-Jones – Blake Lapthorne<br />Stuart Miller – ByBox<br />Tony Stratton – CPM and Oxford Inspires<br />Ian Wenman – IoD <br />Dr Sally-Ann Forsyth – Goodman / Harwell Oxford<br />Prof Colin Whitehouse – STFC<br />TBN – MoD Oxfordshire<br />Sally Dicketts - OCVC<br />Ann Ducker – South Oxfordshire District Council<br />Bob Price – Oxford City Council<br />Paul Inman – Oxford Brookes University<br />
  9. 9. Oxon-LEP Forum<br />Chairman<br />Dr Martin Dare-Edwards<br />“Ambassadors”<br />Dave Richards (Prodrive)<br />Jonathan Flint (Oxford Instruments)<br />Ciaran Rafferty (Sophos) <br />John Hoy (Blenheim Palace and VisitEngland) <br />John Ormston (HR Wallingford) <br />Jürgen Hedrich (BMW)<br />VC Prof Andrew Hamilton (University of Oxford)<br />VC Prof Janet Beer (OBU)<br />Sir Jonathan Michael (NHS)<br />Brigadier Neil Baverstock (MoD)<br />Prof Steve Cowley (UKAEA) <br />Keith Mitchell CBE (OCC)<br />