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  1. 1. The future is closer than you think Martin Owen
  2. 2. Exaptation
  3. 3. Business Education Dev Psych word-process computer literacy Assimilation bill process e-learning Accommodation change process change? Expansion
  4. 4. Martin Owen Dosbarth Iau Ysgol Mornant Ffynnongroew 1954
  5. 5. 21% of 16-24 year olds always use the Internet while watching TV.
  6. 6. 21% of 16-24 year olds always use the Internet while watching TV. 70 percent of online British adults who watch television go online while doing so
  7. 7. In 2007, in the UK, 75% of 11 year olds claim that they own each of: photos from
  8. 8. What if students used technologies in ways that are rich (or at least hold potential) but that we do not always see? What if students are “de facto” preparing themselves for the workplace of tomorrow better than many schools? What if the 3 Rs change to the 3 Es (explore, express, exchange ideas in new ways)?”
  9. 9. Mediation Subject Object
  10. 10. Form follows function Computers become invisible
  11. 11. Ubiquitous Pervasive Embedded Cheap
  12. 12. sub $1 processor
  13. 13. The world’s library in an iPod a high speed wireless network intelligent processors that are 5mm3
  14. 14. Learn Anywhere Learn Somewhere
  15. 15. organic printed nano
  16. 16. What can we do? What exaptation? What do we design?
  17. 17. The best way to create the future is to invent it Alan Kay
  18. 18. Game like learning Acting space - reflecting space Strong imagination minimal assets Co-created narrative
  19. 19. Authentic, Epistemic, Locative Collage
  20. 20. What would Maria Montessori do?
  21. 21. t c a
  22. 22. f m at b c
  23. 23. f at m c
  24. 24. the Lego™ of meaning making construction deconstruction matching sequencing mixing logic play
  25. 25. Twenty-first Century Business technology will be cheap core functions will be free on-demand learning response to user know your user
  26. 26. What else can we make?
  27. 27. Beginner readers should be taught: grapheme–phoneme correspondences in a clearly defined, incremental sequence to apply the highly important skill of blending (synthesising) phonemes in the order in which they occur, all through a word to read it to apply the skills of segmenting words into their constituent phonemes to spell that blending and segmenting are reversible processes. The report recommends that high-quality phonic work will be most effective when: it is part of a broad and rich curriculum that engages children in a range of activities and experiences to develop their speaking and listening skills and phonological awareness for most children it starts by the age of 5, subject to the professional judgement of teachers and practitioners it is multisensory, encompassing simultaneous visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities to enliven core learning it is time-limited, such that the great majority of children should be confident readers by the end of Key Stage 1 it is systematic, that is to say, it follows a carefully planned programme with fidelity, reinforcing and building on previous learning to secure childrenʼs progress it is taught discretely and daily at a brisk pace there are opportunities to reinforce and apply acquired phonic knowledge and skills across the curriculum and in such activities as shared and guided reading childrenʼs progress in developing and applying their phonic knowledge is carefully assessed and monitored. • • • • • • • The Primary Framework for literacy and mathematics: • core position papers underpinning the renewal of guidance for teaching and mathematics • Ref: 03855-2006BKT-EN • • •
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