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Speech Analysis Techniques


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My talk about Speech Analysis Techniques at the Mobilization Conference ( in Łódź, Poland.

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Speech Analysis Techniques

  1. 1. Speech Analysis Techniques Martin Mitrevski @ Mobilization 21 October 2017, Łódź, Poland
  2. 2. About me iOS @ Netcetera ( blogging on writing book about Conversational Interfaces on iOS @mitrevski
  3. 3. UI Evolution
  4. 4. Language, why so complex? PunctuationAmbiguity Figurative speech Context ImplicationsUncertainty
  5. 5. NLP Concepts Now, I’m giving a talk about Speech Analysis techniques @ Mobilization Intent Subject entity Location entity Time entity I will share some insights about them. Context
  6. 6. Adding CI to your app
  7. 7. What can you use? easy hard flexible!flexible
  8. 8. SiriKit Apple does SR and NLU Restricted to domains
  9. 9. Implementing SiriKit Handler Resolve Siri Siri Siri Intent and parameters extraction Confirm Response Handler Handle Response Handler Execute task
  10. 10. Siri examples
  11. 11. Dialogflow ( Training agents in web app NLU as REST Service Intent Entities
  12. 12. The process User input Speech recogniser Transcribed text Intents and entities Persist extracted data Present to the user
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Supports Speech RecognitionSimilar to Dialogflow
  15. 15. Splitting the data Machine Learning step iOS integration step User inputPrediction Conversion IntegrationProcessingMLMultiArray Model generation Core ML
  16. 16. Sentiment Analysis
  17. 17. Do it yourself
  18. 18. Thanks! @mitrevski Questions?