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Outline of Cure Cancer Starter crowdfunding idea for UNC.

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Cure Cancer Starter

  1. 1. Story Of Cancer Trust10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 1
  2. 2. Goal & Mission Use technology and the Internet to create $1M in new cancer research donations annually.10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 2
  3. 3. Founding Returning from Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer, a bicycle ride across America, that raised $30,000 for cancer research at Duke, Internet marketer and entrepreneur Martin Smith thought about how to use the web and technology to create a new source of cancer research funding. Story of Cancer Trust idea was born.10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 3
  4. 4. 3 Ideas: Cure Cancer Starter Is First Cure Cancer Starter Cure Cancer Store Cancer Samurai10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 4
  5. 5. Cure Cancer Starter Team Martin Smith Tonia Zampieri Jon Jordan Marketing Director, Founder CEO Atlantic BT I Heart Charity Atlantic BT10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 5
  6. 6. Cure Cancer Starter Platform • Crowdfunding Platform. • Dedicated to cancer research funding. • $1.5B raised last year via crowdfunding. • Crowdfunding HOT (KickStarter, Indigogo, Kiva).10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 6
  7. 7. Idea Partner with UNC to create first crowdfunding platform dedicated to cancer research funding.10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 7
  8. 8. Need UNC’s Help * Create campaigns for research projects. * Create a diversified board. * Help Internet marketers and entrepreneurs understand how to help.10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 8
  9. 9. Story Of Cancer Trust & Cure Cancer Starter * Have funding to create Minimal Viable Product (MVP). * Have technical expertise needed to create platform. * Have Internet marketing expertise needed.10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 9
  10. 10. Benefits • Sustainable benefits from social campaigns: • Donor list growth. • Increased brand awareness (attract researchers, retain researches). • New low cost funding source. • Great PR reinforcing UNC cancer research brand leadership.10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 10
  11. 11. Next Steps • Create Cure Cancer Starter by end of the year. • Recruit board. • Define how UNC can help. • Next meeting?10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 11
  12. 12. Contact Information • Tonia Zamperia 919.609.5206, email: • Martin Smith 919.360.1224, email: email: MartinSellingzoe@Aol.com10/31/2012 Story of Cancer Trust 12