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  • This presentation was posted in 2009 and has held the #2 SEO position on 'Content Marketing Network' since about a week after it went up. I may have just messed that up (lol), but it is worth it to make an important point. SlideShare is SEO HUGE.
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Content marketing-network-090723162310-phpapp01

  1. 1. Content Marketing Network11/22/12 Marty Smith 1
  2. 2. Content Marketing Network• Google• Traffic Arbitrage• Culture• Information and Brands• Reputation and Algorithms• API’s• Perfect Storm• Idea: Create Content Marketing Network• Content Marketing Network Network Benefits11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 2
  3. 3. Google• Google’s dominance is reshaping online commerce and marketing: – Google share of search traffic > 70%. – Google’s stress on content flooding web with keyword dense content: • Bruce Clay et al. teaching same lessons to anyone with tuition. • Keyword density tools such as WordVision = sophisticated and ubiquitous. – Google’s algorithm changes favor nimble, flexible platforms with regularly changing keyword dense content. – Google looks for authority and measures it by: • Inbound Links and reputation of those links. • Keyword Content and “On Page” factors. • Traffic and user metrics (how long, what do).11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 3
  4. 4. Traffic Arbitrage• Traffic arbitrage sites such as and add thousands of words of content from multiple authors every day. – Site architecture and Content designed to gain search listings. – Search traffic sold to advertisers.• Traffic arbitrage is high margin after initial costs because: – Platform is largest investment. – Use of platform lowers investment cost per content created. – Content becomes self fulfilling and beneficial • More traffic truly leads to more traffic, more listings, more revenue and lower costs. – Ability to create new “products” (articles or content) is infinite and inexpensive compared to manufacturing or distributing hard goods.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 4
  5. 5. Culture • Culture is also shifting (chicken or egg who knows): – DIY (do-it-yourself) = reality with “free” tools. – Word-of-mouth and social networks = key. – Consumers difficult to reach with traditional marketing (tv, print). • DIY Trend super fueled by new tools: – Free Social network sites such as Facebook. – Free Word Processor software (Google Docs). – Free Blogging software. • Web’s ubiquity and morphing delivery systems (phones, tv) changing marketing: – CraigsList = destroys classified ads destroying newspapers. – Hulu’s free TV = one of web’s fastest growing sites. – SKYPE = free long distance using voice over internet. – Apple iPhone goes to 10MM units sold in months inspiring other handheld manufacturers to emulate “always on” connection to web.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 5
  6. 6. Information and Brands• Steven Johhson’s book Everything Bad Is Good For You argues: – Complexity is new baseline. – New Tools (Google and video games) increase capacity to handle large amounts of information.• Capacity to manage more information is greater, time is not. – The Attention Economy = time is new currency: – 3,000 to 5,000 commercial messages seen by every adult every day, millions of ad messages by 30. – People must shut out advertising messages: • Reviews more important than Feature / Benefit copy. • Word-of-mouth = best and hardest to get advertising. • All marketing battle for hearts and minds • Ability to buy no longer special • Able to buy anything at anytime from a number of sources.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 6
  7. 7. Reputation and Algorithms• Brands provide short hand to parse mountains of consumer information• In some ways brands are weaker: – Become vulnerable to price snipping thanks to free review, reputation and ranking tools. – Easy to find (, BizRate, Epinions) reputation algorithms mean everyone knows everything simultaneously.• One effect of DIY culture may be reduction in brand loyalty. – Recent CMO Study shows consumers less loyal to many consumer packaged brands during recession.• Reputation as expressed in algorithms = key to long term marketing success.• Law of large numbers (more information, more reviews) creates a higher baseline (one negative review can’t sink the boat or brand).11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 7
  8. 8. API’s• Software development too is changing: – More “open source” applications. – Application Program Interfaces (API’s) allow building with other people’s tools (OPT). – New software provide API’s for survival: • Can’t create enough variety fast enough on their own. • More Applications = more scale = survival. – Use of API transfers familiarity and legitimacy. – Free and open source are move viable than ever before. – Free = philosophical shift.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 8
  9. 9. Perfect Storm• Marketing is in a perfect storm: – Traditional tools costing more, delivering less. – New tools (Facebook) launched, but not scaled. – Winners uncertain.• Some marketing rules do not change: – Do marketing first. – Purple is important. – Exclusive is a currency. – Customer service = very important.• Cash register for other marketing not sustainable (Google doesn’t care).• Online marketing strategy must change.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 9
  10. 10. Idea: Create A Content Marketing Network• A Content Marketing Network is… – Loose affiliation of content creators using flexible web-based tools to create and edit content. – An emergent system with little centralized control over what content is created or how it is edited. – A community ruled, for the most part, by social stigma and wisdom of crowds. – Formed around a particular topic or issues shared by commercial (e- commerce web sites or companies) and noncommercial (nonprofits, colleges, university) stakeholders. – A shared resource possibly created by a “sponsoring” agent or company but dedicated to advancement of human issues and ideas not a single company’s profits or standing. – Not traditional marketing using some other means. – Managed for greater good as judged by community leaders.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 10
  11. 11. Evolution of the Web E-Commerce Content Marketing Content Marketing NetworksTime Now11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 11
  12. 12. Idea: Create Content Marketing Network STORE Colleges & Universities - - Dictionary / Wiki Seminars - - Forum Mash Up Content - - Magazines (monthly editorial feature) Contests& Games - Content Marketing Network - Professionals & Experts Local Search (city & state) - - Other Sites Lifestyle - - Wholesale & Other Web sites (SI, RX) Social Networks - - Buzz Team Profiles and Reviews Personals - - Blogs SUPER PARTNERS STORES11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 12
  13. 13. Content Marketing Network Benefits• Reduced content creation costs. – Users create content in an emergent system. – Costs distributed across a network.• Increased organic listings and traffic they bring.• Flexible, responsive, constantly changing “content world”.• Hard for competitors to duplicate quickly.• Important source of market intelligence.• Increased brand awareness as “sponsoring agent” and Network backbone.11/22/12 Martin’s Marketing Blog 13