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Brookhaven's new shelving schema


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Brookhaven's new shelving schema

  1. 1. New Shelving StrategyBrookhaven Library Media Center
  2. 2. Most popular nonfiction are placed in bins. They are still in Dewey order,with the exception of the topics whose call number has changed. Forexample, all deer books are together, even though some are 599.65 andsome are 599.73.
  3. 3. Chapter books by popular authors are shelved alpabetically within the Fiction section.Large sections, such as the Has, are also shelved toghether.
  4. 4. Paperbacks by popular authors are sheved wiith hardcovers by the same author.
  5. 5. Popular series have their own bins.These include Cam Jansen, Clifford,Berenstain Bears, Biscuit, Junie B.,Jane OConnor and Magic TreeHouse.All of the Easy Reader books arealphabetical by author in bins. My goalis to have all the sections in binseventually. Having the easy readers inbins has kept the section neater andgreatly reduced shelving time.
  6. 6. Goals● Simplify shelving● Improve neatness● Improve ease of use for students● Promote seldom-used booksAssessment● Student feedback● Teacher and administrator feedback● Feedback from fellow LMSs.