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InterCultural Elements - e-commerce, cross-border trade


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InterCultural Elements.
expand your e-commerce. go beyond borders. sell more.

InterCultural Elements offers A-Z services, helping you overcome all challenges you face when expanding abroad.

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InterCultural Elements - e-commerce, cross-border trade

  1. 1. expand your e-commerce. go beyond borders. sell more.
  2. 2. expand your e-commerce. go beyond borders. sell more. services overview
  3. 3.  multinational team of e-commerce & language experts  languages in-house:  based in Germany, founded in 2007  operating on all major marketplaces (as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Mercado Libre, Sears, Newegg) and with all major listing tools (like ChannelAdvisor, Amazon Seller Central, eSellerPro)  partnership with and INTERCULTURALELEMENTS AT A GLANCE “InterCultural Elements offers A-Z services, helping you overcome all challenges you face when expanding abroad.”
  5. 5.  e-commerce translation is ICE’s specialty  professional, in-house translation & proofreading by native speakers  no translation tools used  search terms & titles are optimized  all of text translated – not just titles  free duplicate text, discounts for repetitive text
  6. 6.  consultation on which items to list where & when  localization is often more work than translation  category, browse tree node & item specifics remapping  size, currency & shipping rate conversions  price and payment method suggestions  ICE puts you in contact with tax & legal partners  advice on how to avoid pitfalls
  7. 7.  all services directly from your listing tool  complete set up of listing tool for new markets  no new software to learn or buy  use your tool’s international listing capabilities  listing tool expertise & account optimization  spreadsheet creation  direct upload of your listings
  8. 8. Posting errors? InterCultural Elements ends your nightmares! our account managers are specialized in:  solving posting errors  listing tool account help and clean-ups  marketplace setups & international expansion  & other silver bullets... 8 HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED...
  9. 9.  which items should you sell where?  consultation on best suited marketplaces  create a multi-channel listing strategy  we will guide you through market limits & regulations  all of the above from your listing tool of choice
  10. 10.  daily competitor pricing from: eBay, Amazon, your competitors’ websites  discover most profitable target markets  learn which items to list where  raise/lower prices accordingly
  11. 11.  in-house e-commerce specialized CS team  German, French, Spanish, Italian, English, Japanese, Portuguese  ICE is your foreign-language CS team  inquiries answered directly by ICE  higher customer satisfaction & positive feedback ratings  saves you time and the cost & stress of hiring
  12. 12.  gain buyers’ trust with a local return address  ICE marks your item as returned directly in your listing tool  buyer saves on return costs  your items are sent back to you in bulk, saving costs  receive better feedback
  13. 13. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?
  14. 14. Q: How does InterCultural Elements help sellers expand their business across borders? A: ICE’s A-Z service covers much more than just e-commerce-targeted translation. We offer services such as individualized e-commerce consultation, foreign language email customer service, returns collection and even marketing translations… all directly from your listing tool of choice. Our goal is to overcome all challenges sellers face when expanding abroad. Q: How are ICE’s translations different from those of a regular translation company? A: Just because a translation is good doesn’t mean it’s suited for e-commerce. ICE’s professional, native-speaker translators ensure your listings are accurate, appealing and search-optimized, incorporating not only language and cultural competence, but also e-commerce expertise. In short, ICE “re-creates” your item titles and text to ensure you sell more. Q: Why should ICE set up my international accounts for me? A: Many sellers initially try in vain to “do it themselves.” Just copying and translating titles and descriptions is not sufficient. ICE localizes and optimizes your listing tool and account, including shipping information, prices, categories and item specifics to name only a few. Q: Can’t I just use the same categories for all locales? A: No, each locale uses different categories, category structure and item specifics. ICE finds optimized categories, keywords and item specifics to make sure customers find your listings. Q: How can ICE help avoid suspension from foreign marketplaces? A: ICE’s experience and expertise in terms of country-specific customs and requirements help you avoid potential pitfalls from the outset and get you off to a good start in foreign markets. Q: Why does ICE ask for access to my listing tool account? A: Every account varies greatly (e.g. in number and length of SKUs, ad templates and item specifics). Therefore, ICE requests access to your account to be able to give an accurate quote based on your specific needs. FAQ’s
  15. 15. Q: How can I manage my inventory for different selling locales? A: Your listing tools can manage stock across multiple accounts. You can e.g. share quantities so they’re always up to date in all accounts. ICE advises you about the available options. Q: Can I still be competitive when selling on a foreign eBay site if my shipping is more expensive than local sellers? A: Experience shows that in almost all cases, you can. It’s best to search on the target marketplace for your products and compare your price, plus shipping, versus your competitor’s. ICE can also help you with this process if requested. Q: How do I get new items in all of my international accounts? A: After you have created new items in your main account, you just have to let us know which SKUs you want us to translate and/or integrate into the foreign posting accounts. We do your work for you. Q: What is included in the basic price? Are there any extra charges? A: ICE’s services are customizable; contact us for quotes on services. Q: How do I manage international customer service? A: To begin with, it’s a good idea to create an FAQ page and/or email templates. ICE can translate these into the target languages. You can continue to add FAQ’s until the most common ones have all been added to the list. Native speaker customer service (CS) keeps your ratings high, so you may want to take advantage of ICE’s CS offering. Most questions can be answered directly by our staff, saving you still more time and stress. Q: I’m interested in ICE’s services. What is my first step? A: Simply contact us via email: FAQ’S
  16. 16. expand your e-commerce. go beyond borders. sell more. © InterCultural Elements GmbH & Co. KG