Pros and Cons of Android Devices


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Android operating system has been the highest used smartphone platform today leaving behind even the iOS and Symbian. By the end of 3rd quarter of 2012 Android covered about 75% of total market share of the Smartphone.

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Pros and Cons of Android Devices

  1. 1. Pros and Cons of Android DevicesAndroid operating system has been the highest used smartphone platform todayleaving behind even the iOS and Symbian. By the end of 3 rd quarter of 2012 Androidcovered about 75% of total market share of the Smartphone. There must be some ofthe features which keep customers luring towards buying the Android powereddevices.Applications that are developed for Android are one of the main reasons of its hugedemand. There are varied applications made for Android devices for all types ofusers. Android application development thus has bloomed because of the increasednumber of users and demand of apps.Here we will discuss a few of the important pros which are really positives onAndroid’s part which attract more and more users. We will also mention the consdue to which some of the users avoid Android and go for other Smartphones.Hardware: • Pros: o Android mobiles unlike iPhones have removable batteries. Thus the users can swap the battery with new ones if there is some problem. o All Android devices come with SD card support so that expanded storage can be utilized. o There are some Android devices which come with physical keyboards. • Cons: o Compared to the toughest competitor iPhone most of the Android phones have comparatively smaller screens. o Normally Android devices come with 3.0 MP camera which doesn’t produce very good pictures.Software • Pros:
  2. 2. o Multitasking one of the specialties of Smartphones is very smartly integrated and easily possible with Android devices. o The type of integration of Google Play Store with Android device is something which is unavailable in all other Smartphone OS and their app store. • Cons: o There is no syncing between the Android device and the PC directly. A third party syncing application like Kies should be installed for this purpose or manual sync should be performed.Applications • Pros: o The applications which are made for Android OS doesn’t have to go through the tough process of approval like in Apple App store where app selection is very difficult process. o Non-market applications are simple and easy to download in Android. • Cons: o Recently Google declared that number of apps in Google Play store reached 700,000 which was same as the number of apps in Apple store a week before Google announced this. However, Apple continues to lead the race in the number of apps present in the online app store.Interface: • Pros: o The feature of spell-check which comes in Android interface provides multiple word-completion suggestions and not just one. o There are seven home screen pages available in android devices which are customizable. The widgets which are available for using on these home screens are unique features unavailable on all other Smartphone OS.
  3. 3. • Cons: o The frequency of some android devices are limited and quite low making can cause delays in typing or app usage. o Multi button sequences are required for simple actions like unlocking the phone.Accessories • Pros: o There is a huge market for Android devices and so accessories for Android devices are also produced by a huge number of manufacturers. • Cons: o There are many different companies producing android devices and thus the accessory compatible with one device might not work in other Android device.Weighing out the pros and cons for Android devices one thing that can be said isthat Android outweighs other OS devices in almost all departments. Mostimportantly in the app field Android has an edge over all other platforms. This is thereason why android application development in india has gained quite goodrecognition in the app development world.Conclusion: Android device is used by a wide range of people around the world. It isthe great advantages which are available by using the android device that drawspeople towards increased usage.Desc: Android and iOS the two biggest competitors of the smartphone market arealways in news for some new innovations. However android has gained an edge ofand is used by huge number of people around the world.