Deconstructing social media for the adult learner


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Deconstructing social media for the adult learner

  1. 1. NJ Edge 15th Annual Faculty Showcase Brookdale Community College Deconstructing Social Media for the Adult Learner Danielle Mirliss, Ed.D. Joseph Martinelli, Ed.D. Seton Hall University
  2. 2. Session I: Social Media, Everyone is Doing It, Right? ➔ Learn what social media is, some of the ways it is being used, and outline a plan of action for its effective use. ➔ Create a blog and a visual map of how social media can be used to enrich your goals. Session II & III: The Players: Tools to Leverage the Power of Community (Parts 1 & 2) ➔ Understand how to connect and expand your online presence using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. ➔ Learn how to design and use a variety of social media tools to achieve your goals. Session IV: Communicate and Collaborate Through Blogs and Wikis ➔ Discover how to add and edit blog entries, include media on a WordPress site, customize and add widgets, and integrate with Twitter and Facebook. ➔ Learn to maximize wiki potential for your organization. Session V: But How Do I Know It Works: Using Data to Check Your Effectiveness ➔ Use free and paid analytical tools to obtain, analyze, and interpret data from your social media sites. ➔ Find out how analytics can help you to run a more successful social media campaign.
  3. 3. Originated from faculty development workshops offered through the TLT Center. ➢ 1 hour workshops dedicated to use of social media in higher education ➢ Topics included facebook, blogs, wikis and twitter
  4. 4. Started Spring 2011 Now entering its Sixth Generation Spring 2011, Fall - 2012, Spring - 2013, Fall 2013 (Twice), Spring 2014, Fall 2014 94 Students to date - average 15.6 per class
  5. 5. ➢ Program began with five different instructors all selected based on the strength of their professional and academic backgrounds. ➢ Beginning in Fall 2012 four instructors were used with one instructor teaching two back-to-back sections. ➢ Spring 2014 moved to three instructors with two teaching two sections; the instructor adjustment took place due to an instructor leaving the university, and to improve the overall course pedagogy.
  6. 6. Certificate Program - participants must complete all five sessions to certificate Five weekends - Saturdays from 9:30 - 12:30 Location is a secure lab with 20 Desktop Units Hands-on program, with emphasis on research design, planning and implementation of social media tools.
  7. 7. WordPress - Blogging Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Instagram Hootsuite - Social Media Management Tool
  8. 8. Majority of students from New Jersey Additional students from Pennsylvania and California 21 students were SHU Employees 70 Female, 24 Male Varying Ages and Occupations Such as Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism
  9. 9. Participants are seeking a hands on program ➢ Many require assistance with basic computer skills ➢ Unsure where to begin using the tools ➢ Need to immediately apply what they learn
  10. 10. Designed for participants who are new to social media and need hands-on instruction on how to use the technology. It allows them to overcome various barriers in actually utilizing the tools.
  11. 11. ➢ Participants are at various levels of technology skill levels ➢ Some had experience in the tools being covered ➢ 3 hour workshops went overtime or sometimes were not enough ➢ Differences between a credit class and non-credit workshop (i.e., is there homework?)
  12. 12. 2001 Wikipedia 2003 Linkedin & WordPress 2004 Gmail 2004 Facebook, 1 Million users by December 2006 Twitter 2008 Hootsuite 2009 WordPress - Reaches 202 million users
  13. 13. Participants want more ➢ Social Media II workshop is being offered ➢ Opportunity to offer additional workshops such as advanced blogging, analytics, photography for social media ➢ Instructors are challenged to keep current with the fast paced change that defines social media tools
  14. 14. Joseph Martinelli Danielle