Digital Strategy 2012


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Digital Strategy 2012

  1. 1. Digital Strategy Planningfrom Tree Frog International
  2. 2. By combining great If you’ve got something to say... creative ideas and need to say it in a way your audience will comprehend and engage with, whether you’re execution with practical designing a website, creating a global brand or effective marketing, launching a new product or service. This is creative communication. This is the Tree Frog way. we’ve been dedicated An agency is only as good as to helping our clients it’s people achieve their business Passion and a commitment to excellence - a fantastic goals. From tactical combination. Everyone involved with Tree Frog is a thinker and a doer. Our teams are composed projects to fully integrated of consultants, designers, writers and production specialists. We have proven expertise - covering global campaigns - and a diverse range of projects for some of the world’s leading brand names. anything in between - our If you fail to plan, you plan to open and collaborative fail approach to developing We guide our clients through an often confusing “Ideas that work” has communications landscape - helping to identify genuine business opportunities. Proactive communications earned us a loyal client planning with our clients, not taking the short-termist base that today includes approach and quick fix. Working with you to deliver some of the world’s It’s good to have friends biggest brands. We believe that a focused approach delivers the most progressive solutions and best value. We also understand that no single agency can successfully offer the best service in all areas. To ensure that we can always offer a solution, part of our working ethos is to partner with specialists from other areas of the communications mix.Call us now 0845 524 0114or visit us at
  3. 3. Call Tr and ee frog a tReputation is everything mee rrange oday ting aOurs and yours. It takes a lot of time and hard work 0845 524and commitment to build a good reputation, but it can 0114be lost overnight. Every wrong move made by yourorganisation is magnified by the media. Newswires,blogs and media broadcasts can report news withlightening speed and the absence of a strategicapproach to communications can be potentiallydevastating for the corporate brand.Words matterCompelling and relevant content is the single mostimportant element in communicating effectively withyour key stakeholders. With our specialist knowledgeof Investor Relations, Corporate Governance,Corporate Social Responsibility, Media and HumanResources, we can deliver a strategic and creativesolution that ensures you differentiate yourself fromyour peers and competitors.Talk is cheapWe could spend all day talking about our process,how we’re different to other agencies and our fantasticclient list. All that agency stuff. But we’re not like that,we’re an agency that gets things done. Of course wehave processes and ways of doing things, but then sodoes every agency. What matters is results, ideas andcreativity, grounded in understanding.Good things come in smallpackagesYou’ve probably never heard of us. It’s OK. We’renot really craving fame. Don’t be fooled by our size,we do big things for big brands. Our client includeshousehold names like Samsung Electronics, Orange,T-Mobile, Environment Agency and SouthWing, toname but a few. It didn’t happen overnight either.We’ve been building our company for years, fromhumble beginnings to helping build some of thebiggest corporate brands in the world. Call us now 0845 524 0114 or visit us at
  4. 4. What We Do we’re NOT ALL TALK we actually GET STUFF DONE A digital strategy is a PLAN to engage and empower Digital strategy that delivers NETWORKS OF PEOPLE, We help our clients proactively manage their connected by SHARED reputation, understand their audiences and how INTERESTS, in satisfying a best to communicate to them, build their brands and MEASURABLE BUSINESS implement them consistently and effectively, through the appropriate channels. OBJECTIVE Corporate websites & microsites We can help with everything from digital strategy, social media strategy, user experience, through to the interface design and development of websites, microsites and mobile apps. Behind all this is our nee commitment to the user. d com to fin p d man any t stra age dig o Intranet planning, design & teg it y!!! al build Call T find ree fr The intranet landscape is changing, and many ocan out wh g and organisations are recognising the communications do.. at t and productivity benefits a good intranet can provide. . hey At View, we know from experience that building a truly successful intranet is the result of careful planning and focused delivery.Call us now 0845 524 0114or visit us at
  5. 5. “In the fields of strategic management, marketing strategy and operational strategy, digital strategy is the process of specifying an organisation’s vision, goals, opportunities Social networking strategy and and initiatives in implementation order to maximise the business benefits Is social media appropriate for your business? We can help you cut through the noise, assess the options, digital investments and understand an ever-changing landscape and build a efforts provide to the relevant social media strategy, backed up with robust implementation, that delivers genuine business organisation” WikipediA website benefit. Mobile applications and websites The modern day consumer wants to make contact with you when they want, where they want and by a means that they want. Having a digital strategy that also includes mobile applications is crucial to the modern day business and its not as simple as just having a website that people can view using a mobile device. obile ies could use m“Car insu rance compan stomers to reg ister allow their cu ccident, roadapplications to photos of the a pload efine thenew claims, u capabilities, d u sing the GPS conditions or exact locati on” “Hotel chain s could use m uses to find a obile applica vailable room tions to allow automatically s within their using the GP location produces” S data a mob ile devices Call us now 0845 524 0114 or visit us at
  6. 6. Tree Frog International t 0845 524 0114104 Wake Green Road t +44 (0)20 3327 2960Birmingham f +44 (0)20 3468 6680B13 9PZ e info@treefroginternational.comUnited Kingdom w