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Symbol Scanners


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Published in: Technology
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Symbol Scanners

  1. 1. SYMBOL Barcode Scanners Handheld Scanners Product: Cobra LS 1900 Scanner Series Description: The Cobra LS 1900 Series of scanners from Symbol Technologies is designed to fit your hand and your budget. Beyond the checkout counter, the versatile Cobra LS 1900 Series is also a reliable solution for applications such as document tracking, tool crib management, time and attendance tasks, light industrial applications, and even lottery ticket scanning. { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www. products/bar code_scanne rs/CS1504s m.jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINET } Product: CS 1504 Consumer Memory Scanner { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www. products/bar code_scanne rs/65.jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINET } Product: DS 6608 Digital Scanner Description: Gives your customers the ability to shop anywhere by capturing bar codes on merchandise or in newspapers or catalogs so that they may be purchased later. Can also be used to link to your Web site. Description: The DS 6608 Digital Scanner provides affordable, high-performance omnidirectional scanning of all major one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar code symbologies. Product: KS 3000 Heated Scanner Series { INCLUDEPI Description: Optimized for extremely low temperature environments using internal heating element, the complete scanner solution for freezer/frozen material distribution. CTURE "http://www. products/bar code_scanne rs/KS3000s m.jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINET }
  2. 2. { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www. products/bar code_scanne rs/LS2200Sc anner65.jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINET } Product: LS 2208 Series Bar Code Scanner Description: The innovative LS 2208 Series of handheld scanners offers superior performance, excellent reliability and user friendly ergonomics for a more productive mobile environment in any industry. Its quick setup utility reduces startup time and costs wherever the scanner is used, and the scan element is built with liquid injection molding (LIM) for durability protected with a lifetime warranty. Product: LS 3200ER Scanner Series { INCLUDEP Description: Features extended range reading capabilities from 4 in./10 cm to 35 ft/10 m. ICTURE decoded versions and can "http://www Offered in undecoded andlocations or high shelves. read 70 to 100 mil retro-reflective symbols on distant storage m/products/ barcode_sca nners/ls3000 sm.jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINE T} Product: LS 3408ER Extended Range Scanner { INCLUDEP Description: The rugged LS 3408ER handheld scanner delivers superior performance and ICTURE excellent "http://www versatility for scan-intensive industrial applications. The LS 3408ER offers the yard, reliability, plug and play host connectivity and user-friendly ergonomics in warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store. m/products/ barcode_sca nners/LS340 8sm.jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINE T} Product: LS 3408FZ Scanner { INCLUDEPI Description: The rugged LS 3400FZ handheld scanner features f uzzy logic technology CTURE for fast and accurate reading of damaged, dirty and poorly printed one-dimensional (1D) bar "http://www. codes found in industrial environments. In the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, the LS 3400FZ offers superior performance, reliability, products/bar user-friendly ergonomics and multiple on-board interfaces. code_scanne rs/LS3408sm .jpg" *
  3. 3. MERGEFO RMATINET } Product: LS 4000i Scanner Series { INCLUDEPI Description: Offers high-performance scanning with reduced fatigue and greater user CTURE Symbol Technologies' Adaptive Logic, flash programming "http://www.s comfort. Features includeData Formatting. capabilities and Advanced oducts/barcod e_scanners/L S4000i65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/ls4 008ism.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: LS 4008i Scanner Description: Based on the highly successful LS 4000 Series platform, the LS 4008i showcases our experience in the design of innovative, high performance scanning solutions. Adaptive Logic Signal Processing decodes even poorly printed or damaged bar codes so there is no impact on productivity or throughput. And it even ships ready to read emerging Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) and Composite Codes—so your hardware investment is "futureproofed". Product: LS 4071 Cordless Scanner Series { INCLUDEPI Description: Cordless version of our LS 4000 provides added flexibility and mobility for CTURE "http://www.s scanning heavy or bulky items at point of sale (POS). oducts/barcod e_scanners/ls 4071sm.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/L Product: LS 6000i Scanner Series Description: Combines the single-line capabilities of our "aim-and-shoot" handheld scanners with our high-performance omni-directional scan pattern. Can be used as handheld or presentation scanner.
  4. 4. S6000sm.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: M2000 Cyclone® Scanner Series { INCLUDEPI Description: Versatile, ergonomic bar code scanner delivers next -generation performance CTURE "http://www.s today oducts/barcod e_scanners/m 2000sm.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: P300FZY Industrial Bar Code Scanner with Fuzzy Logic { INCLUDEPI Overview: P300FZY is an industrial decoded scanner that is equipped with 2nd generation CTURE "http://www.s of Fuzzy Logic technology for reading damaged or poorly printed bar codes. oducts/barcod e_scanners/Fz ybeau65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/I MGP300sm.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: P300IMG Rugged Imager with Multiple Capabilities Overview: The P300IMG is an industrial handheld imager ideal for applications requiring 1-D and 2-D bar code data capture - including postal codes - as well as the ability to capture images and signatures. Product: P300PRO Industrial 2-D Bar Code Scanner { INCLUDEPI Overview: The P300PRO industrial bar code scanner provides unsurpassed high volume CTURE the comes "http://www.s 2D bar code scanning. Delivering more than just 560 scans per second,laser PRO mode, standard with a long list of features like IP54 sealing, 6 ft./1.8m drop, spot smart raster and even full Advanced Data Formatting capabilities. oducts/barcod e_scanners/Fz ybeau65.jpg"
  5. 5. * MERGEFOR MATINET } { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www. products/bar code_scanne rs/Fzybeau65 .jpg" * MERGEFO RMATINET } Product: P300STD Industrial Undecoded Bar Code Scanner Description: P300STD is a standard undecoded industrial handheld scanner for reading conventional 1-D bar codes. Designed to replace the LS 3200 scanner, P300STD offers a value entry-level undecoded solution for data-capture needs in industrial environments. { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/p3 70p470sm.jpg " * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: P360 and P460 Memory Scanners { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/ph aser1.gif" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: P370 and P470 Cordless Scanners { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/PS M20iOffPhon e65.jpg" * Product: PSM20i Bar Code Scanning Module for Motorola™ iDEN Phones Description: These memory scanners are rugged, high-performance devices designed to minimize fatigue in scan-intensive applications. Collect data while roaming the premises for up to 12 hours, or use in corded mode when cabled to a host. Description: Cordless scanners available keyless or with keypad and display for demanding data management tasks, even in extreme environments. Industrial and retail models both feature cutting-edge ergonomic design, flexible host interface, and easy application design. Description: Clip the Symbol's PSM20i bar code scanning module onto your Motorola phone to combine the power of accurate and reliable laser bar code scanning with the extensive voice, data and application capabilities of Motorola's Java-enabled iDEN phones.
  6. 6. MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: VS 4000 Vision System Series Handheld Imagers { INCLUDEPI Description: Handheld imager for reading all major bar code symbologies with the added CTURE "http://www.s capability of image capture. oducts/barcod e_scanners/vs 4000sm.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Hands-free Scanners Product: LS 5700 / LS 5800 Scanner Series { INCLUDEPI Description: In-counter and countertop mini-slot scanners that feature broad, yet dense, CTURE "http://www.s scan fields for unsurpassed throughput and a high first-pass read rate. oducts/barcod e_scanners/L g" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: LS 9208 Omnidirectional Projection Scanner { INCLUDEPIC Description: The LS 9208 Omnidirectional Scanner combines hands-free operation with TURE rastering that " a high-performance, "can't miss" truncated 100-line omnidirectional scan pattern 9208reads bar codes on the first try–even or poorly printed symbols. The LS also features a single scan line for reading bar code menus and pick lists. ucts/barcode_s canners/9208S canner65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET }
  7. 7. ® Product: M2000 Cyclone Scanner Series { INCLUDEPIC Description: Versatile, ergonomic bar code scanner delivers next -generation performance TURE " today ucts/barcode_s canners/m2000 wcord65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: MiniScan Series Overview { INCLUDEPIC Description: From supply chain efficiency to clinical diagnostic equipment to retail TURE security/ID verification tools, integrating Symbol Technologies' MiniScan " kiosks tocost-effectively enhances your existing system or device, giving you a decisive modules edge over your competitors ucts/barcode_s canners/MS32 xx65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: MiniScan 12XX Scanner { INCLUDEPIC Description: The MS 12XX compact, durable, industrial fixed-mount scanner is available TURE (FZY) or wide angle (WA) " in fuzzy requiring accurate, automatedversions for maximum versatility. Ideal for OEM devices data collection in demanding environments, MS 12XX scanners enable fast integration of high-performance 1D bar code data capture into ucts/barcode_s many applications. canners/MS22 xxX65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } { INCLUDEPIC TURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/M S2200sm.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: MiniScan 22XX Scanner Description: The MS 22XX Series from Symbol Technologies, available in standard and VHD versions, is a compact, affordable industrial fixed-mount scanner that provides fast, aggressive performance on a full range of 1D and 2D symbologies including PDF417, RSS and composite. Product: MiniScan 32XX Scanner { INCLUDEPIC Description: The MS 32XX offers high speed omnidirectional scanning for 1D symbols, TURE and a smart raster scan pattern for high performance 2D capability. With quick and easy
  8. 8. " integration, the MS 32XX maximizes applications for kiosks, ATMs, listening stations, lottery machines and vending machines. ucts/barcode_s canners/MS32 xx_65b.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: MiniScan 804FZY Scanner { INCLUDEPIC Description: The MS 804FZY compact, durable, fixed-mount scanner features fuzzy TURE bar codes and a configurable scan " logic for premium scanning on even poorly printed 1D ideal for accurate automated data angle for flexibility in working range. This scanner is collection in OEM device designs with space constraints. ucts/barcode_s canners/MS80 4HS65.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: MiniScan 904HS Scanner { INCLUDEPIC Description: The MS 904HS durable, fixed-mount scanner combines 200 scans-perTURE 1D scanning, a compact size, and built-in RS-232 interface for " second high performancecollection in a variety of applications. accurate, automated data ucts/barcode_s canners/vysma g" * MERGEFOR MATINET } PDF417 Portable Data File Products { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/P DT68001.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } { INCLUDEPI CTURE "http://www.s Product: PDT 6800 Portable Data Terminal Series Description: Featuring a large 16-line, backlit high-visibility display, the PDT 6800 is environmentally sealed against severe weather conditions and withstands multiple 4ft/1.2 m drops to concrete across its entiretemperature range. The PDT 6800 offers a spacious 35-key or 46-key alphanumeric keypad, internally mounted radio antenna and standard, long-range, or high-visibility laser bar code scanning options Spectrum24® and Spectrum One® wireless LAN connectivity. Product: PDT 7200 Portable Data Terminal Description: Advanced Data Collection for Extreme Environments. The PDT 7200 runs Microsoft DOS or Microsoft Windows CE. The innovative 7200 offers features such as voice paging, touch screen control, and 1D or 2D bar code scanning.
  9. 9. oducts/barcod e_scanners/P DT7200.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: PDT 7500 Portable Data Terminal { INCLUDEPI Description: Designed for advanced bar code scanning, data processing, and CTURE in extreme sealing and withstands "http://www.s communications to concrete.environments. The PDT 7500 has IP64innovative reverse grip 6 ft/1.7m drops This industrial computer features an with hand support, integrated 1D, 2D, long range scanning or image capture capabilities, oducts/barcod and three keypad options. The PDT 7500 runs industry-standard MS-DOS or Windows CE e_scanners/P applications, and supports Spectrum24® Wireless LAN or Wireless Wide Area Networks. DT7500.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: PPT 2800 Series Pocket PC { INCLUDEPI Description: This Pocket PC pen terminal is a rugged productivity tool for business CTURE bar code scanning, real-time wireless "http://www.s professionals, featuring StrongARM SA 1110 processor at 206LAN and wireless WAN communication, Intel® MHz, 64MB RAM and 32MB ROM oducts/barcod e_scanners/18 00x50b.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: SE 2200 Scan Engine { INCLUDEPI Description: Optimized for aggressive reading of both 1D and 2D symbols. "Smart" raster CTURE "http://www.s technology enables efficient capture of high-density PDF417 labels. oducts/barcod e_scanners/se2000oem.gif" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: SE 2223 Scan Engine { INCLUDEPI Description: Optimized for aggressive reading of both 1D and 2D symbols. "Smart" raster CTURE "http://www.s technology enables efficient capture of high-density PDF417 labels. oducts/barcod e_scanners/se 2223.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET }
  10. 10. Product: SE 3223 Scan Engine { INCLUDEPI Description: Optimized for aggressive reading of 1D symbols with 2D capability. CTURE a "Cyclone" pattern for optimal throughput rates in presentation mode scanning "http://www.s Featureshighly truncated bar codes. even on oducts/barcod e_scanners/SE 3223.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: SE 4200 Series { INCLUDEPI Description: Outstanding scanning performance with image capture capability. Available CTURE this engine read all "http://www.s in both standard and high-density versions,functionalityis advancedaenough tonumber of popular 1D symbologies, and provides the to support growing 2D applications oducts/barcod e_scanners/42 00.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Product: Vision System 4000 Series Handheld Imagers { INCLUDEPI Description: Image Scanning with Best-in-Class Performance CTURE "http://www.s oducts/barcod e_scanners/vs 4000.jpg" * MERGEFOR MATINET } Wearable Scanning Systems Product: WSS 1000 Wearable Scanning System Description: With advanced ergonomics and leading-edge data-capture technologies, this wrist-mounted scanning system increases productivity, efficiency, and comfort in the workplace. Ideal for warehousing, transportation/logistics, manufacturing and retail applications. { HYPERLINK " ucts/barcode_s canners/barcod e_wearable_ws ml" }
  11. 11. Product: WSS 1040/1060 Wearable Scanning System { HYPERLINK " cts/barcode_sca nners/barcode_ wearable_wss_1 000.html" } Description: Offering a choice of wireless communications, the WSS 1040 uses Spectrum24 1Mbps wireless LAN communications while the WSS 1060 is based on Symbol Spectrum24 High Rate with 11Mbps throughput. Used with the RS 1 or WS 1200-LR wearable scanners, the WSS 1040/1060 extends your reach to the point of activity in warehouse, distribution and manufacturing applications. { HYPERLINK Product: RS 1 Ring Scanner Series " At just 0.9 in./2.3 cm high and weighing less than 1.7 oz/48 gm, the RS 1 is and features a thumb -activated scanner cts/barcode_sca worn on the index finger improved efficiency and productivity. button. Offers complete hands-free operation for nners/barcode_ wearable_rs_1_ ring_sca.html" } { HYPERLINK Product: SRS-1 Wearable Ring Scanner " First in a new generation of wearable scanning solutions, the lightweight Symbol Technologies features the latest miniaturized scan cts/barcode_sca SRS-1 Ring Scanner from mobile computing throughout the workplace. engine, enabling hands-free nners/barcode_ wearable_srs1.h tml" } { HYPERLINK Product: WS 1200-LR " Worn on the back of the hand and triggered by a low-profile, thumb and ruggedness. Ideal for cts/barcode_sca activated switch, this scanner offers exceptional scanning warehouse and distribution order-picking, stock-pulling and put-away applications in nners/barcode_ environments. wearable_ws_1 200_-lr.html" } Scan Engines CSE600 Miniature Decoded Bar Code Reader Product: CSE600 Description: A miniature, decoded bar code reader designed for entry level, non scan-intensive OEM applications. This small, lightweight, bar code reader is optimized for integration into low power mobile devices such as phones, PDA's, pagers, attachments, and plug-in modules. SE 1200 Series of Scan Engines
  12. 12. This engine in cubic inch form factor comes in various configurations for 1-D bar code reading applications. Product: High-Performance SE 1200HP Scan Engine Description: Brings the benefits of bar code scanning to handheld computers, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment, lottery terminals, vending machines, robotics, and more. Product: High-Performance SE 1224HP Scan Engine Description: The SE 1224HP scan engine, built on fuzzy logic processing, delivers a new level of performance for OEM bar code scanning devices. With a flexible reading range and superior scanning of poorly printed symbols, this powerful decoded scan engine extends the capabilities of your OEM solution. Product: Long-Range SE 1200LR Scan Engine Description: Superior, long-range scanning for portable and fixed-mount OEM devices. Product: Advanced Long Range SE 1200ALR Scan Engine Description: Extending your depth of scanning in portable devices. Product: Very High-Density SE 1200VHD Scan Engine Description: Outstanding scanning performance on high-density bar codes. Product: Wide-Angle SE 1200WA Scan Engine Description: Close contact scanning for fixed-mount, high-volume OEM applications. SE 1524ER Scan Engine Product: SE 1524ER Scan Engine Description: The SE 1524ER extended range scan engine provides high-performance bar code scanning in the smallest package, offering superior first-time read rates, working range, fuzzy logic technology and affordability. The SE 1524ER is ideal for OEM applications that require easy targeting and capture of bar codes from short or long distances such as in multi-level warehouse environments. SE 800 Series of Scan Engines Product: SE 824 Scan Engine Description: This small, powerful SE 824 decoded scan engine from Symbol Technologies incorporates fuzzy logic for premium laser scanning performance on all types of linear 1D bar codes. It has a working range of over 40-in./101.6-cm, making it one of the smallest, lightest and brightest scan engines available today. SE 900 Series of Scan Engines The smallest, lightest and brightest scan engine in the world! This engine in one-fifth cubic inch form factor ensures the optimal design of OEM devices while m aintaining superior scanning performance on 1-D bar codes. Product: SE 900 Scan Engine
  13. 13. Description: The latest innovation from Symbol Technologies: featuring the 650nm "brighter" laser diode, making it the smallest, the lightest, and the brightest. Product: High Speed SE 900HS Scan Engine Description: The newest engine in the SE 900 Series features a high-speed linear scan pattern, making it the smallest, lightest, brightest and fastest Scan Engine available today. SE 2223/3223 Scan Engines Whether you are adding portable data files to your application or looking for an edge over the competition in 1D presentation scanning, the SE 2200/SE 3223 Scan Engines provide superior performance on both 1D and PDF417 bar codes in an SE 1200 form factor. Product: SE 2223 Scan Engine Description: Optimized for aggressive reading of both 1D and 2D symbols. "Smart" raster technology enables efficient capture of high-density PDF417 labels. Product: SE 3223 Scan Engine Description: Optimized for aggressive reading of 1D symbols with 2D capability. Features a "Cyclone" pattern for optimal throughput rates in presentation mode scanning even on highly truncated bar codes. Imager Engines Product: SE 4400 Miniature Imager Engine Description: The miniature SE 4400 2D Imager Engine is designed for optimal integration into mobile devices. The superior image quality of the VGA charge coupled device (CCD) also enables signature and image capture. Its companion decoder, the PL 4407, controls camera functions and decodes all popular 1D and 2D symbologies omnidirectionally. Scan Engine (SE) OEM Developer Kit Product: Scan Engine (SE) OEM Developer Kit Description: The OEM Scan Engine Developer's kit offers many user-friendly features and cost saving options to help customers develop products and systems around Symbol's decoded engines using Windows 98, 2000, and XP platforms. The kit provides the software and hardware tools you need to design and test your embedded scan engine application before you begin integration into your host device. Accessories Product: P300 Accessories Description: Symbol's line of accessories for its P300 handheld scanners prepare end users for almost any bar code application. Product: LS 3000 Accessories
  14. 14. Description: Featured items include: IntelliStand and other stands; table-top holders; a protective boot and an industrial scanner holder for fork trucks. Product: LS 6000 Accessories Description: Featured items include a cup stand, hands-free and low-profile hands-free stands. Product: LT 1800 Accessories Description: Featured items include hands-free, desk and wall mount stands, a holster and battery box. Product: MK 2000 Accessories Description: Accessories for the MK 2000 deliver a complete solution for today's retailers, and include a scanner bracket and mounting kits. Product: OmniLink® Universal Interface Controller Series Description: The LL 500 OmniLink Universal Interface Controller Comprehensive solutions to your data capture problems. The LL 500 OmniLink controller can instantly interface with most computer systems. Product: USB Synapse Cable Description: The USB Synapse cable allows the connection of a wide range of scanners to a host device equipped with a USB port. Product: Wrist Mount for Wearable Scanners Description: Breath-o-prene® wrist-mount accessory for use with Symbol's line of wearable scanners. Mobile Computers Wireless Infrastructure OEM Printers Mobility Software Payment Systems & Kiosks RFID