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Acg english product_flyer_microcontroller

  1. 1. Microcontrollers & Software
  2. 2. Microcontrollers & Software ACG offers the broadest portfolio of smart card microcontrollers from all leading manufacturers, as well as professional consultancy and training to help smart card suppliers select the most suitable operating systems and middleware, and implement their microcontroller smart card-based solutions Microcontrollers are used in smart card applications with demanding requirements in terms of memory capacity and security features, in the identification, access control, banking & payment and mobile communication markets. ACG supplies a wide range of smart card microcontrollers from all leading manufacturers such as Infineon, Philips, STMicroelectronics, Renesas and Emosyn. Software development tools enable the design of project specific functionalities. ACG offers a range of standard, card manufacturer-independent operating systems for both general purpose and mobile communication applications. State-of-the-art middleware is offered for easy and standardized integration of smart cards into various platforms and applications. All microcontrollers supplied by ACG fit perfectly into the balanced, overall product portfolio. They are supported by the broad range of contact, RFID and dual interface readers offered by ACG. The product portfolio is complemented by professional consultancy and training to help card manufacturers and system integrators reach their goals quickly and efficiently. SmartWorldAcademy Prague ACG established the SmartWorldAcademy, the first vendorindependent knowledge transfer initiative on the topic of microcontroller cards. • Consulting & Training • Courses on smart card microcontroller technologies, cryptography, PKI • Operating system-specific courses • Hire-a-Lab for platform evaluations or proof of concept
  3. 3. Microcontrollers & Operating Systems • EEPROM sizes from 2 to 400 kBytes • Contact and contactless interfaces according to ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 A and B • Security microcontrollers with DES and 3DES encryption • ISO 7816 file system and command set Middleware • Integration of smart cards and other hardware tokens into PKI applications • Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) for easy integration of smart cards with Microsoft CryptoAPI • PKCS#11 libraries for use of smart cards with generic non-Microsoft platforms and applications • Secure messaging • Cryptocontrollers with RSA and ECC encryption • Compliance with ITSEC E4high and German Signature Act • Certified true random number generator Development Tools • Software Simulators • Hardware Emulators • Softmasking Tools • MasterCard M/Chip 4 Lite • Application Development Kits • VISA VSDC • JavaCard Development Tools Application Development • Development of JavaCard applets according to individual customer requirements C AC S ES TROL CON PKI & RT PO ING N HAR D S TEM YS S G & NCY LTA ICES V SU TRA P I CON S SER U OPER AT IN MO BILE COMMUNICAT ION S ERAL PURPOSE GEN A S ON TI SOF T RE WA RE WA AND IDENT ING IF MS IC A NK YSTE TIO BA ENT S N YM PA APP LIC For further information on ACG’s products and services and on ACG’s SmartWorldAcademy in Prague, please visit our websites:
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