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Full course explained here.

This is a peak into the two day social customer service masterclass run by Martin Hill-Wilson of Brainfood Consulting. Please get in contact for latest schedule for the open course or if you are interested in an in-house version.

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Inside The Masterclass

  1. 1. z © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Planning For Social Customer Service Excellence
  2. 2. Inside The Masterclass
  3. 3. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Aim Develop action plans for fifteen core competencies to use as the basis of your social customer service strategy
  4. 4. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 The 15 Competencies Day One Aligning with other customer strategies Investing in the right leadership style Mastering social media monitoring Integrating social and existing infrastructures Developing effective social teams Maintaining operational alignment Analysing the right channel mix Mapping social customer journeys Day Two Using service knowledge effectively Gathering & using social customer data Dealing with traffic bursts and social crises Developing the right mix of metrics Charting a course to having the best SLAs Adapting ‘Voice of the Customer’ for social Becoming fanatical about service failures
  5. 5. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Personal Learning 1. How the ecosystem for social customer service fits together 2. The key critical success factors 3. What today’s best practice looks like 4. What’s next for social customer service
  6. 6. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Outputs 1. SWOT 2. Objectives and action plans 3. Prioritised roadmap
  7. 7. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Take Aways 1. 15 interconnected action plans 2. Copy of ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’ to finish reading 3. Access to 300+ master-class slides
  8. 8. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 After The Masterclass 1. Turning outputs into a final strategy 2. Optional free critique for ‘final polishing’
  9. 9. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Learning Style A mix of presentation, discussion, reading and planning
  10. 10. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Learning Style Each competency is first explored through a presentation covering examples, issues and opportunities
  11. 11. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Learning Style This expands into a short group discussion which often surfaces further examples and operational best practice
  12. 12. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Learning Style You then read an analysis of the relevant competency in ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’
  13. 13. People/Culture Process/Workflow Data/Technology Policy/Best Practices I m p o r t a n c e Q u i c k W i n s F o l l o w U p A c t i o n s C o n s e q u e n c e s Positive Negative I s s u e s S M A R T O b j e c t i v e Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timeframe Current Capability Future Importance Roadmap Urgency Recruiting, Training And Managing Social Teams We know how to recruit, train and manage social customer service teams To have benchmarked advisor/team leader profiles, competencies and packages against top performing social brands before revising recruitment, learning and management approaches for social customer service. These will also need integrating into the existing career paths. This needs to be achieved before the new team is in place before xxx Associated book material Page 81 3 4 5 © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Learning Style Now you are ready to complete the SWOT , objective and action plan for that competency as it relates to your own organisation
  14. 14. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Learning Style Anchor insights with final discussion
  15. 15. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Word Of Mouth How was it for you?
  16. 16. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 “Really good course with lots of food for thought”
  17. 17. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 “We were looking for guidance on developing a framework for advancing our delivery social customer service - and that's exactly what we got!”
  18. 18. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 “The course was well organised, the balance between listening and interaction very good. Presentations were clear and interesting, workshop tools were excellent”
  19. 19. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 “I thought the book provided a great deal more depth and was a unexpected bonus. Also the use of real life examples really hit some of the key messages home”
  20. 20. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 NPS So far 100%
  21. 21. © Brainfood Consulting 2014 Organisation Benefits 1. Happier customers 2. Reduced risk. Greater confidence 3. Increased internal clarity & collaboration 4. Alignment with other related strategies 5. A roadmap to outperform competitors