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SpeakLike enables Busines in 37 Languages.

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SpeakLike Overview

  1. 1. 2010 Enterprise Language Overview BUSINESS IN ANY LANGUAGE.™
  2. 2. Translation Needs Translators SpeakLike’s self-service platform enables fast, transaction-based handling of translation requests by combining front-end integration and scalable crowdsourcing Our on-demand system can process 100 words in less than an hour or high volume in 24 hours. SPEAKLIKE WEB SERVICES PLATFORM Say goodbye to the traditional roadblocks to expanding your business into new markets. We deliver translation services that empower you to communicate directly with your target audience – regardless of their native language or the primary language of your staff. The SpeakLike language enablement service doesn’t just process data, We actually use hundreds of human translators to review your content in real-time for applications like email, chat and other critical business operations. Gone are the headaches of costly delays waiting for traditional translation services. Fast Quality What is the life of your content? In today’s 100% VALUE Chat News/ Social Media PR/Blogs Websites Books/Reports fast moving world, written content is more valuable than ever before, but that value drops faster than ever over time. Customers and readers want real-time responses and 75% VALUE updates from their favorite sources. Guaranteed turnaround times available. 50% VALUE 37 Languages Enterprise customers get access to 37 25% our more experienced translators VALUE matched to your requirements. Translators are vetted by peer review and ongoing random testing. 0% VALUE 629 language pairs in total. Real Time 1 Hour 4 Hours 24 hour week 1 year © 2010 SpeakLike, Inc. // (212) 497-7590 // www.speaklike.com // info@speaklike.com
  3. 3. “SpeakLike Strings makes localization fast and easy by allowing us to submit thousands of translation requests for multiple languages simultaneously. SpeakLike’s Terminology Manager filters HTML code, which eliminates huge workflow headaches on our side. We can even track the progress of each project as translators work, and download the current results whenever it is convenient.” quotes a SpeakLike user who is the CTO of a major travel and leisure online space, while recently using our services to initiate their expansion into four new languages and markets. In addition to using SpeakLike Strings to localize over 50,000 words of their web platform, they are also offering their customers – the entities who are listed on their website – SpeakLike translation services for their listings. Products It’s time to do business by delivering content to your global customers, prospects and followers in their native language. Our products and services are built to work with any and all types of written content, and can be used individually or combined to serve as a platform for your global business operations – in any language. Text Translation If you have content to share with the world Twitter Connector our text translation services can be used to Instantly translate your Twitter posts into convert your thoughts and information into different languages – perfect for quick CONNECTORS multiple languages. updates to your primary audience. WordPress Connector Mobile Link your SpeakLike user account directly Easily translate text messages. You can also WEB APPLICATIONS to your blog hosted on Wordpress.org to submit photos of text to save time from quickly open up your readership to whole having to type it in. photos with an enabled new markets. mobile device - from the office, in the field or in remote areas. AUTOMATION Strings Email Instantly update the content of your web With our Email Translation service you can pages – but leave the HTML and CSS code communicate via email in real-time. No more intact. This localization system saves time searching the web for an automated tool that and money when localizing websites. doesn’t always say what you mean. Chat API Now it’s simple to talk to your customers, For more advanced business prospects or audience in real-time - and in your integration, our API can be language. Posts are automatically translated to implemented with your customer the other user’s language of choice. support, CRM, email or IM system for immediate translations to support daily business tasks. © 2010 SpeakLike, Inc. // (212) 497-7590 // www.speaklike.com // info@speaklike.com
  4. 4. Real time control With SpeakLike translation services you can simplify the process, reduce overall costs, and improve quality of communication all at the same time. SpeakLike gives you unprecedented control over your translation workflow, from managing the submission of your content to controlling the information presented to the translators working on your requests. Products Enjoy the flexibility to submit any and all forms of content through our wide array of products, because your workflow should not be driven by your translation requirements. Tools Control different aspects of your translation workflow, including how you submit work, how the submissions are handled by the system and what information the translators have available when they receive your requests. Real time results Our unique system enables previously impossible turn-around times with human translation – fast enough to support chat conversations – with other guaranteed turn-around times tailored for your business. But no matter how quickly you get the results back, all submissions are ultimately translated by one of our skilled translators who understand and accurately convey cultural cues, idioms and other subtle language differences – factors typically out of reach for machine translation systems. © 2010 SpeakLike, Inc. // 130 W 25th Street #9C, New York, NY 10001 // (212) 497-7590 // www.speaklike.com // info@speaklike.com
  5. 5. Tools Everyone has their preferences about how to handle language requests; the challenge is addressing those preferences without slowing down the workflow. SpeakLike has built-up a suite of powerful tools to cover all aspects of enterprise use, quality and privacy management. Ensure you get the results you need, when you need them, and make sure that our translators effectively receive all information they need to handle your submissions as accurately as possible, while improving efficiency at the same time. SLA Manager Reports Make sure you get your translations back when you need You can find all reports and other statistics on your them. Our advanced workflow system monitors translator translation requests through our reporting func- activity and pending jobs and manages our notifications tion. You just fill-in your search criteria (i.e. date to additional qualified translators to meet your required range, user, document type) and you will pull up turn-around times all of the transcripts that fall under that criteria. Terminology Manager Multiple Users Enable your entire team with our real-time transla- Control your preferences regarding words or phrases that tion services by creating and linking multiple user should not be viewed or translated, including numbers, accounts to your company account. You can even automatic data fields, email addresses, company names, put translation volume limits on users, if necessary. and more. This versatile tool can even be configured to protect HTML tags, which allows you to submit raw HTML code and only have the translatable text edited. Translation Memory We store all of your submitted requests in our Specialized Translator Groups translation memory system to ensure duplicate Subject matter expert translators and translators requests are not processed again unnecessarily, meeting other specialized requirements can be as- saving you time and money in the process. signed specifically to your account, if required. Style Guides Internal Review Give our translators general or request-specific style Enable a proofreading cycle on all of your submitted notes regarding your submissions. These instructions documents by a second qualified SpeakLike translator. provide extra layers of context, special requests - such This optional tool adds an additional layer of quality to as for formal language - or even some template ele- your translation requests. ments to be used. You can even give them a clickable link to view the source page. Our system is currently deployed and used worldwide. © 2010 SpeakLike, Inc. // 130 W 25th Street #9C, New York, NY 10001 // (212) 497-7590 // www.speaklike.com // sales@speaklike.com