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7 steps to sustainable business growth.


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A brief overview of a process for sustainable business growth. If you are having problems with sales it may not only be your message, but how you choose to deliver it.

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7 steps to sustainable business growth.

  1. 1. A Strategy for Organizational Growth
  2. 2. Do you keep hitting walls in your business growth efforts? Maybe it’s your message! If it isn’t clear and compelling it gets lost in the noise!
  3. 3. There is a process for sustainable growth! • 7 Steps to sustainable Growth • Vision • Value Proposition • Strategy • Corporate • Operational • Marketing • Sales
  4. 4. It starts with your vision What business are you in? Why are you in that business? Where do you want to be in five years? Organizationally Personally? Without a clear vision, you’re depending on luck!
  5. 5. What can keep you from achieving your vision? • S.W.O.T. • Internal • Strengths – what can you build on? • Weaknesses – what do you need to improve? • External • Opportunities – where are your best opportunities? • New products or services in existing market? • New markets? • What is the best fit for your strengths? • Threats – Who is your competition? • What do they do better than you? • Where are their weaknesses?
  6. 6. Why should anyone buy from you? •What is your Value Proposition? • With all the goods and services available to your customers in your market, why should they buy from you? • If you can’t answer this question in a compelling manner, your customer will! • They’ll decide you’re the same as everyone else. • If you’re the same as everyone else, why pay more? They’ll decide on price. • What can you do better than anyone else? (See strengths in the S.W.O.T analysis). • What innovation can you bring to your market that no one else has thought of? (See opportunities)
  7. 7. Strategy What steps will you take to achieve your vision?
  8. 8. Strategy Operations strategy • Address your S.W.O.T. weaknesses • Build on your strengths • Document priorities and investments • Financial • People • Technology • Be able to execute your value proposition 100% of the time
  9. 9. Strategy Business Development Strategy • What markets are we in, Or just importantly, not in! • What are we selling • Who is our ideal buyer? • What specific problem or need can we fill? • Resources needed? • Sales forecast, you need a visual goal for all to see. • Define your message!
  10. 10. Strategy Marketing Strategy • Who is your ideal buyer? • How do you communicate your compelling message to reach him / her? • Resources needed? • How can you get heard above all the noise? • Two clear choices.
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy is all about lead generation! Traditional marketing Interruption driven Cold calls Email blasts Trade shows Brochures and direct mail Inbound marketing Permission based Blogs Social Media White Papers eBooks Website SEO
  12. 12. Marketing Needs to Adapt Outbound Marketing • Low response rate (1- 5%) • Expensive / Wasteful • Becoming more difficult • “Interruption” based Inbound Marketing • High response rate (20- 50%) • Low cost / High ROI • Wide open playing field • “Permission” based
  13. 13. Sales Strategy Sales becomes more productive • Follows up on qualified leads • Less time cold calling and more time meeting with qualified prospects • Sales tools – demo’s • Consistent message to the prospect • Sell value not price!
  14. 14. Sustained business growth. Vision Sales Corporate strategy and vision Marketing Drives operations marketing and in turn sales!
  15. 15. With the right message and delivery your prospect finds you!
  16. 16. Growth process
  17. 17. Questions? More Information? Measurable Results LLC 787 Indian Oaks Drive Saltillo, MS 38866 662-844-9088