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Advantage Group Presentation V2


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Advantage Group Presentation V2

  1. 1. PRESENTATION FOR<br />Advantage Group overview<br />
  2. 2. The Advantage Group<br /><ul><li>Solutions-oriented speciality recruitment company
  3. 3. Four worldwide business groups united under the Advantage brand
  4. 4. Allows efficient allocation of resources globally across all industries </li></li></ul><li>The Advantage Group<br /><ul><li>Key facts
  5. 5. Annual revenues in excess of £3 billion
  6. 6. Specialists in provision of temporary workforce, direct hire and permanent recruitment, and project/process outsourcing services
  7. 7. 4,600+ active clients on four continents
  8. 8. 4,000 employees globally
  9. 9. 350+ offices worldwide
  10. 10. 145,000 professionals sourced and placed annually
  11. 11. HRO Today Baker’s Dozen #1 MSP Provider, 2010</li></li></ul><li>International reach<br /><ul><li>A global network of offices
  12. 12. Assisting clients with international employment challenges (immigration, talent pipelines and cultural differences)</li></ul>Main offices<br />yUnited States of America<br />yUnited Kingdom<br />yJapan<br />yAustralia<br />yPoland<br />yDubai<br />yChina<br />ySingapore<br />yUnited States of America:<br /> 239 locations/34 states<br />yUnited Kingdom:<br /> 13 locations<br />yJapan:<br /> 80 branches and satellite offices<br />
  13. 13. Industries and skill categories<br />Skill categories include:<br /><ul><li>We work with businesses all over the world in nearly every field
  14. 14. Industries served include:</li></ul>yAccounting & finance<br />yAdministrative & clerical<br />yBanking operations<br />yConstruction<br />yDistribution<br />yEngineering<br />yHospitality<br />yHuman resources<br />yIT<br />yLegal<br />yLight industrial<br />yMedical support<br />yResearch & development<br />yRetail<br />ySales & marketing<br />yScientific<br />yTechnical<br />
  15. 15. Our business groups<br /><ul><li>Four distinct business groups allow Advantage to allocate resources efficiently, drawing on sector and geographic expertise
  16. 16. Specialist companies bring additional expertise to our portfolio</li></ul>Qualified technical staffing<br />Light industrial and general business staffing<br />Qualified professional and business support staffing<br />Professional services and outsourcing<br />Global executive search<br />Medical records management<br />Clinical research, scientists & chemists<br />
  17. 17. Advantage Technical Resourcing<br /><ul><li>Qualified engineering, IT, scientific and R&D professionals delivered to projects around the world
  18. 18. Over 40 years’ experience in global technical staffing delivery
  19. 19. Operates an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Management System
  20. 20. Specialist Japanese divisions provide niche engineering, software, construction and chemical/biochemical expertise
  21. 21. Divisions allow efficient delivery of a client’s end-to-end technical requirements, from single hires to complete, turnkey projects</li></li></ul><li>Advantage Technical Resourcing<br />Skill categories<br />Sectors<br />Sample roles<br />yEngineering<br />yInformation Technology<br />yScience<br />yResearch & Development<br />yProject Management<br />yAerospace<br />yConsumer Services<br />yDefence<br />yEnergy & Natural Resources<br />yHealth Care<br />yHigh Technology<br />yIndustrial Manufacturing<br />yTechnology Lifestyle Services<br />yTelecommunications<br />yTransportation<br />yAerospace Engineers<br />yApplication Developers<br />yElectrical Engineers<br />yElectronic Technicians<br />yHelp Desk/Technical Support<br />yInorganic/Organic Chemists<br />yIT Architects/Designers<br />yMechanical Engineers<br />yMechanical Technicians<br />yNuclear Engineers<br />yProduction Inspectors<br />yProject/Programme Managers<br />yQuality Assurance<br />yR&D Scientists<br />ySoftware Engineers<br />yTechnical Writers<br />yWeb Developers<br />
  22. 22. Case study<br />A large aerospace customer needs a diverse, high-volume contingent workforce.<br />Key elements<br />yOnsite account management team to deal<br /> with queries quickly and efficiently<br />yCreated standardised supply base with<br /> priority 1st tier and seven 2nd tier groups<br />yStreamlines recruitment process to achieve<br /> 100% compliance with hiring managers<br />yEstablished innovative sourcing strategies<br /> for both blue- and white-collar workers<br />yAverage turnaround time – from resume <br /> submission to start – of one week<br />The situation<br />A world leader in the design and manufacture of aviation products, our customer has an annual budget of nearly £140 million UK ($218 million US) for suppliers in the UK and Ireland. The company’s recruiting needs are significant, with manufacturing facilities that require everything from production fitters and quality inspectors to design and stress engineers. The company named us its official resourcing partner in 2006, asking us to manage its complete recruitment process using an e-commerce platform.<br />Our response<br />One of our first priorities was to embed an account management team onsite, allowing us to establish an accessible, responsive communications process. Next, we developed a two-tier staffing system: we managed the first tier—which comprised 43 percent of the company’s subcontractor workforce—onsite, and then outsourced the second tier through a rigorous vendor management program. This allowed us to meet the company’s demand for diverse, high-volume contingent labour in a short time frame. And to ensure accountability, we implemented a number of Service Level Agreement (SLA) deliverables, with key performance indicators (KPIs) reported each quarter.<br />Results<br />Within the first 12 months, our customer’s contingent workforce grew from 59 to 681 contractors, with 100 percent starting at the target pay rate. This not only helped the company meet its manufacturing needs, but it also produced a significant cost savings. Over the life of the initial two-year, £40 million UK ($62 million US) contract, the company saved more than 10 percent in direct costs.<br />
  23. 23. Advantage xPO<br /><ul><li>Global talent acquisition and workforce management solutions, delivered to some of the world’s leading organisations
  24. 24. Proven best practice in deploying RPO, BPO, Contingent Workforce Management and Strategic Workforce Planning solutions
  25. 25. Customers realise an average of 20-40% savings and benefit from 100% regulatory compliance
  26. 26. Over 25 years’ experience and solutions on two continents</li></li></ul><li>Advantage xPO<br /><ul><li>xPO business services:
  27. 27. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offers complete recruitment service, from initial contact to interviewing, hiring and background checks
  28. 28. Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) manages vendors, contractors and freelancers, including hiring, on-boarding, payroll and off-boarding
  29. 29. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) delivers turnkey outsourcing solutions for business-critical functions, including customer service, shipping, manufacturing/distribution, substitute teachers and administration
  30. 30. Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) generates strategic plans for talent acquisition and workforce management, helping businesses to optimise their workforce as conditions change</li></li></ul><li>Case study<br />An investment outsourced their entire recruitment process to Advantage.<br />Key elements<br />yEstablished a team of 23 recruiters to work<br /> onsite on behalf of the client<br />yInstalled a robust applicant tracking software <br /> system and migrated all records to it<br />yAssumed all duties for recruitment, offer-<br /> letter generation, and on-boarding<br />The situation<br />A global investment bank with over 65,000 employees determined that it was in its best interest to outsource its entire recruitment process. Its in-house capabilities were inefficient, too costly, and not capable of managing contingent workers. Advantage competed against 24 other staffing companies to earn the contract.<br />Our response<br />We immediately deployed a team of 23 professionals to the client site, led by an Executive Recruiter with experience in Investment Banking Recruiting. The team deployed a new, state-of-the-art candidate tracking system and migrated all candidate records from the previous system to the new one. Within just two months, the new system and all recruitment procedures were in place. The team went on to lead all recruitment efforts, offer-letter generation, and on-boarding. Having a team onsite greatly improved our ability to identify candidate personality traits and skill sets that the client valued.<br />Results<br />The new system was far more efficient than the previous one – time-to-hire was reduced and the quality of candidates improved, thanks to improved recruiting techniques. In addition, the client reported higher ROI per hire.<br />
  31. 31. Advantage Professional<br /><ul><li>Qualified professional and business support staffing delivered across all sectors and all levels of seniority
  32. 32. Executive search consultancy provided via the prestige Strategi brand
  33. 33. High-quality, flexible recruitment solutions tailored to meet the needs of each client
  34. 34. Expert market knowledge, responsiveness and high levels of service, developed and refined over 30 years
  35. 35. Local and global teams of talent management experts dedicated to identifying market trends and proactively adjusting to a dynamic global marketplace</li></li></ul><li>Advantage Professional<br />Skill categories<br />Sectors<br />Sample roles<br />yAccounting & Finance<br />yBanking & Financial Services<br />yExecutive Assistants & Business Support<br />yHuman Resources<br />yExecutive<br />yLegal<br />yBanking & Financial Services<br />yEnergy, Utilities & Natural Resources<br />yFMCG<br />yManufacturing, Engineering & Construction<br />yMedia & Publishing<br />yPharmaceutical & Medical<br />yProfessional Services<br />yPublic Sector & Not for Profit<br />yRetail & Leisure<br />yTechnology & Telecommunications<br />yAdministrator<br />yBusiness Analyst<br />yExecutive Assistant<br />yFinance Manager<br />yFund Administrator<br />yHead of HR<br />yHR Business Partner<br />yLawyer<br />yMultilingual PA<br />yParalegal<br />yProduct Manager<br />yProject Accountant<br />yReceptionist<br />yRecruitment Specialist<br />yRisk Analyst<br />yTraining Specialist<br />
  36. 36. Case study<br />A worldwide defence contractor needed skilled employees.<br />Key elements<br />yWorked closely with the client to identify<br /> skills, personality traits and other factors<br /> that would lead to a successful hire for<br /> each position<br />yContacted qualified candidates from our<br /> roster of associates<br />yAdvertised for skilled individuals in <br /> specialist magazines<br />yScreened all candidates so that the client<br /> would only have to choose from the very <br /> best<br />The situation<br />A major defence contractor needed more qualified employees. The company was expanding overseas and having difficulty managing and staffing those positions. New employees would need to be available for significant overseas travel and/or relocation.<br />Our response<br />To find qualified candidates, we used a variety of recruiting including using targeted advertising and directly contacting many of the most sought-after candidates, including those we had worked with in the past. In addition to the demands of travel and/or relocation, we were mindful of the client’s unique work environment. A good fit culturally was required for the long-term success of the placements.<br />Results<br />Over the term of the contract, we placed over 30 candidates, including two senior executives. Our ability to respond with the right talent in a timely fashion meant the company was able to meet the production goals established in expansion plans.<br />
  37. 37. Advantage Staffing<br /><ul><li>Contingent, temp-to-hire and direct hire staffing for a variety of general employment positions
  38. 38. Specialists in high-volume, project and seasonal needs
  39. 39. Offices across the US for full continental coverage
  40. 40. Single staffing source for all skill and service requirements</li></li></ul><li>Advantage Staffing<br />Skill categories<br />Sectors<br />Sample roles<br />yLight Industrial<br />ySkilled Trades<br />yConstruction<br />yDistribution<br />yMedical Support<br />yRetail<br />yAdministrative/Clerical<br />yAerospace<br />yAutomotive<br />yConstruction<br />yElectronics<br />yFMCG/Retail<br />yMachinery<br />yOil & Gas<br />yPharmaceuticals<br />yPlastics<br />yAdministrator<br />yElectronic Technician<br />yInventory Clerk<br />yLaboratory Technician<br />yLogistics Coordinator<br />yMaterial Handler<br />yMechanical/Electronic Assembler<br />yMixer-Loader<br />yOrder Puller<br />yPayroll Clerk<br />yPick/Pack Clerk<br />yProduction Line Operator<br />yQuality Control Inspector<br />yReceptionist<br />yShipping/Receiving Clerk<br />yStock Handler<br />
  41. 41. Case study<br />A family-owned steel company needs to synchronize staffing operations across 30 locations.<br />Key elements<br />yCentralised, consistent staffing model across<br /> all locations<br />yReduced staffing vendors to a more<br /> manageable level<br />yTalent Management System (TMS) for <br /> employee tracking<br />yCreated standardised job descriptions, <br /> titles and pay scales<br />yDashboard reporting system provided<br /> real-time employment data<br />The situation<br />Our customer, a large family-owned steel company, had operations in 30 worksite locations across the US. At the time, each of the work sites operated independently, with its own staffing suppliers, ordering processes, and billing rates. Without a uniform staffing model, the worksites made a number of careless employment decisions, such as keeping employees in temporary positions for years when they should have been converted to permanent, full-time status. We stepped in to create a consistent staffing program for the entire company.<br />Our response<br />We introduced an online Talent Management System (TMS) to address our customers’ operational needs. The TMS made it possible for managers at any location to post job openings, review applicants, hire employees, and track employee work times. We also implemented a dashboard reporting system that synchronized information from all 30 locations. The dashboard provided such information as weekly, monthly, and annual spending information, plus data on open positions and turnover, giving the company an accurate, real-time picture of its workforce. This streamlined, information-rich system<br />helped the company standardize its job descriptions and requirements. In turn, this enabled the company to improve the hiring process and bring in higher-quality employees.<br />Results<br />Since implementing the program, the company has seen significant cost savings. In one location alone, the company reduced its workforce management costs by 30 percent. The management system also gave the company much better insight into employee turnover and its causes, helping managers identify and hire better-quality associates.<br />
  42. 42. Operational coverage<br />yEngineering<br />yProject management<br />yResearch & development<br />yScientific<br />yIT/Technical<br />yRecruitment process outsourcing<br />yBusiness process outsourcing<br />yContingent workforce management<br />yStrategic workforce planning<br />yAccounting & finance<br />yAdministrative & clerical<br />yBanking operations<br />yExecutive<br />yHuman resources<br />yLegal<br />ySales & marketing<br />yTechnology<br />yConstruction<br />yDistribution<br />yHospitality<br />yLight industrial<br />yMedical support<br />yRetail<br />
  43. 43. Our clients<br /><ul><li>A broad client base, both SMEs and blue chip companies</li></ul>Public sector<br />Private sector<br />
  44. 44. Accreditations and service awards<br /><ul><li>Our reputation as a quality and service-driven organisation is underpinned by third-party accreditation and professional memberships
  45. 45. Professional, service and diversity accreditation and memberships
  46. 46. Many awards presented to us by our customers due to exceptional service standards</li></ul>Service awards include:<br />yBest Companies to Work For 2009<br />yInvestors in People - Bronze<br />yHRO Superstar Award 2010<br />yHRO Today Baker’s Dozen MSP Provider 2010 <br />yGoldman Sachs 5-Star Vendor Award<br />yMorgan Stanley Vendor Award<br />yAmerican Express Supplier Excellence Award<br />yChrysler Quality of Excellence Approval <br />
  47. 47. Yesterday, Raj in Londontalked with Elizabeth in New Yorkto place 5 network administratorsfor a client they share in San Jose.<br /><br />
  48. 48. 23<br />Advantage Resourcing ® 2011<br /><br />© 2010. All rights reserved. The Advantage logo and Hire Thinking logo are trademarks of Advantage Resourcing.<br />