Steps to Take to Avoid Information Governance Nightmares


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CIOs have spent sleepless nights worrying about sensitive information breaches, losing
patient records or not complying with government privacy laws, that can often result in litigation and substantial fines to their companies. Of major concern to these executives is the ever increasing explosion of unmanaged paper and digital content across the

Join Kodak's Document Imaging team and Concept Searching for the first Webinar in a series entitled "Solving Governance and Compliance Issues Mitigates Risk and
Improves Search."

Our experts will provide a 5 Step Framework that addresses the challenges and establishes a straightforward plan to help enterprises manage both paper and electronic content in an intelligent, proactive and compliant manner, reducing cost and mitigating risk while improving productivity.

What you will take away from this session:
• An introduction to the subject, including risks and opportunities with governance and compliance
• How solving the governance issues automatically solves the search and retrieval issues present within any enterprise
• Best practices in deploying a solution set to intelligently manage both paper and electronic content for compliance
• An introduction to an end to end solution combining Kodak products, Concept Searching technologies, and SharePoint to offer a governance solution
• Real life examples of how the tools are being
used within organizations today

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Steps to Take to Avoid Information Governance Nightmares

  1. 1. Steps to Take to Avoid Information Governance Nightmares
  2. 2. • Company founded in 2002 • Product launched in 2003 • Focus on management of structured and unstructured information • Technology Platform • Delivered as a web service • Automatic concept identification, content tagging, auto-classification, taxonomy management • Only statistical vendor that can extract conceptual metadata • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ‘100 Companies that Matter in KM’ (KM World Magazine) and Trend Setting product of 2009, 2010, 2011 • Authority to Operate Enterprise wide USAF and Enterprise wide NETCON US Army • Locations: US, UK, and South Africa • Client base: Fortune 500/1000 organizations • Managed Partner under Microsoft global ISV Program - ‘go to partner’ for Microsoft for auto-classification and taxonomy management • Smart Content Framework for Information Governance comprising • Six Building Blocks for success • Product Suite: conceptSearch, conceptTaxonomyManager, conceptClassifier, • conceptClassifier for SharePoint, conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, contentTypeUpdater for SharePoint Overview
  3. 3. • The Information Governance Problem • The Right Solution • Kodak Info Activate • conceptClassifier • Case Study • Demos Agenda
  4. 4. Kodak Webinar Series • Welcome • This is the first in a series of Kodak webinars that will feature document and content management solutions provided by Kodak and its family of solution partners
  5. 5. Current State Lack of governance on inputs • Highly trained information specialists will agree on meta tags only 33%-50% of the time (C. Cleverdon) • Average cost of manually tagging one item runs from $4 - $7 per document and does not factor in the accuracy of the meta tags nor the repercussions from mis-tagged content (Hoovers) No processes or controls once it is in there • Less than 50% of content is correctly indexed, meta tagged or efficiently searchable (IDC) • Thus no useful ability to find information • 67% of data loss in records management is due to end user error (Prism International) • Large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds (Prism International) • It costs an organization $180 per document to recreate it when it is not tagged correctly and cannot be found (IDC) SharePoint tends to become a dumping ground for all your organization’s information • 80% of enterprise data is unstructured (IDC) • 60% of documents are obsolete (e.Law) • 50% of documents are duplicates (equivio)
  6. 6. The Solution Control what goes in: Organize the mess you already have: And…
  7. 7. Users Need Easy Challenge: Business processes are sometimes automated, but they may not include all relevant information • Information is often born digital and populates part of a customer record or a database entry at the time of the activity or transaction • Standardized workflows exist for many common or high-frequency transactions Solution Part A: Workflows should be customizable to any business process • To make business processes simpler, faster and more efficient • Information captured from paper documents should also be included in the workflow or in a transaction record to provide better insight • Efficient workflows help to reduce processing costs Solution Part B: By creating standardized Metadata and Taxonomies • Information can be correctly classified • Information can be correctly organized • Information can be found
  8. 8. The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts Accounting Legal Human Resources Customer Service Order Processing Sales + All new content becomes simpler to input, and is controlled All existing content is tagged, and governance and findability are put in place
  9. 9. Business Processes Document Flows Accounting Legal Human Resources Customer Service Order Processing Customers Supply Government Resellers / Agents Sales Eastman Kodak – Business Confidential Information
  10. 10. Kodak Info Activate Solution Legal Human Resources Customer Service Order Processing Sales Accounting Streamlines document capture and processing
  11. 11. Info Activate User Interface User Interface designed for knowledge workers • Easy job shortcuts to start capturing documents • Can initiate a business process workflow • Virtually no training required • Only shows jobs relevant to user
  12. 12. Info Activate Scan Client Designed for knowledge workers • Convenient viewing during and after scanning • Provides essential editing capabilities
  13. 13. Info Activate Scan Client Provides knowledge workers with familiar metadata recording • Uses SharePoint column types and content types
  14. 14. Info Activate Workflow Module
  15. 15. Governance
  16. 16. Findability
  17. 17. Health Care Provider Case Study Situation: • Customer sites are highly distributed and paper is a key input • SharePoint was implemented with the default file store app • The offices organized content differently, and by site, rather than process with no forethought about future information governance and electronic document processes Challenge: • Simplify upload process • Inability to manage documents and OCR documents on Intranet • Need a way to repair existing content into a logical collection of managed metadata • Poor search results Solution: • Kodak Info Activate and Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier for SharePoint • Native integration with the SharePoint Benefits: • Ease of use (input) into SharePoint • Consistent governance of the business process • Data confidence and findability
  18. 18. Challenge • Simplify upload process • Standardize content upload with information governance • Inability to organize existing content in alignment with information governance policies • Poor search results ROI • Kodak – Expected ROI of $3 per document • Kodak – Expected ROI of $6 Concept Searching expected ROI of $100 per critical document • Concept Searching expected ROI of $25k-$100k+ • Kodak – Expected ROI of $50 per document Concept Searching expected ROI of 200% findability improvement
  19. 19. Kodak Capture Platform Scan client Through Browser Task shortcuts TWAIN support Index client Manual keying SharePoint metadata Data validation Lists Document libraries Metadata Workflow SharePoint 2010 Server Capture Workflow Barcode & OCR Image Processing Output Kodak Info Activate Server Dashboard client Reporting Statistics Management Classification Data extraction Business process workflow Validation and verification Kodak Info Insight Admin client Scanner Setup Application profiles Network Scanners Thin Client Task shortcuts Manage scanner drivers and consumables Kodak Asset Management Server Kodak Scanners Browser based drag and drop workflow designer Simple deployment and management Workflow Server QC client Kodak Perfect Page Post-scan optimization
  20. 20. Smart Content Framework™
  21. 21. Demos and Key Solution Components Together we have it all Professional ServicesSoftware Hardware Professional Services Service & Support Solution Partners
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. Smart Content Framework™ Technology to Improve Information Governance Donald Miller Vice President Sales – Commercial Accounts Concept Searching, Inc. +1 408 828 3400 Twitter @conceptsearch Rod Hughes Director, Global Alliances Eastman Kodak +1 585 4770630 Twitter @Kodak Thank You! Kodak Info Activate™ Make capture simpler, workflow more organized, and get your content under control Schedule your 30 minute evaluation with Concept Searching and Kodak today
  24. 24.